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First volume of the Star Comics edition.

The Detective Conan manga was first published in Italy by Comic Art in August 1998. 22 volumes containing six chapters, as opposed to the Japanese version of nine to eleven chapters, were released, before Comic Art declared bankruptcy in 2000. Kabuki Publishing later purchased the rights to the series, but only released the first volume in 2002, before the releases were stalled again. Finally, Star Comics acquired the rights to the series in October 2004 and released its first volume in February of 2005, and follows the Japanese version of release. Publishing is ongoing, with at least 100 volumes released as of 2023. On February 21, 2018, Star Comics announced its joint release of Detective Conan volumes with La Gazzetta dello Sport, a daily newspaper that regularly features comic books together, and started a weekly release of the manga until November 2019 with volume 90. In september 2021, Star Comics announced its New Edition of the Detective Conan series, featuring revised translations and volume formats. As of 2023, both the regular serialization and the New Edition serialization are still running in Italian. Learn more ...

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