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Detective Conan in Vietnam

Detective Conan Vietnamese Logo.jpg

Language: Vietnamese
Continents: Asia
No. of Episodes: 540
Dubbed by: HTV3, POPS Worldwide
No. of Volumes: 99 (as of February 7, 2022)
No. of Magic Kaito Volumes: 5 (as of May 25, 2018)
Published by: Nhà xuất bản Kim Đồng
(Kim Đồng Publishing House)

Detective Conan in Vietnamese is called Thám tử lừng danh Conan, which literally means Renowned Detective Conan. Sometimes it is just simply called Conan by the fans.

Anime & Movies & TV Specials

Detective Conan anime was dubbed by HTV3, and first broadcast on HTV3 in December 26, 2009, it aired on Saturday and Sunday every week at 5:00 p.m. and rebroadcast every summer on the same channel. They only dubbed to episode 100 (112 in Japanese version); several episodes were skipped for some unknown reason. The series stopped here for several years until HTV3 announced that they will continue to broadcast the anime from where they left at episode 101 (113 in Japanese version) at 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday every week beginning from January 6, 2017. They paused at episode 199 (202 in Japanese version) on May 24, 2017 and has continued on starting from June 26, 2017.

From November 20, 2016, HTV3 has started broadcasting the first 19 movies of Detective Conan at 11:00 a.m. and 7:55 p.m. every Sunday.

CJ CGV proclaimed that they will broadcast the 6th TV special of Detective Conan — Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small —on April 21, 2017. In 2019, HTV3 bought the rights to a new episode and stopped broadcasting from episode 460 (440 Japanese). Later, these episodes were purchased by POPS Worldwide and replayed on the digital platform and continued to air the next episodes. POPS Worldwide announced that it has purchased the copyright of a new episode on the POPS application, POPS Anime Channel on YouTube and broadcast at 10 am on February 1, 2022 and stopped broadcasting from episode 602 (569 Japanese). Some voice actors have been changed.

In order to promote the 25th movie The Bride of Halloween, the POPS application decided to broadcast Movie 22 Zero the Enforcer on 10th June, as well as the Detective Conan spin-off Wild Police Story anime adaptation would start from 24th June and the TV special Love Story at Police Headquarters ~Wedding Eve~ on 8th July.


Detective Conan manga was first published in Vietnam in 2000 by Kim Đồng Publishing House and has been reissued many times. The first time it was published in 100% Japanese style (with right to left reading order) was in 2009, and it's currently on-going. Detective Conan was the most popular and best selling manga in Kim Đồng Publishing House and also in the whole country.[citation needed] Kim Đồng Publishing House also published Detective Conan Special manga, Detective Conan Novels and Magic Kaito manga. They have already released up to Volume 44 for the Special manga, Volume 9 for the Novels and Volume 4 for Magic Kaito manga. Additional published volumes can be found in the See Also section. As of January 2022, Kim Dong Publishing House has released volume 99.


(The episodes which the characters are voiced by the actors are HTV3's and POPS's)

List of Detective Conan episodes in Vietnamese

Detective Conan Anime Logo in Vietnamese: Episode 1-100 (1-112 in Japanese version)
Detective Conan Anime Logo in Vietnamese: Episode 101-??? (113-??? in Japanese version)
Detective Conan Manga Logo in Vietnamese
Detective Conan New Season from February 1st, 2022 poster on POPS App

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Some Vietnamese episode numbers do not match the Japanese episode numbers because several episodes were skipped, or 1-hour and 2-hour episodes are separated into smaller parts, so it was not in the same order as the original Japanese version. All episodes are broadcasting on POPS App and POPS Anime YouTube Channel, except Episode 34 (Sports Club Murder Case).

List of Detective Conan movies in Vietnamese

List of Detective Conan TV specials in Vietnamese

Opening & Ending Themes

HTV3 used the instrumental version of Detective Conan first opening, Mune ga Dokidoki, as the opening of the series, and the instrumental version of Detective Conan's first ending, STEP BY STEP, as the ending of the series. They used both of these songs for the first 100 episodes (112 in Japanese version). From episode 101 (113 in Japanese version) and beyond, HTV3 has started using the same opening and ending themes as the original Japanese version except Opening 6 and some endings were not shown.


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