Leon Niihama

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Leon Niihama

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Japanese name: 新浜レオン
Birth name: 高城勇貴
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 11, 1996
Place of birth: Shiroi, Chiba, Japan
Genres: Enka, Kayōkyoku
Years active: 2019-present
Labels: Kaikyo Record
Website: niihamaleon.com

Leon Niihama (新浜レオン Niihama Reon?), real name Yuki Takajo (高城勇貴 Takajō Yūki?) is a Japanese enka and kayōkyoku singer, born May 11, 1996 in Shiroi, Chiba. He devoted himself to baseball since elementary school, even becoming a catcher and captain when he was in high school. When he failed to reach his dream to appear in Koshien, he decided to follow his father's path to become an enka singer. When he was in his third year at Daito Bunka University, he won the Grand Prix at the "Mr. Daito Contest 2017".

On May 1, 2019, he made his major debut with the single "Hanasanai Hanasanai" as the first artist of Being Group new enka label Kaikyo Record. Later, at the same year, he won "61st Japan Record Awards" in the "New Artist Awards" category.

In 2020, he won "34th Japan Gold Disc Awards" in the "Best Enka/Kayokyoku New Artist" category.

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