Kaito Kuroba Appearances

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Note for future editors of this page : Initially this page was meant to be seperate from the Kaitou Kid Appearances page in that it would only include appearances when Kaito was not in his thief costume. However since mid 2017 all of the Kid appearances have been slowly added to the page and thus it is so similar to the other page that another user has redirected this page to the other. It is probably best to keep it this way until someone decides to go back and seperate them properly again and update it to current.

Original invisible note : Note that we count Kuroba Kaito's appearances separately from Kaitou Kid's, like how we do Conan and Shinichi and Haibara and Shiho's appearances separately. Kaito has to appear out of Kid character, without significant disguises or acting as a normal high-schooler to count.