Detective Conan in Russia

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Detective Conan in Russia
Language: Russian
Continents: Europe
No. of Episodes: None
No. of Volumes: None
No. of Magic Kaito Volumes: None
Published by: None

Detective Conan (Russia : Детектив Конан / Detektiv Konan) is a popular show in Russia, even though nor the manga, or the anime were aired there. Only movies 1 and 2 were dubbed in Russian. Nevertheless, there seems to have been a lot of fan translations of the anime, the manga, as well as the Hanzawa the Criminal manga.


No manga publishing in Russia.


No episodes were dubbed. A Russian version of movie 1 and movie 2 was dubbed and subbed in 1997 and 1998 respectively, and released in DVD format[1][2].


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