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The page displays a list of pages in the wiki which is abandoned, incomplete or need extensive editing. The sole purpose of this page is to keep track of all such pages and to bring it to the notice of those who can update those pages. Anyone can report pages here as and when they encounter them in the wiki. Please remove the respective title once the edit has been made.

# Link to page Problem Description
1 Animal Crossing promotional hints Japanese column in blank for 2017, 2018 and part of 2016.
2 Questions given by the Shonen Sunday magazine Japanese to English translation needed
3 Thai Manga Not updated after Volume 84.
4 Interviews Lots of untranslated interviews.
5 Episode pages Missing 'BGM listing' section for episodes 763+
6 Indonesian Manga Missing info on many volumes
7 Swedish Manga Missing info
8 Chinese Manga (Chuangyi) Missing info and volume covers
9 Unnamed law enforcers Missing unnamed detectives and officers (a lot of them).
10 Questions given by the Shonen Sunday magazine Translation needed.
11 Special Manga pages Volumes 2 to 45 incomplete for case, characters, and resolution.
12 Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba Create pages for episodes 3 to 52.