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| image              = Movie7 Case4.jpg
| image              = Movie7 Case4.jpg
| location            = "Tokohei" restaurant in Osaka
| location            = "Tokohei" restaurant in Osaka
| time              = Midnight
| victim              = Heishiro Bizen
| victim              = Heishiro Bizen
| age                = 35 years old
| age                = 35 years old
Line 132: Line 133:
| image              = Movie7 Case5.jpg
| image              = Movie7 Case5.jpg
| location            = "Snack Jiro" in Kyoto
| location            = "Snack Jiro" in Kyoto
| time              = Early dawn
| victim              = Jiro Suruga
| victim              = Jiro Suruga
| age                = 32 years old
| age                = 32 years old

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Movie 7


Official trailer
Title: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 迷宮の十字路
(Meitantei Konan: Meikyū no Kurosuroodo)
Original airdate: April 19, 2003
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Sonoko Suzuki
Shinichi Kudo
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Goro Otaki
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Fumimaro Ayanokoji
Unnamed officer
Unnamed officer
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Kenji Kodama
Akira Nishimori (sub)
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Kenji Kodama
Akira Nishimori
Producer: Chiharu Sato
Toru Kitahata
Animation Director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Junko Yamanaka
Seiji Muta (asst.)
Masahiko Itojima (asst.)
Yoshiharu Shimizu (action)
Theme song: Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "Crossroad in the Ancient Capital" Original Soundtrack
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Detective Conan Movie Novelization

Crossroad in the Ancient Capital is the 7th movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 19, 2003.

Characters introduced





It starts in a past where the little girl is bouncing the little ball under the cherry blossom tree while singing a song. Heiji was in love with her after he saw her playing outside a temple when he was little.

In the present at Beika Station, Conan (using Shinichi's voice) is talking to Ran on the phone. Conan said he's been pretty busy working on the case and Ran told Conan (as Shinichi) to be careful because there's going to be a cold weather. Kogoro is singing while being drunk. He's singing about Yoshinoyama which refers to a play written about two characters in Japanese history. Minamoto Yoshitsune and his concubine, Shizuka Gozen. They separated when Yoshitsune's brother pressed him to flee to northern Japan.

That night in Tokyo, Nishikuni Tachi City, there were three men waiting for a person called Benkei. Suddenly, a mysterious masked samurai appeared and used a bow and arrow to shoot and kill one of the men.


Movie7 Case1.jpg

Location: Tokyo - Nishikuni Tachi City
Victim: Hachiro Kataoka
Age: 34 years old
Cause of death: Arrow shot wound
Suspects: Benkei
Benkei shoots an arrow on Kataoka's chest, instantly killing him.

Then, he takes out a sword and slashes the two other men in cold blood.


Movie7 Case2.jpg

Location: Tokyo - Nishikuni Tachi City
Victim: Shichiro Washino
Age: 35 years old
Cause of death: Slash wound
Suspects: Benkei
Shichiro was the first to be katana-killed by Benkei.

Movie7 Case3.jpg

Location: Tokyo - Nishikuni Tachi City
Victim: Rokuro Kamei
Age: 35 years old
Cause of death: Slash wound
Suspects: Benkei
Next was Rokuro Kamei, killed in a similar fashion as Washino. Benkei then took their three books and the codes inside.

After that, he collected the books and the mysterious code papers from the victims. Benkei now fled the crime scene. In Osaka at "Tokohei" restaurant, he stabbed the owner which is one of Heiji's friends.


Movie7 Case4.jpg

Location: "Tokohei" restaurant in Osaka
Victim: Heishiro Bizen
Age: 35 years old
Time: Midnight
Cause of death: Stab wound on chest
Suspects: Benkei
Heishiro get stabbed on chest and Dead in restaurant then Benkei got the fourth book and the mysterious code

He got the same book and the mysterious code paper just like the previous victims had. Later at early dawn in Kyoto, he kills the man and got another same book and the mysterious code paper. He now fled the crime scene.


Movie7 Case5.jpg

Location: "Snack Jiro" in Kyoto
Victim: Jiro Suruga
Age: 32 years old
Time: Early dawn
Cause of death: Slash wound
Suspects: Benkei
Benkei slashed Jiro dead and got the fifth book and the mysterious code.

Several days later at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Inspector Megure and the two other policemen from Osaka and Kyoto are having a conversation to the press talking about the wanted criminal. Takagi talks about the Inspector Ayanokoji who was in he same class as Shiratori. Sato says that because he's from noble descent, he's called "The Royal Inspector". Sato points out his left pocket. He always carries around his pet chipmunk in it. The police confirmed that they're one of the members of the robbery group called the Genjibotaru. The Genjibotaru has been stealing the famous Buddha statues. Their activities have been centered in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto since the year of 1991. Their members are named after servants of Yoshitsune, holding the books called the Yoshitsune Chronicles. All but three members have been killed, along with their Chronicles. Otaki announces that all they know is that the killer is skilled in archery and swordsmanship, and that they don't know the remaining three's age or gender. Megure ends the announcement and continues the investigation.

At the Hattori Residence, Heiji is reading a magazine on Yoshitsune, he get up and gets ready to go out. He picks up a crystal from a drawer and stares outside at his Sakura tree. Kazuha surprise visits him, and he drops it. She picks it up and hands it over. She somehow knows the importance of the crystal, and gets mad as he leaves. Sonoko, Ran, Conan, and Kogoro arrive at Kyoto Station. Kogoro was requested at Sannou Temple and he brought them on a special occasion, while the Detective Boys get stuck in Agasa's house. Agasa brings them drinks, and gives them another quiz. If they answer it they can go to Kyoto to visit Conan. He asks them if they know Benkei. Mitsuhiko explains the story to Genta. Yoshitsune's childhood name is Ushiwakamaru, and on Kyoto's Gojyouoohashi, he defeated Benkei who wanted his 1000th sword. After he was defeated he became Yoshitsune's servant. At the time the Genji clan, and Heike clan were fighting. Yoshitsune defeated the Heije clan. He was hated by his older brother Yorimoto. And so he committed suicide in the Iwate prefecture. Agasa continued and started the quiz: Benkei had a (fictional) first love named Uzune. When he found out that she was going to marry another man, Benkei: 1) Became Angry, 2) Became Happy, and 3) Cried. Genta and Mitsuhiko both answered angrily since there's no reason for him to be happy. They all got it wrong, Haibara interrupted their talk and the answer is "Cried", because of Benkei's crying spot.

Ayumi asked what that was and Mitsuhiko answered that he has a spot just below his knee called "Mukouzune" that made him cry. Genta has no idea why that has anything to do with the quiz, and Ayumi answers that Muko and Uzune are the ones getting married. Combine those two words and you get "Mukouzune". Agasa thought that because Haibara answered it didn't count, but he forgot that she was part of the Detective Boys. Kogoro, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan arrive by taxi to the Sannou Temple. When they enter they are greeted by Ryuen who is a monk of the temple. He introduces them to chief priest Enkai, and three supporters of the temple, antique art dealer Shozo Sakura, noh performer Shuntarou Mizuo, and bookstore owner Taiga Saijo. Enkai said they're more like Kendo friends than supporters. Kogoro mentions a wooden statue that is unveiled every 12 years at the temple which will be presented in three days. Enkai says that the Healing Buddha will be pleased, but Conan sees Ryuen worrying. He takes them to the three Buddha's room, and tells them that the Healing Buddha was stolen 8 years ago. He opens the door and reveals the remaining two, Sunlight bodhisattva on the right, and Moonlight bodhisattva to the right. Ryuen was going to report it, but Enkai stopped him as he believed it would return one day if it was meant to be. While they were drinking tea he gave Kogoro a picture which was in the temple's mailbox. The letter read "Solve the puzzle in the picture, and you will find the whereabouts of the Buddhist statue."

Heiji gets out of a store near "Snack Jiro" but to his dismay there were no witness since it committed at early dawn. As he looks across the street he sees a women get robbed by a bicyclist. Heiji grabs the store's banner, and uses it as a staff to hit the bike's peddle and slams the man to the floor. He grabs the purse and gives to Yamakura Tae who owns a Tea House. She and her dancer Chika Suzu give him their cards for him to visit anytime. He notices Chika injury on her thumb. As he rides off in his motor cycle we see Ayanokouji around the corner seeing him off. Back at the temple Kogoro tries to figure out the meaning of the picture that came with the letter. Conan tells the animals name which are drawn on. A cicada, Tengu, and a goldfish on the fifth row, a chicken, and a loach and a dot-mark on the fourth, and between the second and third rows, a violet, Tengu, Mt. Fuji, and an acorn drawn off to the side. Aonoko tells Ran to go sightseeing while Kogoro works on it. Ran tells her that she invited Kazuha so she would guide them around Kyoto, and that Heiji won't be coming along. Ran invites Conan but he's already promised some kids nearby to go fishing in the river. He questions the pictures meaning, who sent it, and with what intentions. At Gojyou bridge Conan goes off to find anything related to the pictures, while there Heiji comes behind him with a shinai, and surprises Conan with a swing. Some kids come by and Heiji gives them the shinai. They take a path a down to the river near the bridge and Heiji tells him of the owner of the Takoyaki shop. He feels indebted to him, because he visited him while still inn middle school.

Conan shows him the picture, and tells Heiji to take him to all the places he thinks are relevant to find the statue. The first place he takes him to is the Gojyouten Shrine which according to the Yoshitsune Chronicles was where Benkei, and Yoshitsune met, not on Gojyou bridge. Conan didn't spot any features that were interesting and as they leave Heiji asks him why he was never requested. Conan tells him his dad is high up in the police department, and they wouldn't want any police knowing about the incident. They come to their next location, Benkei stone. It' said that Benkei always sat on it, or that he thrown it from Mt. Hie. They leave once again to Keage Incline. As they walk to the motorcycle they meet with Inspector Ayanokoji who warns them to not interfere with the police's business. Ran, Sonoko, and Kazuha go to Kiyomizudera Temple. They notice Kazuha is sad about something. She tells them that Heiji met his first love in Kyoto. Conan and Heiji go to Keage Incline, and look at the Perfected Great Sun Buddha, Yoshitsune and still find nothing so they go out to lunch. While on the way there, they walk through a field of Sakura trees and Heiji tells Conan his fondest memory. He was at an expedition at Kyoto's temples, and when he jumped on to the temple's latticed window, the grid broke and his head hit the floor, and lost consciousness. When he awoke he heard a girls voice, playing with a ball while she sang. A strong wind passed and he closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them the girls was gone. He went outside to find her but all he found was a crystal near the sakura tree. He showed Conan the crystal he always carries with him, and Conan asks whether Kazuha knows the story.

Heiji said she did but not in detail. The scene switches to Sonoko, Ran, and Kazuha in a restaurant, talking about the same thing. Kazuha said she found out in a magazine interview article in Kansai's information magazine. Heiji was asked about his first love. He answered that he said it was a girl a little older than him that he met in third grade. He said he has something that belongs to her. Ran says that even though he had a first love she's in the past, and Kazuha's in his future, but Sonoko says that to men, their first love is special. Conan and Heiji come to the west gate of Kurama Temple as a shortcut. When they get off the motorcycle, Conan sees a blue one near the same spot. They go up the stairs to the Inner Sanctuary unaware that the killer is watching them from above. At the top they arrive at Immobile Hall of Soujyougatani where Ushiwakamaru met Tengu and was taught the art of war. Heiji walks up to a tree. While looking, the killer prepares the bow.

Attempted Murder

Movie7 Case7.jpg

Location: Tree near the Immobile Hall of Sougyougatani
Victim: Heiji Hattori
Attack types: Shooting
Suspects: Benkei

Conan sees him seconds before and pushes Heiji out of the way. He chases after him down the hill, and Heiji gets his motorcycle ready to chase him. They come to a path in the forest. When they prepare to cross the bridge, the killer cuts half of the rope and Heiji still makes it across just barely. Continuing down to Kurama Temple Station, they take the train tracks, but as they were catching up, the killer uses a smoke bomb which almost causes Heiji to hit a passing train throwing them off the motorcycle. When they stand up they see him take off, and Conan questions why Heiji was targeted. At night they go to Sannou Temple where they meet Sonoko, Kazuha, and Ran. Heiji tells them they were trying to solve the mystery behind the picture.

At the Sakura Tea House a Geisha called Kayo Ichi is singing while Chika danced in front of Kogoro, Ryuen, Sakura, Shuntaro, and Taiga. When she finished performing, Chika she served Kogoro some more sake and Kazuha, Conan, Sonoko, Ran, and Heiji come in unnoticed. When Heiji sits down he recognizes Chika from before. Ran scolds Kogoro, but Ryuen tells her he was invited, to help him figure out the Genjibotaru case. Tae asks if it the members of the group who have copies of the Yoshitsune Chronicles. Taiga tells her it's not about Yoshitsune, but actually depicts Benkei's journey. Shuntaro tells them about the "Ataka no Benkei". While escaping from Yoritomo's party disguise themselves as mountain priests, and try to get through the Ataka checkpoint. Yoshitsune's disguise is almost seen through, but Benkei hit's Yoshitsune to fool the checkpoint guards since student's don't hit their masters. When the story is over Sakura asks if he can rest in one of the rooms downstairs, and to wake him at nine. Sonoko opened the shade to the window, and Kayo said it was the Kamogawa where couples get together and look at the sakura blossoms. Heiji looks down and informs Conan of Inspector Ayanokouji looking up from the Misogigawa river. Ran , Kazuha, and Sonoko go down to see the blossom's while the rest stay in the building. Kogoro, still drunk keeps on playing games with Chika while Conan tells Heiji on how the full moon reminds him of him and Ran's meeting. It was two hours past the set time, and Ran was still waiting by their usual meeting place. Shinichi arrived tired, and she was glad nothing bad happened to him.

Downstairs in the balcony by the river Ran told Kazuha that she envied her because she gets to see Heiji whenever she wants. But Ran rarely gets to see Shinichi. It's now nine and Tae gets up to wake up Sakura. She doesn't find him in his room, and so she goes downstairs. All but one room is dark. When she opens the storage room she sees his dead body and screams.


Movie7 Case6.jpg

Location: Storage room in the teahouse
Victim: Shozo Sakura
Age: 51 years old
Cause of death: Slit wound on the throat
Suspects: Ryuen, Shuntaro Mizuo, Taiga Saijo, Tae Yamakura, and Suzu Chika

Everybody comes down immediately, and Ran calls the police. Kogoro tells them his carotid artery was cut by a sharp weapon. They clear everyone out they arrive and Heiji says this was not a robbery. Kogoro picks up Conan and throws him out of the room. He grabbed the keys out of Sakura's pocket beforehand. Inspector Ayanokoji came in with two policemen. Hieji asked Conan if there was a chance it was an outside intruder. Conan says the chance is low but possible. If the killer used the front door, it would've made a sound and he knew that Sakura would be in the storage room. Which means the suspects are Saijo, Ryuen, and Mizou. All three had a chance when they went to the restroom, and theirs a staircase that leads t the basement. One thing concerns Conan. When Mizuo went to the restroom, Chika followed him, but for Ryuen and Saijo, she didn't. Meaning one of those two are the criminal. Using the keys Conan grabbed they go down to Teramachi Avenue to Sakura's Antique Shop. They check his book collection and Conan finds his Yoshitsune Chronicle. On the back he sees Ise no Saburo which means Sakura was the third member of Genjibotaru. They also find a copy of the picture, and believe he sent the letter to Sannou Temple.

They inform Kogoro who thinks he's the fifth target. Conan asks if the picture at Sakura's place was a copy, and he kept the original, then couldn't have the killer taken that one. The killer didn't know that Sakura made a copy. Hieji tells them the three suspects he believes is the real criminal, and no one is dumb enough to keep the weapon after the murder. Sonoko says that she heard something being thrown into Misogigawa, but the police checked and found nothing. Heiji tells them an accomplice was involved and had the opportunity to take the evidence before it was found. Conan tells him that would be impossible since Ran and everyone else would've noticed. Kogoro says it's possible the killer slipped in through the window in the basement, his in the bathroom, and waited for Sakura to go into the storage room. After he killed him he could've went through the window again holding the murder weapon. While driving home, Heiji was riding with Kazuha were attacked by the killer. He put a coin in the throttle, stood on the motorcycle and prepared to shoot with bow and arrow. The arrow broke the side mirror on his motorcycle. The killer went ahead of Heiji, and took a ramp to a park, where Heiji and Kazuha soon followed. Heiji told Kazuha to stay where she was while he chased after the killer. He met him halfway near the train tracks where he held two wooden swords. He threw one at Heiji, and challenged him to a kendo fight. As they fought Heiji realized the killer was wearing kote to protect himself from attack.

After a few attacks Heiji lost hold of his sword fast. He told the killer to slice him wear he killed Sakura.He quickly lost his balance and tripped. The killer took that opportunity to attack several times. He hit Hieji twice before cutting through a sleeve in Heiji's pocket where he held the crystal. He quickly picked it up, but his vision was starting to lose focus. Heiji was forced in to a tree where the killer prepared his final attack.

Attempted Murder

Movie7 Case8.jpg

Location: Road and forest near the train
Victim: Heiji Hattori
Attack types: Stabbing
Suspects: Benkei

Before he struck, Kazuha threw a sock with a heavy stone inside and chipped off a good part of the noh mask. He left and neglected to pick up the knife, but took the two wooden swords and ran off. Kazuha tricked the killer into believing help was comiing. Shortly after, Heiji lost consciousness and wakes at Unekouji Hospital with Kazuha, Ran, and Conan by his bed. Otaki and Shiratori come by and ask him some questions about the attacker. Heiji told them if they didn't have enough evidence, that he'll provide them with the physical wounds used by the short sword. Unfortunately even the motorcycle the killer used was stolen. Kazuha remembers she chipped off part of the noh mask. The inspectors leave the room, and Kazuha soon follows to head for the park. Ran, returning from a phone call, goes into the room to find Heiji and Conan gone. They take a train ride, and talk about the fight. Heiji said he wore a coat as a shield, and he coaxed him into taking out his short sword to wound him on purpose. The weird thing was he left the short sword behind and while in he fight tried to pick up the pouch that contained the crystal ball.

At Mizuo mansion they meet Shuntaro to talk about the mask the killer wore, and to check on everyone's alibi. Shuntaro from the tea house, went home but because he's single no one can verify his location. The same situation goes to Saijo, he lives on the second floor of his shop with no one around. And neither does Ryuen. Heiji asked if any of them do archery, and Shuntaro said he'd only done archery in his performances using a catalpa bow, Ryuen uses the bow string balance, but only on form and not practice. Saijo says the word Yamakura, but Heiji says Yamakura Tae wasn't around at the time to be accused. Chika visits and Conan notices her stance while sitting, and Saijo also sits but differently with the knees slightly bent. On their way Conan, Heiji, and Chika walk down Ebisu avenue, and starts singing the song which Heiji remembered as a boy. Chika said it's the temari song, "temari" meaning a Japanese handball game. It's about Kyoto's roads that run east and west, and sung in the order of north to south. They part at Oike avenue, and Otaki calls from Kyoto Prefectural Police, and gives him the test results from the hilt of the short sword. It was the same blood type as Sakura, along with the impression as well. Conan says this takes away the four suspects they had. He sees Heiji staring at the place he met the girl, and was surprised by the Detective boys arrival. While walking they lost Genta, and though they tried to reach him using the badges he can't guide them since he hasn't been taught kanji. Conan uses his glasses to locate him, Heiji takes it out of his hands and starts following the signal.

On the way Agasa's stomach starts to growl and Haibara takes a pill from her bag, and gives one to him. He developed the drugs to suppress growling stomachs for special occasions, as well as one which are for people who are weak with alcohol, one that turns your face red. Some even give you sickness to take a day off from work. They find Genta in the Rokakku Building. Conan tells him that the badge uses the same frequency as the glasses and they can connect to find each other, with that being said they find how the killer did it. They go back to the tea house and look at the building and the four suspects that were previously thought innocent are now guilty once more. Heiji denies that and says only three people since his first love can't be the murderer. The difference in the song Chika sang is different from the version he heard. The part of "Ane-san Rokakku" as "Yome-san Rokakku". At the park where Heiji was attacked, Kazuha finds the fragment of mask that was broken off in a field of grass. Back at Police Headquarters, Megure looks at three pieces of evidence that were worn by the three victims of the killer. They all had different pieces of clothing with the same color, and design. Takagi figures out that if Shiratori had died, and divided his belongings between them it would make sense. Meanwhile, Shiratori gives a possible explanation on the killers identity. Chika Suzu's mother was a young geisha in Miyagawachou, and passed away when Chika was five. The tea house owner Tamakura Tae raised her from then on, and every month she receives money from an anonymous person. But three months ago the payments stopped.

Shiratori receives a call Megure, and calls him for a possible connection of the murders and the meaning of the clothes. He reasoned that either Yoshitsune or Benkei died and so he split his mementos among the Genjibotaru group. Kogoro calls everyone he believes is a suspect and gets it wrong as usual. He accuses Suzu Chika of the murder, because her father was killed as Yoshitsune. He was betrayed by his men and died three months ago. Her accomplice was Ayanokoji or Benkei. At the tea house she brought in the short sword and the chipmunk, while on her way to the restroom she went to the storage room and killed Sakura. She tied the short sword to the chipmunk and let it escape through the basement window where it jumped in the river Misogigawa and headed down. As he headed for his destination Ayanokouji picked it up and later tried to kill Heiji. He then asks if any of them do archery. Ayanokoji didn't, but Chika did but only as a beginner which is why she had the injury near her thumb. Tae refuses to believe that's true since dancers perform and have no time to kill. Conan tells him that even if she did do it, the chipmunk could never carry a short sword. After he failed, Conan tells Heiji that he figured out the killer's identity thanks to Chika's archery. The only thing left is evidence and the missing statue. While holding the chipmunk, Genta gives taking out acorns, let's one slip from his hands and fall into the river. Ayumi said it reminded her of the song "Donguri Koro Koro" which is about an acorn that falls into a puddle. That gives Conan the clue to the map. If he uses the the song as a guideline he should be able to figure it out.


  • Resolution

    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) Cruïlla a l'antiga capital Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
    Flag of China Chinese 迷宫的十字路口 Crossroad in Maze
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Croisement dans l'ancienne capitale Crossing in the Ancient Capital
    Flag of Galicia Galician Encrucillada na antiga capital Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
    Flag of Germany German Die Kreuzung des Labyrinths The Crossroad of the Labyrinth
    Flag of Italy Italian La mappa del mistero The Map of the Mystery
    Flag of Thailand Thai คดีฆาตกรรมแห่งเมืองปริศนา Murder Case of the Mysterious Town
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Mê cung trong thành phố cổ Crossroad in the Ancient Capital



    • This is the first Detective Conan movie to be made using digital animation. Alongside the use of 3D graphics, which was provided by Studio A-CAT.
    • Heishiro Bizen from Conan, Heiji, and the Vanished Boy appeared again, but got killed by his acolyte Benkei.
    • This is the first movie not to be dubbed by FUNimation.
    • The cafe from which Shinichi calls Ran at the start of the movie has number 221B as it adress just like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson's apartment (221B Baker Street).
    • The girl in the live action ending theme is Nanami Komori.
    • Benkei's motorcycle is a Yamaha WR 450 F.
    • The Jewel Dragon Temple is inspired from the Kurama-dera Mountain Temple.

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