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Kaitou Kid is a a phantom thief who stars in his own manga and anime Magic Kaito and is a secondary character and rival of Conan Edogawa in the Detective Conan anime and manga.


Timeline of events prior to the start of the Detective Conan storyline

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Bakumatsu Era

72 years ago

60 years ago

  • The Suzuki family conglomerate is founded.[2]

49 years ago

41 years ago

37-38 years ago[4]

37 years ago

≈20 years ago

18 years ago

16-17 years ago[4]

8 years ago

<1 year ago

Magic Kaito

Kaitou Kid's early capers

The Revived Phantom Thief (Manga: 1, Special: 1, 1412: 1)

The Princess Prefers Magic (Manga: 2, Special: 3, 1412: 15)

The Clockwork Heart (Manga: 3)

Kaitou Kid's Busy Date (Manga: 4, Special: 2, 1412: 7)

The Underwater Pirate Ship (Manga: 5)

Introduction of Akako

The Scarlet Temptress (Manga: 6, Special: 4, 1412: 5]

Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve (Manga: 7, Special: 6, 1412: 13)

Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister (Manga: 8)

I Am the Master (Manga: 9)

Would You Grow Up (Manga: 10, Special: 4, 1412: 8)

The Boy Who Bet On the Ball (Manga: 11)

Ghost Game (Manga: 12, 1412: 8)

Hustler vs. Magician (Manga: 13, 1412: 3)

Star Wars (Manga: 14, 1412: 12)

Detective Rival Saguru Hakuba

The Great Detective Appears!! (Manga: 15, Special: 7, 1412: 4)

Kaitou Under Scrutiny (Manga: 16, Special: 7, 1412: 4)

Yaiba vs. Kaito! (Manga: 18, DC: OVA 1)

= The Dark Organization=

Blue Birthday (Manga: 19, Special: 5, 1412: 2)

Green Dream (Manga: 20, 1412: 17)

Crystal Mother (Manga: 21, DC: OVA 4 and Special: 11, 1412: 14)

Red Tear (Manga: 22, Special: 8, 1412: 22)

Black Star (Manga: 23-24, DC: 219 and 1412: 6)

Golden Eye (Manga: 25-26, Special: 10, 1412: 18-19)

Dark Knight (Manga: 27-28, Special: 12, 1412: 20)

The Phantom Lady (Manga: 29-30, 1412: 9-10)

Midnight Crow (Manga: 31-33, 1412: 23-24)

Detective Conan


Conan Vs. Kaito Kid (Manga: 156-159, Anime: 76)

Magic Lover's Murder Case (Manga: 192-196, Anime: 132-134)

Kaitou Kid comes to the lodge under the name Katsuki Doito to investigate on the reappearance of a magician account The Fake Child. Kid realized that Kikue Tanaka was Furui Fuden niece rather quickly, and showed he was upset when the murder happened off of a simple magic trick. But Kaitou knows that the situation can't be helped seeing how he's no detective and that Conan was sick before the murder took place.

The Gathering of the Detectives! (Manga: 299-302, Anime: 219)

Kaitou Kid's Miraculous Midair Walk (Manga: 453-456, Anime: 356, 1412: 16)

Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion (Manga: 475-478, Anime: 394-396)

The Detective boys find a stone lantern to which Conan realizes it s a code to finding a large diamond, to then which they find the body of Teruhisa Tamai. They search his body to find a book stating that his partner is a lying little thief who tricks him countless times, to which Conan thinks the murder is Kaitou Kid, though saying that its been said that Kaitou Kid never kills. Its revealed that Kaitou Kid is not the murderer and was already in the mansion disguised as an old lady to make sure no one goes after the diamond that activates a flood. Then before leaving Conan and the detective boys Kaitou replies back to Conan about trying to reveal his identity in the future;

You'd better not. Like Pandora's box, you want to open it because you don't know what's inside. But if you know what's inside before you open it...it's boring, isn't it?

Kaitou Kid and the Four Masterpieces (Manga: 544-547, Anime: 469-470)

Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure (Manga: 570-573, Anime: 472-473)

Kaitou Kid's Teleportation Magic (Manga: 631-632, Anime: 515, 1412: 21)

Kaitou Kid vs. the Strongest Safe (Manga: 674-676, Anime: 537-538)

The Kirin's Horn That Vanished into the Dark (Manga: 712-715, Anime: 585-587)

Conan & Kid's Battle For Ryoma's Treasure (Manga: 731-733, Anime, 627-628, 1412: 10-11)

The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Manga: 818-824; Anime: 701-704)

Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (Manga: 828-830, Anime: 724-725)

Twin Bets: Makoto vs. Kaitou Kid (Manga: 862-864, Anime: 746-747)

Luna Memoria (Manga: 963-965, Anime: 887-888)

Fairy's Lip (Manga: 1018-1021, Anime: TPD)


The Last Wizard of the Century (Movie)

Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!! (OVA)

Time Travel of the Silver Sky (Special)

Magician of the Silver Sky (Movie)

Conan, Kid, and the Crystal Mother (OVA)

The Private Eyes' Requiem (Movie)

Follow the Vanished Diamond! Conan & Heiji vs. Kid! (OVA)

The Lost Ship in the Sky (Movie)

Kid in Trap Island (OVA)

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie (Movie)

Lupin III disguises himself as Kaito Kid to steal a gem. Nakamori devises a plan to capture him, depending on the fact that Kaito Kid does not use a deadly weapon. When Lupin draws his pistol, Nakamori is confounded. Conan chases the thief, realizing his true identity, and opens an investigation into why Lupin III has returned to Japan. After the credits, Kaito Kid gets his revenge, by stealing one of Lupin's targets and tipping off Zenigata to Lupin's plan.

Sunflowers of Inferno (Movie)

The Fist of Blue Sapphire (Movie)

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