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Fanon is a collection of facts about a fictional universe that are generally accepted as true by certain groups of fans, but are not considered part of the official storyline. Fanon contrasts with canon: the information, characters, settings, and plot that compose the official storyline of a fictional universe.

Colloquially, the word "fanon" is reserved for the storylines of fan-produced works, such as fanfiction. The storylines of professional authorized adaptations, such as the Detective Conan movies, are usually called something more prestigious like "extended-canon" because they are professional, authorized, and typically more consistent with canon. Sometimes elements from these close-to-canon adaptations becomes actual canon.

On pages other than this one, this wiki includes information from only two non-canon sources alongside canon information: the Detective Conan Anime and Movies and Detective Conan Special. For Magic Kaito, information from the Specials and series Magic Kaito 1412 is used alongside the Magic Kaito manga.

Detective Conan Examples

Detective Conan animation

The non-manga-derived episode (AO: anime only), Movie, OVA, and Special plots together constitute the anime/movie canon. While not created by Gosho, the plots often have Gosho's explicit approval. Unlike other sources, elements of this extended canon frequently become real canon. Characters like Ninzaburo Shiratori, Wataru Takagi, and Azusa Enomoto were first introduced in the anime and then became core manga canon characters.

Examples of animated canon

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  • In the anime and movies, Conan often travels around on his Turbo Engine Skateboard. This contrasts sharply with the manga canon. As of file 920, Conan has used his skateboard in only two cases: its introductory case where Conan uses it to keep up with the car where Ayumi had been accidentally locked in a trunk, and briefly when Conan used it to rendezvous with Agasa and Haibara at a restaurant after they warned him about two suspicious people.
  • In the movies, Conan frequently uses the excuse that he learned various adult-level skills in Hawaii. This includes shooting firearms, driving cars, boats and helicopters.
  • In the movies, Kaitou Kid has clearly learned that Conan is Shinichi.

Detective Conan live action

A series of non-canon live action drama including four specials and The Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo series mostly featured cases from Shinichi's past before he was shrunk into Conan.

Examples of live action canon

Detective Conan Special

Detective Conan Special (名探偵コナン特別編 Meitantei Konan Tokubetsuhen?) are short stories drawn by Gosho Aoyama's assistants published as volumes under Shogakukan's Ladybug Comics (てんとうむしコミックス Tentō Mushi Comikkusu?) label. The stories found in the Special volumes hold no bearing on the plot of the main comic.[1][2] Because the creators of the comics are close to Aoyama Gosho, sometimes their stories are adapted into non-canon anime episodes. These are Episode 86 - The Kidnapping Location Case and Episode 113 - The White Sandy Beach Murder Case. The Kidnapping Location Case episode is significant as it introduces the Electronic Notebook Map gadget, however this device has not been used since this case.

Examples of Detective Conan Special canon

Detective Conan novels


Examples of novels canon

Detective Conan video games


Examples of video game canon

English-language fanfiction writing community

  • In fanfiction Shinichi Kudo always, always drinks his coffee black. Some go further to say that he is a coffee addict. This could've been sourced from Sherlock Holmes, who was a cocaine and morphine addict.

Magic Kaito Examples

Magic Kaito animation

Magic Kaito has been adapted into two animated series, the first as Specials and the second as Magic Kaito 1412

Examples of animation canon

  • The Nakamori house and the Kuroba house are next door to one another.

English-language fanfiction writing community

  • Kuroba Kaito's eye colour is usually described as violet or purple. In the Magic Kaito series it is depicted as blue. On the other hand in Detective Conan as Kaitou Kid it is a darker colour. This is possibly due to the shadows from his hat and the fact that he always appears at night.

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