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== Cast ==
== Cast ==
Net. and KlikFilm version dubbing process are done in CS Pro Studio.
'''Note''': ''Because lack of information, not all dub cast are known.''
{{BeginTable Cast|no-image-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|3|Conan Edogawa|Noor Elysa Fauzie|Indosiar (2000s(1st))|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis|Indosiar (2000s(2nd), 2013-2014)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Leni M Tarra|Net., KlikFilm|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|3|Shinichi Kudo|Tri Adi Setiawan|Indosiar (2000s(1st))|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis|Indosiar (2000s(2nd), 2013-2014)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Salman Borneo|Net., KlikFilm|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|7|Kogoro Mouri|Rudi Sukistiyono||no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Agus Tunggono||no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Budi Brew||no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Jeffry Sani|Indosiar (Movie 8)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Richard Miracle Rehabeam Toelle|Indosiar (Movies 13-14)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Edy Rachmat|Indosiar (2013-2014)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Solihin Bumi|Net., KlikFilm|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|4|Ran Mouri|Luh Sri Mariyani|Indosiar (2000s(1st))|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Wan Leony Mutiarza|Indosiar (2000s(2nd), Movie 8, Movie 13)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Nurul Ulfah|Indosiar (2013-2014)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Tuty Pinkan|Indosiar (Movie 14), Net., KlikFilm|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|7|Hiroshi Agasa|Jack Hamzah|Indosiar (Movie 13)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Ipang Pangestu|Indosiar (Movie 14)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Kiki Zulkifli|Indosiar (Movie 8)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Ojay S Surianata|Indosiar (2013-2014)|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|0||Jumali Jindra|Net., KlikFlim|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Detective Conan in Indonesia

Detektif Conan Indonesia logo.png

Language: Indonesian
Continents: Asia
No. of Episodes: 587 (Japanese: 536)
Dubbed by: Indosiar
No. of Volumes: 98
No. of Magic Kaito Volumes: 4
Published by: Elex Media Komputindo

In Indonesia, Detective Conan is widely known as Detektif Conan. The manga is published by Elex Media Komputindo. The anime was aired on Indosiar from early 2000s until 2010, then 2013-2014. NET. then continue airing new episodes since 2020.



TV Station Name Channel type and company Censure Transmissions periods Seasons Season premiere Notes
Indosiar.png Indosiar Free to view.
Private TV:
Surya Citra Media
Yes 2000s-2012
1-??? Unknown Lack of information
Movie 14 August 18, 2012
Movie 13 August 19, 2012
426-467 December 7, 2013 468-475 have been licensed, but did not get aired
NET..png NET. Free to view.
Private TV:
Net Visi Media
Yes 2020- 476-489 September 5, 2020 Reruns since October 10, 2020
490-514 May 1, 2021 511 did not get aired.
Reruns since May 29, 2021
516-537 September 6, 2021
LINE TODAY.png LINE TODAY Free to view.
Private news hub/VOD:
LINE Corporation
No 2019 1-96 August 11, 2019 In Japanese with Indonesian subtitles.
Only the first half of Episode 96 was licensed.
Viu.png Viu Free to view.
Private VOD:
Viu International
No 2021- 476- January 2021 In Japanese with English and Indonesian subtitles.



Net. and KlikFilm version dubbing process are done in CS Pro Studio.

Note: Because lack of information, not all dub cast are known.

Character Voice actors
Picture Name Name Notes
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa Noor Elysa Fauzie Indosiar (2000s(1st))
Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis Indosiar (2000s(2nd), 2013-2014)
Leni M Tarra Net., KlikFilm
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Tri Adi Setiawan Indosiar (2000s(1st))
Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis Indosiar (2000s(2nd), 2013-2014)
Salman Borneo Net., KlikFilm
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Rudi Sukistiyono
Agus Tunggono
Budi Brew
Jeffry Sani Indosiar (Movie 8)
Richard Miracle Rehabeam Toelle Indosiar (Movies 13-14)
Edy Rachmat Indosiar (2013-2014)
Solihin Bumi Net., KlikFilm
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Luh Sri Mariyani Indosiar (2000s(1st))
Wan Leony Mutiarza Indosiar (2000s(2nd), Movie 8, Movie 13)
Nurul Ulfah Indosiar (2013-2014)
Tuty Pinkan Indosiar (Movie 14), Net., KlikFilm
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg Hiroshi Agasa Jack Hamzah Indosiar (Movie 13)
Ipang Pangestu Indosiar (Movie 14)
Kiki Zulkifli Indosiar (Movie 8)
Ojay S Surianata Indosiar (2013-2014)
Jumali Jindra Net., KlikFlim

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