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{{CastItem|1|Juzo Megure|Klaus-Dieter Klebsch|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Juzo Megure|Klaus-Dieter Klebsch|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Sonoko Suzuki|Katja Strobel|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Sonoko Suzuki|Katja Strobel|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Eri Kisaki|Sabine Winterfeldt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Heiji Hattori|Oliver Feld|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Heiji Hattori|Oliver Feld|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Kazuha Toyama|Anja Stadlober|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Kazuha Toyama|Anja Stadlober|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yusaku Kudo|Detlef Bierstedt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yusaku Kudo|Detlef Bierstedt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yukiko Kudo|Rita Engelmann|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yukiko Kudo|Rita Engelmann|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Shuichi Akai|Martin Kautz|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Rei Furuya|Konrad Bösherz|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Akemi Miyano|Schaukje Könning|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Akemi Miyano|Schaukje Könning|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Masumi Sera|Ezra Vural|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Subaru Okiya|Sven Gerhardt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Kaitou Kid|Julien Haggége|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Kaitou Kid|Julien Haggége|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Wataru Takagi|Karlo Hackenberger|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Miwako Sato|Gundi Eberhard|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yumi Miyamoto|Diana Borgwardt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Naeko Miike|Anja Nestler|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Hidemi Hondou|Sarah Riedel|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Sumiko Kobayashi|Silvia Mißbach|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Hyoue Kuroda|Axel Lutter|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Vodka|Stefan Gossler|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|James Black|Dieter Memel|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Jodie Starling|Victoria Sturm|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Andre Camel|Hans-Eckart Eckhardt|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Mary Sera|Antje von der Ahe|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Shukichi Haneda|René Dawn-Claude|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Kansuke Yamato|Sascha Rotermund|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Jugo Yokomizo|Lutz Schnell|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Yui Uehara|Nicole Hannak|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Jirokichi Suzuki|Kaspar Eichel|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Korn|Klaus Lochthove|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Shiro Suzuki|Thomas Kästner|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}
{{CastItem|1|Tomoko Suzuki|Joseline Gassen|no-image-cast=true|no-link-cast=true}}

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Detective Conan in Germany

Detektiv Conan in German.PNG

Language: German
Continents: Europe
No. of Episodes: 433 (Japanese: 399)
No. of Volumes: 98 (as of September 3, 2020)
No. of Magic Kaito Volumes: 4
Published by: Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA)

In Germany the Detective Conan (German : Detectiv Conan) manga is published by Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA). The first episode of the anime aired on April 10th 2002. In the German dub, almost every character has the same name as the Japanese ones. As of September 3, 2020 the manga was released up to Volume 98. The latest Anime episode is Episode 433 (japanese: 399). The last new episode was aired on March 13, 2019.

Manga & Anime[edit]

In Germany the anime was first dubbed on German RTL 2 on April 10th 2002. 333 episodes have been dubbed. After some reruns in VIVA currently the series is shown by ProSieben MAXX and is expected to new episodes will be dubbed and broadcasted in the future, when some legal issues are solved. Manga is published by Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA) since October 3th 2001. 95 volumes have been released as of March 2019.

Detective Conan is very popular in Germany and is one of the most watched animes out there, though many fans criticize the channel RTL 2 for cutting scenes. As of January 3th 2011 RTL 2 began airing 13 dubbed movies starting with the first movie "Detektiv Conan: Der tickende Wolkenkratzer" (eng. The Time-Bombed Skyscraper) due to the high popularity in the country.

TV Station Name Channel type and company Censure Transmissions periods Seasons Season premiere Notes
RTL II.png RTL II Free to view.
Private TV:
Yes 2002-2013 1: 1-96 April 10 2002
2: 97-171 February 11 2003
3: 172-234 September 7 2004
4: 235-308 March 6 2006
Movie 1 January 3 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 2 January 5 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 3 January 7 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 4 January 11 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 5 January 13 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 6 January 17 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 7 January 19 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 8 January 21 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 9 January 25 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 10 January 27 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 11 January 31 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 12 February 2 2011 Split in 2 parts
Movie 13 February 4 2011 Split in 2 parts
VIVA.png VIVA Free to view.
Private TV:
2011-2014 1: 1-96 December 5 2011
2: 97-171 February 14 2012
3: 172-234 September 7 2004
4: 235-308 March 6 2006
ProSieben MAXX.png ProSieben MAXX Free to view.
Private TV:
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
2016- 1: 1-96 November 2 2016
2: 97-171 March 17 2017
3: 172-234 July 10 2017
4: 235-308 August 29 2017
Movie 1 January 1 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 2 January 1 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 3 January 1 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 4 January 1 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 5 January 5 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 6 January 12 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 7 January 19 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 8 January 26 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 9 February 2 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 10 February 9 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 11 April 6 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 12 April 12 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 13 April 19 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 14 April 26 2018
Movie 15 May 1 2018
Movie 16 May 4 2018
Movie 17 May 11 2018
Movie 18 May 18 2018
Movie 19 June 1 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
Movie 20 June 8 2018 Uses HD Japanese master
5: 309-399 October 19 2018


Character Voice actors
Picture Name Name Notes
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa Tobias Müller
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Tobias Müller
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Giuliana Jakobeit
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Jörg Hengstler
Ai Haibara 60px.jpg Ai Haibara Andrea-Kathrin Loewig
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 60px.jpg Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Fabian Hollwitz
Ayumi Yoshida 60px.jpg Ayumi Yoshida Susanne Kaps
Genta Kojima 60px.jpg Genta Kojima Michael Iwannek
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg Hiroshi Agasa Rüdiger Evers
Juzo Megure 60px.jpg Juzo Megure Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Sonoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Sonoko Suzuki Katja Strobel
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg Eri Kisaki Sabine Winterfeldt
Heiji Hattori 60px.jpg Heiji Hattori Oliver Feld
Kazuha Toyama 60px.jpg Kazuha Toyama Anja Stadlober
Yusaku Kudo 60px.jpg Yusaku Kudo Detlef Bierstedt
Yukiko Kudo 60px.jpg Yukiko Kudo Rita Engelmann
Shuichi Akai 60px.jpg Shuichi Akai Martin Kautz
Rei Furuya 60px.jpg Rei Furuya Konrad Bösherz
Akemi Miyano 60px.jpg Akemi Miyano Schaukje Könning
Masumi Sera 60px.jpg Masumi Sera Ezra Vural
Subaru Okiya 60px.jpg Subaru Okiya Sven Gerhardt
Kaitou Kid 60px.jpg Kaitou Kid Julien Haggége
Wataru Takagi 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Karlo Hackenberger
Miwako Sato 60px.jpg Miwako Sato Gundi Eberhard
Yumi Miyamoto 60px.jpg Yumi Miyamoto Diana Borgwardt
Naeko Miike 60px.jpg Naeko Miike Anja Nestler
Hidemi Hondou 60px.jpg Hidemi Hondou Sarah Riedel
Sumiko Kobayashi 60px.jpg Sumiko Kobayashi Silvia Mißbach
Hyoue Kuroda 60px.jpg Hyoue Kuroda Axel Lutter
Vodka 60px.jpg Vodka Stefan Gossler
James Black 60px.jpg James Black Dieter Memel
Jodie Starling 60px.jpg Jodie Starling Victoria Sturm
Andre Camel 60px.jpg Andre Camel Hans-Eckart Eckhardt
Mary Sera 60px.jpg Mary Sera Antje von der Ahe
Shukichi Haneda 60px.jpg Shukichi Haneda René Dawn-Claude
Kansuke Yamato 60px.jpg Kansuke Yamato Sascha Rotermund
Jugo Yokomizo 60px.jpg Jugo Yokomizo Lutz Schnell
Yui Uehara 60px.jpg Yui Uehara Nicole Hannak
Jirokichi Suzuki 60px.jpg Jirokichi Suzuki Kaspar Eichel
Korn 60px.jpg Korn Klaus Lochthove
Shiro Suzuki 60px.jpg Shiro Suzuki Thomas Kästner
Tomoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Tomoko Suzuki Joseline Gassen


  • The logo is identical to the standard international logo with the exception of "Detective" being translated into "Detektiv".
  • In the German anime, Conan is voiced by the same voice actor as Shinichi Kudo.

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