Hikari to Kage no Roman

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Closing 3


Original title:
Artist: Keiko Utoko
Episodes: 52~70
CD Info
Release date: May 14, 1997
CDs: 1
Tracks: 4
Original Cost: 1,020円
CD Number: ZADL-1070
Record Label: ZAIN RECORDS
Oricon chart peak: #20 (Weekly)
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Hikari to Kage no Roman is a single by Keiko Utoko released May 14, 1997. The titular song is the 3rd closing of the anime.

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FUNimation version

FUNimation adapted their own version of this song for the English release of the show entitled "Romance of Light and Shadow". Although the uncut Japanese version appears on their DVDs the song doesn't sync up quite right with the animation, and ends early. This is most likely because FUNimation did not receive the licensing rights to the specific cut of the song that was used for the original version of the show, so they used the album cut instead.

Song info

Chart placement

  • #20 (Weekly)


CD info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 光と影のロマン Hikari to Kage no Roman Romance of Light and Shadow 4:49
2 Eternity Eternity Eternity 4:32
3 光と影のロマン
Hikari to Kage no Roman
(Original Karaoke)
Romance of Light and Shadow
(Original Karaoke)
4 Eternity
(Original Karaoke)
(Original Karaoke)


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