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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* The characters in the series are often compared with those in ''Detective Conan'':
* The characters in the series are often compared with those in ''Detective Conan'':
** Kamen Yaiba: [[Shinichi Kudo]]/Conan Edogawa<ref name=ep119/><ref name=v23f10>Manga volume 23, file 10; anime episode 156.</ref>
** Satoshi/Kamen Yaiba: [[Shinichi Kudo]]/Conan Edogawa<ref name=ep119/><ref name=v23f10>Manga volume 23, file 10; anime episode 156.</ref>
** Rei Natsume: [[Ran Mouri]]<ref name=ep119/>
** Rei Natsume: [[Ran Mouri]]<ref name=ep119/>
** The female spy who's betrayed Jocker and confessed her love to Kamen Yaiba: [[Shiho Miyano]]/[[Ai Haibara]]<ref name=v23f10/>
** The female spy who's betrayed Jocker and confessed her love to Kamen Yaiba: [[Shiho Miyano]]/[[Ai Haibara]]<ref name=v23f10/>

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Kamen Yaiba

Kamen Yaiba profile.jpg

Japanese name: 仮面ヤイバー
(Kamen Yaibā)
English name: Masked Yaiba
Age: unknown
Gender: unknown
First appearance: Manga: File 036
Anime: Episode 005
Appearances: Chapters: 10
Chapters: 2
Episodes: 44
Episodes: 1
Movies: 0
Specials: 1
Chapters: 1
Japanese voice: Isshin Chiba
Wataru Takagi

Kamen Yaiba (仮面ヤイバー Kamen Yaibā?, litt. "Masked Sword") is a children's television show inside the Detective Conan universe that falls into the genre of tokusatsu, live action special effects. It is a parody of the Kamen Rider franchise, created by Shotaro Ishinomori in the 1970s.


Kamen Yaiba is a fictional character in the series and a superhero that often appears on TV as a kids' show. Many relics have been made about him as publicity and marketing, including trading cards, posters, DVDs, and figurines. He is most liked by elementary schoolers like Conan and the Detective Boys, and many movies of the franchise have been produced. The plot is about a hero wanting to save the world from the threat of Jocker, an evil organization of alien monsters, and to conquer a young lady who is his first love. On the way to defeat his arch-enemy, the Jocker's boss, Yaiba also has to fight other villains that come in the way.

Kamen Yaiba is Satoshi[1], a normal young and good looking person who's always in the park with his childhood friend Rei Natsume selling hot dogs. But if something happens, he immediately drives to the scene and begin to battle the evil people or aliens. But, Rei does not know that he really is Kamen Yaiba. She only knows that her boyfriend often finds excuses to stop work, and ride away somewhere on his motorcycle. But every time, Rei forgives Kamen Yaiba with forgiving eyes. When the author was planning the story for Kamen Yaiba he made a scenario where his younger sister got killed. But, Kamen Yaiba doesn't fight for vengeance. He fights to maintain justice.[2]

The original Kamen Yaiba's arch-enemy was the Potato Baron, the fiends' leader under the Potato Queen.


Kamen Yaiba is one of the most viewed shows in Japan in the series world and is produced by Nichiuri TV, based in Tokyo. The show's episodes sytem is based on the series one with episodes and seasons. It has a wide range of TV producers and ADs having two main actors: the one acting Kamen Yaiba and the one acting as Yaiba's girlfriend. The costume designs company used is Kitagawa Costumes and Nakamura Clothing Store. The show disposes of a wide range of animated presentations to children, most often in parks and public areas like the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. The lighting and illumination is done by Ken Abe, Eizo Mizuguchi, and Nao Omura. The recording staff team is made by Emiko Akahori and Kenji Matoyama. The visual effects team has only two members: Masahiko Abe and Masahiro Isobe. The show has also been cooperated with Tohto University's Tama Campus, a visual arts department of the fictitious university, Iwakuma Sightseeing, a tourism agency promoting the show, Koyama Buses, bus transports for the staff, and Nagasaka's Everyone Kindergarten, as a promoter for children's shows.[3] The show appears in a weekly basis and mainly targets a young audience range, although some fans are really older. TWO-MIX sang the theme song.


Kamen Yaiba is a tall and handsome superhero, wearing a colored suit that distinguishes him from others when seen on TV. He has a helmet fully covering his head, which has green laser eyes and the Kamen Yaiba logo, a big yellow "Y". He has a red scarf and a metallic plastron with the big Y, white long gloves and a blue jumpsuit under, a belt with the same logo and white cowboy boots. He has a red motorcycle, that can overrun high obstacles, and a cape his scarf can become a cape separated into two red stripes.

The original Kamen Yaiba was more robotic and seemed like a strong boxer, with the abdominals visible and his metallic helmet. His powers gives him the ability to jump high and to avoid ennemies easily, and to shoot lasers on them.

The actor himself is not as powerful and strong as his character, since he is skinny, has black hair, and doesn't have any strength.



Name origin

Kamen Yaiba is a parody of Kamen Rider.
Yaiba as "Kamen Yaiba".

The name Kamen Yaiba is a combination of a parody of the Tokusatsu TV show Kamen Rider, as well as Gosho Aoyama's previous manga and anime Yaiba, referencing a moment from chapter 184, when Yaiba Kurogane put on Sayaka Mine's underwear like a mask to protect himself from the attacks of the Cedar Pollen Soldier, resembling the Rider a bit and jokingly calling himself "Kamen Yaiba" because of this. That franchise itself has had screenplays done by Toshiki Inoue. Several Detective Conan actors have appeared on Kamen Rider, including: Tori Matsuzaka, Seizo Kato, Rikiya Koyama, and Takanori Jinnai.


In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 仮面 Kamen ヤイバー Yaibā
Flag of US English Masked Yaiba


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