Junya Tokitsu

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Junya Tokitsu

Junya Tokitsu Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 時津 潤哉
(Tokitsu Jun'ya)
Age: 18 (deceased)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Private detective
Nicknames: Detective of the North
First appearance: Manga: File 562
Anime: Episode 479
Appearances: Chapters: 5
Episodes: 1
Openings: 1
Cases solved: around 300
Japanese voice: Shinichiro Miki

Junya Tokitsu (時津 潤哉 Tokitsu Jun'ya?) is the High School Detective representing the North in the Detective Koshien that Conan Edogawa, Heiji Hattori, Saguru Hakuba and Natsuki Koshimizu attended.


Though he was born in Tokyo, he grew up in Hokkaido. He had handled approximately 300 cases, where more than 250 people were arrested and prosecuted while others got away or committed suicide.


Junya has a great deal of pride as a detective. However, he also demonstrates little empathy toward others, including the victims of cases. Several of the culprits in his cases have commited suicide, and he doesn't seem to care about that.

Junya is noted to odd speech patterns. Namely, he uses a very uncommon personal pronoun for himself - shousei (小生). It's a pronoun that evokes humility, so its use by the very arrogant Junya hints at him trying to make himself look humble when he actually isn't.

Plot overview

Junya was invited to participate in the Detective Koshien by a fake Nichiuri director. He immediately sees through the trick to the Koshien's 'first round', a locked-room puzzle. He also knows that Natsuki Koshimizu is a woman instead of a man.

After excusing himself to prepare his deductions for the first round case, he is later found dead in his room in a locked room situation, copied from the one above. Conan deduces that Natsuki Koshimizu killed Junya and used the same locked room trick that was used in the Lavender Murder Case, which as investigated by Junya.

Junya was the detective involved during that case who unfortunately made incorrect deductions that it was a murder case even though it was actually a suicide. He probably realized later that his conclusion was wrong, or at least questionable, but didn't admit the possible error to the police. It might have been the reason why he requested to be anonymous in connection to the case. As a result, Natsuki's friend, the housemaid, was suspected as the culprit and committed suicide from the stress. When Natsuki confronted him on it, Junya showed little to no remorse, which sent her over the edge and caused her to beat him to death with a hammer.


  • As said above Tokitsu has rather odd speech patterns, referring to himself as shōsei (小生). This is a rather archaic, self-deprecating form of "I" used by males with equals and subordinates; nowadays it's rare, but still used sometimes in letters and such.

This detail is actually quite important to the plot, since Kana Mizoguchi noticed how unusual it was and told Natsuki that "a highschool detective with an odd accent" was the one who mistakenly got her accused for the Lavender Murder Case. Not knowing the name of said "high school detective", which wasn't released to the press due to being a minor, Natsuki gathered a group of sleuths fitting the description: Tokitsu, Hakuba (whose Japanese was odd-sounding due to living abroad), and Heiji (who has a strong Osaka accent).

  • Tokitsu is the youngest murder victim shown in the serie, if not counting children murdered in the past.

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