Detective Conan: The Dawn Monument

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Game Boy Advance: Game 2

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Title: Detective Conan: The Dawn Monument
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 暁のモニュメント
(Meitantei Konan: Akatsuki no Monument)
System: Game Boy Advance
Release date: Flag of Japan April 21, 2005
Genre(s): Mystery/Adventure
Developer: Banpresto
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A young woman named Hidemi Fuji, owner of the luxurious resort mansion Vera Green Cedar, hired Kogoro to investigate the rumors of the Village of Suicides due to the fact that she feels she was deceived by the construction company by not being informed about those rumors before investing in the building. Kogoro, Conan, and Ran soon arrives at the hotel as a guests as part of the investigation and meets up with Sonoko who is invited as well. However, many murders begin to occur with great resemblance to how the people of the Village of Suicides died. Who is the culprit behind this continuous murders?

Location: Vera Green Cedar - Ballroom
Victim: Jinpei Takai
Time: 19:45 pm
Cause of death: Falling
Takai falls from the upper floor on to the red Profond Car in the ballroom.
Location: Vera Green Cedar - Sakamoto's room
Victim: Yasosuke Sakamoto
Cause of death: Loss of blood due to wrist slit
After unlocking the room, Conan and Kogoro finds a died Sakamoto inside the bathroom with his wrist slit. His room key is found in his pocket, and all the windows in his room are sealed. The door shows no sign of being tampered with.
Location: Vera Green Cedar - Ito's room
Victim: Akitoshi Ito
Cause of death: Hanging
Ito is found hanging from the second floor's balcony in his room. Like Sakamoto Case, all windows in his room are sealed. The air conditions in his room show sign of being tampered with.

Inspector Yokomizo arrives at the mansion and orders all the guests to gather in the ballroom. However, Kamata doesn't show up.

Location: Vera Green Cedar - Kamata's room
Victim: Yuya Kamata
Cause of death: Poisoned with Potassium Cyanide
Kamata is found poisoned in the living room area. All windows in his room are sealed.

Inspector Yokomizo and Kogoro begin questioning the twenty four suspects of their alibi and involvement with the victims.


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    Approximately 27.000 copies of the game were sold.

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