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{{BeginTable TrackListing}}
{{BeginTable TrackListing}}
{{TrackListingItem|1|君とずっと…|Kimi to Zutto...|With You Forever...}}
{{TrackListingItem|1|君とずっと・・・|Kimi to Zutto...|With You Forever...}}
{{TrackListingItem|2|空の五線譜|Kara no Gosenfu|Blank Score}}
{{TrackListingItem|2|空の五線譜|Kara no Gosenfu|Blank Score}}
{{TrackListingItem|3|君とずっと・・・ -instrumental-|Kimi to Zutto... -instrumental-|With You Forever... -instrumental-}}
{{TrackListingItem|4|空の五線譜 -instrumental-|Kara no Gosenfu -instrumental-|Blank Score -instrumental}}

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Kimi to zutto...


Title: Kimi to Zutto...
Artist: yu-yu
Release date: August 24, 2011
CDs: 1
Tracks: 2
Original Cost: 1,890円
CD Number: RZCD-46901
Record Label: rhythm zone
List of songs and CDs

The CD single "Kimi to zutto..." was released August 24, 2011. The titular song is the theme for the "Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo" drama series.

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First Press Limited Edition CD+DVD Track Listing[edit]


# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 君とずっと・・・ Kimi to Zutto... With You Forever...
2 空の五線譜 Kara no Gosenfu Blank Score
3 君とずっと・・・ -instrumental- Kimi to Zutto... -instrumental- With You Forever... -instrumental-
4 空の五線譜 -instrumental- Kara no Gosenfu -instrumental- Blank Score -instrumental


  • "With You Forever..." Music Video
  • yu-yu × Junpei Mizobata Special Talk

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