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[[Volume 84|'''File 893''': Bourbon's Pursuit, Scarlet Prologue]]
[[Volume 84|'''File 893''': Bourbon's Pursuit, Scarlet Prologue]]
[[Volume 85|'''File 895''': Scarlet Interrogation]]
[[Volume 85|'''File 895''': Scarlet Interrogation]]
[[Volume 85|'''File 898''': Scarlet Epilogue]]
[[Volume 85|'''File 897''': Scarlet Truth]]
[[Volume 85|'''File 899''': A Sealed Move]]
[[Volume 86|'''File 909''': Kamaitachi is Coming]]
{{appear file|vol=85|900|Check}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 910''': The Murderous Kamaitachi]]
{{appear file|vol=85|901|The Forbidden Move}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 911''': Kamaitachi's Route]]
{{appear file|vol=85|902|A Brilliant Move}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 912''':  The Denouement of the Kamaitachi]]
{{appear file|vol=85|903|The Corpse in the Pool}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 913''': Woodpecker]]
{{appear file|vol=85|904|The Sinking Shards of Glass}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 914''': Footprints and the Woodpecker Association]]
{{appear file|vol=86|905|The Truth Rises to the Surface}}
[[Volume 86|'''File 915''': To Saijo Mountain...!]]
{{appear file|vol=86|906|A Kind Woman}}
[[Volume 87|'''File 916''': The Past Flows Like Running Water]]
{{appear file|vol=86|907|A Suspicious Witness}}
[[Volume 87|'''File 917''': Sound of the Horse Whips, Softly, Softly, Crossing the River at Night]]
{{appear file|vol=86|908|Putting Her Life on the Line}}
[[Volume 87|'''File 921''': Ran GIRL (Part 1)|Flashback]]
{{appear file|vol=87|918|Blog}}
{{appear file|vol=87|919|Photo}}
{{appear file|vol=87|920|Selfie}}
{{appear file|vol=87|922|Ran Girl, Part 2}}
{{appear file|vol=87|923|Shinichi Boy, Part 1}}
{{appear file|vol=88|928|The Ramen Restaurant's Curious Customers}}
{{appear file|vol=88|929|A Hose-Swinging Murderer?!}}
{{appear file|vol=88|930|Excessive Seasoning}}
{{appear file|vol=88|936|Girls Band}}
{{appear file|vol=88|937|The Disappeared Clue}}
{{appear file|vol=89|938|The Crime in the Blind Spot}}
{{appear file|vol=89|939|Lunch at the Department Store}}
{{appear file|vol=89|940|Taking apart the Testimony}}
{{appear file|vol=89|941|The Truth of the Testimony}}
{{appear file|vol=89|945|The Spiteful Old Man}}
{{appear file|vol=89|946|The True Married Couple}}
{{appear file|vol=89|947|Motto}}
{{appear file|vol=89|948|The Clenched Scissors}}
{{appear file|vol=90|949|Sweet Scent}}
{{appear file|vol=90|950|The Clipped Letters}}
{{appear file|vol=90|954|Sanction of the Betrayal}}
{{appear file|vol=90|955|Whereabouts of the Betrayal}}
{{appear file|vol=90|956|Target of the Betrayal}}
[[Volume 91|'''File 957''': Truth of the Betrayal]]
[[Volume 91|'''File 959''': The Night of the Howling Nue]]
[[Volume 91|'''File 960''': The Nue's Scars]]
[[Volume 91|'''File 961''': The Revealed Fangs of the Nue]]
[[Volume 91|'''File 962''': The Sad Legend of the Nue]]
[[Volume 91|'''File 966''': Scytale Cipher]]
{{appear file|vol=91|967|An Unbreakable Encryption?!}}
{{appear file|vol=91|968|Wakasa-sensei's Secret}}
{{appear file|vol=91|969|Swimsuits at the Dressing Room ♡}}
{{appear file|vol=91|970|The Message Left by the Fingers}}
{{appear file|vol=92|971|Another Customer}}

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