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Fumimaro Ayanokoji

Fumimaro Ayanokoji Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 綾小路 文麿
(Ayanokōji Fumimaro)
English name: Fumimaro Ayanokoji (Bangzoom)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Relatives: Maro (pet chipmunk)
Occupation: Police Inspector
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Inspector Ojaru
First appearance: Anime: Movie 7
Manga: File 1001
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Episodes: 9

Movies: 5

Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 95
Japanese voice: Ryotaro Okiayu
English voice: Doug Erholtz

Fumimaro Ayanokoji (綾小路 文麿 Ayanokōji Fumimaro?) is a character in the anime and later manga franchise Detective Conan.


Ayanokoji, Maro, and Suzu Chika.

Fumimaro Ayanokoji is the head inspector from Kyoto Prefectural Police. He is known to be polite and snarky, as well as of noble descent from a Kuge family, and is called Inspector Ojaru (おじゃる警部 Ojaru-keibu?).[1] He has no close friends, with the sole exception is Maro, the cute little chipmunk who carries everywhere in his jacket pocket and even changed his phone wallpaper from a chipmunk for him. He was supposedly a school mate and rival of Shiratori, but the latter doesn't approve of that.

He lives in Higashiyama[2], the ancient district of Kyoto, and works in the Kyoto Metropolitan Police HQ. He speaks the Kyoto dialect and usually uses sophisticated language. He is said to be a rather competent and intelligent inspector, which is the reason why he has been promoted so quickly before age 30. He disposes of a wide range of staff for investigating and stays punctual.

It has been clearly hinted that he is infatuated with Suzu Chika, a 19-year-old maiko in Kyoto, but it's still unknown if she reciprocates his feelings.


He is a rather matherialistic inspector, as well as snobbish, always determining the truth on cases and not just basing himself on circumstancial evidence. He reflects everything that is odd to him, like the fact that Shinichi hasn't met him despite knowing him. He stays truely attached to his pet chipmunk, which is his only best friend, and they are undetachable, although people judge it weird. In general, he stays serious, always remains friendly and expresses himself politely, but occasionally also shows a sarcastic streak, doesn't liking when people interfere with his stuff, like when Heiji tried to investigate on his love interest, which made him nervous. Furthermore, just like Kogoro and Shiratori, discovering that Enkai, the old chief priest of Sanno Temple, is her natural father, he became furious and defined him: "That dirty priest!" He is afraid by Tengu's stories and doesn't like archery.

He is impressed by Conan's high intelligence and appreciates his help, knowing that he can be crucial help just like Heiji, often allowing him to investigate and tamper by himself, not like other regular policemen. Conversely, Conan also feels him to be an intelligent inspector and being able to handle cases by himself. Although being not on duty, he still investigates, proving his devotion to the police. Even in stressful situations, he always keeps a cool head.


He has light brown, short hair that always wears slicked back. However, two strands are sticking out. His eyes are very small and narrow like a fox, the eyebrows are short and dark brown. In the manga, his hair and eyebrows are significantly lighter and tend towards golden brown in color. He always wears a gray suit.


Plot overview

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1001-1004, Anime: 927-928)

A mysterious murder occurs during Ran and Shinichi's class trip to Kyoto. When Ayanokoji arrives, he first looks at the crime scene and discovers. Masumi immediately notices his chipmunk, which has now become his trademark. He is happy to meet Shinichi and Heiji for the first time, agreeing to cooperate with them and Masumi. Since it's a prominent victim and the witnesses are well-known, he doesn't want to reveal the murder to the public so quickly. Later, he himself witnesses how a person is supposedly attacked by a Tengu in his hotel room. After this event, he and Heiji interrogate the witnesses at a restaurant in town, but are disturbed by commotion on the streets of Kyoto. While they are taking care of it, there is another murder. Now he is questioning the witnesses again, hoping to finally get some useful information. This gives investigators clues about the past of the suspects and the victims. Shinichi sees through the case. On his orders, he sends the suspects to their hotel rooms and allows one of them to sneak out of the hotel and drive to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. There, the culprit pushes him off the temple's terrace, but he, following Shinichi's instructions, had an air cushion placed under the terrace, which saved his life. In addition to Shinichi, Masumi, and Heiji, the Kyoto police were also present at the temple. With their old school uniforms, he and his colleagues disguised themselves as students on a school trip to lull the perpetrator into security. He arrests the perpetrator and takes him away.

Search for Maria-chan! (Anime: 941-942)

Detective Play Director Murder Case (Manga: 1089-1090, Anime: TBD)

Non-canon plot overview

Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (Movie: 7)

He is with his chipmunk at a press conference held by the police on a series of murders in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Sato and Takagi talk about him in the background. His first encounter with Heiji and Conan is accidental. He recognizes Heiji and makes it clear to him that amateurs in Kyoto have to stay out of the police investigation, sending him away. As the investigation progresses, the relationship between Heiji, Conan, and Kogoro becomes strained, leading to Kogoro suspecting him of being an accomplice of the killer. Kogoro wants to prove that Ayanokoji and Suzu worked together. At the end of the fall, however, peace is restored and the two detectives gain his trust by working together. Ayumi is reluctant to say goodbye to the chipmunk. When he then says he can't give up his best friend, Ayumi asks the stunned one if he doesn't have any human friends.

The Raven Chaser (Movie: 13)

During a police conference about the recent murders, he calls Shiratori to relay his findings. He has decoded the last message from one of the victims and also says that Heiji is already dealing with this case two hours before. Through his investigation, it turns out that all of the victims were in the same hotel where a fire raged two years ago. He also knows about the suspect, who is investigating the fire.

The Missing Sweets in the Old Shop (Anime: 694)

Kogoro, Ran, Conan, Sonoko, and the Detective Boys are in Kyoto. While everyone is dealing with a new case involving missing chocolate, he happens to show up. Since he has today off, he wanted to go for a walk with his chipmunk. However, Kogoro thinks it more appropriate for the police to be involved in the robbery. Being an inveterate drunkard, Kogoro doesn't remember him and Conan must re-introduce him. During a phone call with his police assistant Kurumazaki, he learns that a witness saw a pink car in front of the store, but the car's license plate couldn't be captured. Conan suggests asking other stores if anyone remembers the license plate. He, on the other hand, tries to rein in the group, since he can help, but it's not his area of ​​responsibility. While the others split up, he is left alone with Conan. Together they question the employees in the store. Conan is later able to solve the case and he continues to be impressed by the skills of master detective Sleeping Kogoro.

Private Eye in the Distant Sea (Movie: 17)

In order to find the spy on a warship, he and Kurumazaki are brought aboard by helicopter. He wasn't idle even before his arrival and brought the results of his investigation with him. He followed the trail of a Self-Defense Force member, until he was murdered in Maizuru Bay. When the culprit is convicted by Conan as Sleeping Kogoro, he takes him into custody.

Dimensional Sniper (Movie: 18)

He meets a former US Army Captain in a Kyoto hotel along with his family, asking if he can explain the meaning of the murders. However, the victim blocks and demands that he finally find the suspect. As the victim is just finishing his call, he comes over and reports that the suspect was captured by a video camera at the Osaka train station and asks him not to fly home.

The Crimson Love Letter (Movie: 21)

At the murder scene, he meets Conan and Heiji and tells them everything he has found out so far. He allows the two to take a closer look at the entire crime scene if they give him their findings in return. Later, when the police deal with a suspect, he is also present and asks him to answer a few questions. Later, he meets Heiji at Momiji's manor: both had the same thought to ensure her protection. Her butler comes out with a tray of tea and thanks them for their work. During the karuta tournament, he has been keeping the players safe and talks to Kogoro about it. While Kogoro and Otaki go to the hospital to see the awakened suspect, he stay with Heiji and Conan at the tournament. Shortly thereafter there is an explosion and they learn that there is a victim. In a nearby tree, they discover a ring that belonged to the victim. He learns from Otaki on the phone that someone has also received a karuta card by email. Heiji has a premonition and asks him to check Kazuha's emails. He recognizes who the final target is. As the three make their way to the finals venue, he receives a phone call confirming Heiji's thoughts: Kazuha received a karuta card. He orders the finale to be canceled immediately. When he finally arrives at the temple venue, it's already on fire.

Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba (Anime: 965-968)

He saves Ran from an oncoming car, which shortly thereafter goes off the road and explodes. When Heizo finds out about the incident, he is surprised that Ayanokoji is in Osaka. He tells Heizo that there was a similar accident in Kyoto and there is a connection between the two victims. Through Conan and Heiji, Heizo suspects that there is more to the two accidents and has the case investigated more closely. When another victim is later found, they forget to notify the inspector, but he has brought new information with him: the three accidents were not accidents. The explosions were caused by bombs. Because of this, Otaki offers his cooperation, which he happily accepts. Together they question someone who knew the three victims and learn from him that another person worked with the victim. A man is suspected of this, but is found bound and gagged in his home by Otaki and Ayanokoji. When the suspect later wakes up in the hospital, he is questioned by Otaki and Ayanokoji, but they get no useful information from him. Conan finally solves the case and convicts two people as the killers. They can also prevent just in time the last murder.

Manga vs. anime

Files 33-35 are the first and only time when Kogoro goes in train to Kyoto for his best friend's wedding. Ran came along to see Kyoto for the first time, and brought Conan rather than leave him alone in Tokyo. The Kyoto police came at the end of the Black Organization bombing case solved by Conan, when the bullet train was stopped forty minutes after departed from Nagoya Station[3], but the anime version improperly replaced them with inspector Megure and his men, who were too far away from their jurisdiction. In the manga, he says to have met Conan and his associates before, but not Shinichi and Heiji. Then, he surely meet Kogoro, Ran, and Conan during that case, and the movies are not canon. Moreover, files 1088-1090 are the first tour in Kyoto for Kazuha.

Name origin

His last name is a pun made for movie 7, when it was supposed to only last one case about the streets of Kyoto, which were the main hint to solve the code sheet. Ayanokoji-dori is actually one of the oldest streets in Kyoto, and one of the main streets in the old town.

His first name may be a allusion to Prince Fumimaro Konoe, a former Prime Minister of Japan, referencing his royal origins.


  • According to Gosho Aoyama in JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book, he got his pet chipmunk in a pet shop when their eyes met.


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  1. ^ "Ojaru" is a manner of speech used by wealthy people.
  2. ^ The license plate of his car, a Bianco Ghiaccio 2006 Alfa Romeo Brera 1750 TBi, in the anime version is 東山 302, よ 11-17 (Higashiyama 302, Yo 11-17).
  3. ^ The trip from Nagoya to Kyoto via bullet train takes about 40-50 minutes, then it was under their jurisdiction.
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