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=== Find the Buttock's Mark (Manga: [[Volume 42#Murderer's Car Case|435]]-[[Volume 43#Murderer's Car Case|437]], Anime: [[Find the Buttock's Mark|346-347]]) ===
=== Find the Buttock's Mark (Manga: [[Volume 42#Murderer's Car Case|435]]-[[Volume 43#Murderer's Car Case|437]], Anime: [[Find the Buttock's Mark|346-347]]) ===
* Jodie asks Haibara to join the [[Witness Protection Program]] for her own safety. Haibara turns down the offer because she wants to continue to stay with Conan, Agasa, and the Detective Boys rather than always running away.
* Jodie asks Haibara to join the [[Witness Protection Program]] for her own safety. Haibara turns down the offer because she wants to continue to stay with Conan, Agasa, and the Detective Boys rather than always running away.
=== Ran's Suspicions (Manga: [[Volume 47#File 483 - Unlocking It...|483]], Anime: [[Ran's Suspicions|400]]) ===
* When confronting Ran, Conan noticed she had his Conan's phone. He furiously grabbed his phone back and said he did not want her to peek at mails from "that girl I like" while he blushed. The girl, revealed in the next episode, was Haibara, who cooperated with Conan by sending lots of mails to his phone.
=== The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase (Anime: [[The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase|414]]) ===
=== The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase (Anime: [[The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase|414]]) ===

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Conan and Haibara.

Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara share an interesting relationship. Initially, Conan was suspicious of Haibara for being part of the Black Organization and the inventor of APTX 4869, but he has since warmed up to her as a valuable teammate and someone to confide his thoughts with when they conflict with his child cover. On her part, Haibara expresses interest in Conan's personality, intelligence, and sense of justice. She appears to develop a crush on Conan before eventually resigning herself since Shinichi only expresses interest in Ran.


Relationship analysis

Conan refuses to sit in the machine out of fear that his and Haibara's secret will be revealed.

Initially, Shinichi mistrusts Shiho Miyano, now Ai Haibara, because she is a member of the Black Organization and created the deadly drug APTX 4869. Professor Agasa convinces Conan to give her a chance because she has the best chance of creating an antidote. Ai, who grew up within the Black Organization, is quite cynical at first about Conan's ideals and sense of justice, causing them to quarrel often during their early cases together. Eventually, Conan's hopeful and steadfast personality seems to bring her around and Ai develops a crush on Conan. Conan remains oblivious, but other characters like Yukiko Kudo and Jodie Starling notice her affection and encourage her. Sometimes Ai mentions her true feelings, but always with a following disclaimer that she is just joking. Conan, being both romantically dense and solely interested in Ran, tends to dismiss Haibara's hints when they are brought to his attention.

For his part, Conan watches out for Haibara's safety, and protects and rescues Haibara on multiple occasions. Despite being shrunk to Conan by the drug developed by Shiho and having his life upended, Conan only carries his hatred towards the criminal Black Organization and not to Haibara personally. He also trusts her as a confidante and values her maturity. For regular cases, they often work as an investigative team running ideas off of one another, teaming up to corner the culprit, and explaining the solution. When Haibara is around, she is usually the first to understand Conan's intelligent moves. Haibara often serves as a reality check and reminds Conan to act more like a child in order to protect his identity, and vice-versa. Curiously, they are the only pair who have disguised in each other's body, although in two different occasions.

The Black Organization is the source of the most trouble in their relationship. Because of several early situations where Haibara panicked in the presence of a nasty Black Organization member or tried to sacrifice herself, Conan developed the bad habit of downplaying the involvement of the Black Organization in various affairs in order to not upset Ai. Even though Haibara has become more resolute, Conan is still reluctant to discuss what is on his mind or his plans when it involves the Black Organization. Haibara has become keen at identifying when Conan is hiding something from her, but only rarely does Conan capitulate. Haibara in turn conceals much of what she knows about the boss and the goal of the organization, perhaps because she is worried Conan will rush in prematurely and get himself killed. In fact, she has always know that Renya Karasuma is the Black Organization head, but she never reveals it for Conan's safety. This mutual distrust occasionally results in situations that could have been handled better if they shared information.

Their closeness has caused a number of people taking it as they are in a "special" relationship. In canon, that includes:

  • Ayumi Yoshida questioned Haibara if she liked Conan as early as Haibara's first appearances.
  • Yukiko Kudo noticed Haibara staring at Conan multiple times in a day.
  • Jodie Starling, caught a hint of Haibara showing affection to Conan and supported her.
  • Ran Mouri, in a bet with Sonoko, insisted that Conan will fall for Haibara.
  • Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya noticed Haibara and Conan often talked to each other in a level at no one else could understand.

In non canon, this also includes;

  • Sonoko Suzuki (in Movie 4), asking if Haibara is Conan's new girlfriend. In canon, Sonoko bet Conan liked Ayumi.
  • Kaoru Koda (in Episode 742), asking if Haibara is Conan's girlfriend, which Haibara denied.
  • Umeno (in Movie 19), noticing Haibara only stared at Conan, had a conversation with Haibara and encouraged her to open up her feeling.

Even though Shinichi's single-minded focus on Ran blocks any potential romantic development, Ai has handled any feelings of jealousy gracefully. Occasionally she will tease Shincihi about his Ran obsession. Haibara is sometimes asked by Conan for one of the protoype antidotes she created, mostly to solve relationship issues with Ran. However, Haibara very rarely grants his wish, often teasing him about his relationship with Ran in the process. It is unclear whether Haibara withholds APTX 4869 antidotes from Conan for a medical reason, fear that Shinichi will be indiscreet, or just to meddle with his love life. However, in more recent cases, Haibara has been more supportive to Shinichi and Ran's relationship, providing him the antidotes and having other people to cover for Shinichi.



The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case (Manga: 176-181, Anime: 129)

"That...was probably the first true face she ever showed me."
  • Upon Haibara's arrival at Teitan Elementary School, Genta eagerly offers the seat next to him for her to sit in. But as Haibara walks towards the desks, she brushes right past Genta and takes the empty seat next to Conan, and in a monotone voice says to him, "Nice to meet you." Surprised, Conan responds with, "Yeah..."
  • After class is over, the Detective Boys try to catch up with Haibara in the hallway wanting to ask her to walk home with them. Haibara ignores all of Ayumi's attempts to talk to her until she inquires about her address, to which she replies, "22 Beika Block, Second Street." Conan regards the address as familiar and remarks to himself that her house can't be too far away from where his is. Haibara then looks over her shoulder and smirks at him, surprising Conan and causing him to blush. Genta notices and asks him if he "likes that stuck-up woman", which Conan is quick to deny.
  • When Ayumi and Mitsuhiko are telling Haibara about the Detective Boys, she asks, "Edogawa-kun is in it too?". Shortly after, the Detective Boys come across a case, where a fellow classmate's older brother has been missing and the child wants to find him.
  • After solving the said case, Ai fires a gun through a window, causing her to get a scolding from Inspector Megure. Haibara starts fake-crying (impressively well) to get out of it. Conan walks Haibara back home to 'her house', while she is still crying. When Conan drops her off nearby her home, Haibara immediately stops crying and then starts talking about a drug called "APTX 4869". Conan is confused, as Haibara continues to ramble about the drug and how he took it. It becomes apparent that Haibara isn't a normal little girl. It is not until Haibara tells Conan that she's occupied Professor Agasa's house and that he's "not in this world any more" that Conan begins to panic. He tries to call Professor Agasa but doesn't get an answer, while Haibara smirks evilly in the background. Conan then leaves Haibara behind and sprints to Professor Agasa's house, hoping to find him safe, which he does. Agasa then allows Haibara to explain herself to an angry Conan. She explains about her "role" in the Black Organization and how she betrayed the organization and took the drug to escape from her prison.
  • On the route towards the university professor, Conan showed deep distrust for Haibara, being a former Black Organization member and her reluctance to share the information about her life and the organization.
  • After exchanging information, Conan, Haibara, and Agasa plan to visit a university professor who could have accidentally been given a floppy disk containing data on the Black Organization from Haibara's elder sister. They visit his house only to find him dead in a locked room. After Conan solves the case, Agasa and Conan decide to head back home. When Conan gestures for Haibara to come along, a tear rolls down her face as she asks why he didn't help her sister. To answer a confused Conan, Haibara explains, still in tears, that Hirota Masami was a fake name that her sister took from the now-deceased university professor, and Conan realizes that Haibara's sister is the same girl who died during the One-Billion-Yen Robbery Case. Haibara continues to shout at a stunned Conan that, with all his deduction skills, he should have been able to see right through her sister's case. Haibara breaks down and falls on her knees in front of Conan and clutches his shirt and continues to cry into it. But Conan silently thinks to himself: "This is probably the first true face she's ever showed me."

The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (Manga: 189-191, Anime: 130-131)

"I'm actually only 18 years old, just perfect for you."
  • When Haibara is hesitant to see the football match closer (fearing that her face will be visible on TV), Conan offers her a cap, so that she looks like a boy if seen from afar.
  • Near the end of the second part of this case, Haibara stares off into the distance after Conan makes a joke about her being 84 years old. She tells him, "Ara, I'm actually only 18 years old, just perfect for you," before staring off into the distance again. Conan seems really surprised, even after Haibara adds that she was just kidding.

The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Manga: 200-203, Anime: 136-137)

Ayumi: "What are you two doing!?"
  • While trying to figure out a chess code at a castle where the Detective Boys are staying, Haibara walks up to Conan, looks down at his paper, and asks if he is happy because that is his favorite thing. Conan blushes slightly when she looks up at his face and answers "I guess so..." Immediately after, they are interrupted by Ayumi yelling, "Hey! What are you two doing!?" which was really directed at Genta and Mitsuhiko.
  • Conan later gets lost and when everyone tries to look for him, it starts raining. Haibara tells Ayumi to stop crying and that, "Edogawa-kun isn't the type to make you worry. He'll come back himself." She then comments on Ayumi's bag and about not letting her tears enter it. Ayumi replies, "Hey, how do you know Conan-kun so well..." Haibara replies, "Come on. Why do you ask?" to which Ayumi says, "It is because you like him, right?" Haibara, surprised, recovers by asking, "What if I do?" Ayumi replies, "Then...I'm in trouble," implying that there will be a love triangle if she does.
  • Haibara sees Ayumi is worried and does not want to trouble her anymore, so Haibara plainly states she does not have those kinds of feelings for Conan. However Agasa walks up to her and clears his voice, telling Haibara that kids are quick at understanding things nowadays, hinting that Haibara lied to Ayumi regarding her feelings for Conan.

The Final Screening Murder Case (Manga: 222-224, Anime: 138-139)

  • At the start of the second Gomera movie, Ayumi falls asleep and puts her head on Conan's shoulder. When Conan turns to Haibara, saying he needs to use the restroom and asks her if she would switch seats, she has also put her head on Conan's shoulder, having fallen asleep as well.

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (Manga: 231 and 232-233, Anime: 156-157)

  • The episode opens with Haibara and Conan in what looks to be an abandoned and empty room. Haibara tells him that she (possibly referring to Ran) has found out about his identity. When he asks her why she's telling him all this, she tells him that he can see into the hearts of the wicked, but he couldn't understand a woman's heart, then tells him that she's been in love with him since she met him. We see Conan's face, but it doesn't appear to be at all surprised, and Haibara continues with: "I guess you didn't even notice... Kamen Yaiba-san." After Mitsuhiko yells out "CUT!", it is revealed that both Conan and Haibara were merely acting, and practicing lines for Teitan Elementary School's play, with Mitsuhiko as the director.

Reunion with the Black Organization (Manga: 238-242, Anime: 176-178)

Conan puts his glasses on Haibara.
  • Conan and Haibara went to the Haido City Hotel to stop Pisco, a Black Organization member, before he kills someone as ordered by Gin, and also to possibly obtain a sample of APTX 4869 in order to develop an antidote. During the entire case, Haibara is seriously frightened of Gin, because the night before she had dreamt that he had discovered her true identity (Shiho Miyano) and killed everyone she had contact with. She also confided to Conan that she dreamed that he was shot first, which may symbolize a great fear over any harm done to him.
  • While they are in Professor Agasa's car following Gin and Vodka to the Haido City Hotel, Haibara seems to be pleased by Conan's decision to stop Pisco from murdering someone rather than just concentrating on Gin, Vodka, and the drug, and says, "Oh, what a strong sense of justice you have," with a proud smile. Because of his decision to do the right thing, she follows him into harm's way, knowing that she could be murdered immediately, and enters Haido City Hotel against her better judgement.
  • After Haibara says, "Maybe if I had been killed by the organization back then, there would be less hassle for everyone," Conan cuts her off by giving up his glasses, the only thing preventing people from recognizing him, and putting them on her to somewhat disguise her and make her feel safer. After they have an encouraging conversation about how this action bears similarity to Superman/Clark Kent's disguise, Haibara turns away bashfully and thanks him. He looks at her and says somewhat sarcastically, "You really aren't too adorable."[1]
  • When Haibara, after being kidnapped by Pisco and locked in a store room, gets into contact with Conan, he repeatedly urges her to escape immediately through the chimney, visibly concerned. After regaining her actual body (through the temporary effect of alcohol) and climbing up the chimney, Haibara is intercepted by Gin (and Vodka) on the roof. As Gin fired multiple shots into her body to immobilize her, Conan arrived to shoot Gin with the stun-gun wristwatch and distract him, allowing Haibara to jump into the chimney again.
  • After Haibara shrinks back to child size, Conan puts his jacket on her naked body and carries her from the fire before Pisco and Gin can discover them.

The Desperate Revival ~The Third Choice~ (Manga: 254-257, Anime: 190-191)

Haibara fires a gun of roses at Conan to encourage him to avoid telling Ran his secret identity.
  • While Conan is lying in a hospital bed after a blood transfusion, Haibara sneaks into his room and held a gun at him. She tells him that the Black Organization would spare Agasa's life if she killed Conan and everyone else related to him. She then pulls the trigger, but it turns out that it was a fake gun that shot red roses from the barrel. Symbolically, red roses represent love or passion, suggesting that Haibara might have romantic feelings towards Conan.

The Desperate Revival ~Shinichi's Return and the Promised Place~ (Manga: 258-260, Anime: 192-193)

"Hey Haibara, why are you going this far for me?"
  • When asked by Conan (who has reverted back to Shinichi thanks to a prototype antidote) why she would go so far to help him, Haibara suddenly shows a surprised expression. Haibara replies by explaining that if something happened to him, then she would be in trouble as well.

The Significant Music Box (Manga: 261, Anime: 194)

  • When walking together with Haibara, Conan says that he would have told Ran what he planned to tell (hinted as his romantic feelings towards her) if he knew prototype antidote does not work well. After when they seperated, Mitsuhiko states that Haibara is in a good mood and as a follow up Ayumi says something good must happened to her (which might be that Conan/Shinichi could not confess to Ran).

And Then There Were No Mermaids (Manga: 281, Anime: 223)

It is revealed that Conan knows Haibara's true name, Shiho Miyano and the codename Sherry, but he never calls her that despite her calling him "Kudo-kun".

The Mysterious Passenger (Manga: 287-289, Anime: 230-231)

Conan rescues Haibara from an explosion.
  • On a bus, Haibara becomes petrified because she feels the familiar and scary presence of a member of the Black Organization. Haibara mistakes the aura as coming from Jodie when it is really from Vermouth disguised as Dr. Araide, who is sitting next to Jodie. When Jodie asks Conan for her name, she grabs onto his hand desperately and, understanding her fear, Conan says that she is a random girl that he happened to sit next to.
  • When the bus is evacuated and the bomb is about to go off, Haibara chooses to stay inside as a suicide attempt so that she wouldn't have to worry about her future, and so that she would no longer be a threat to all the people she was close to. Conan rushes back onto the bus, risking his life to save her. They jump out of the bus, but Conan gets injured in the process. He rubs some of his blood onto Haibara to give the police a reason to send her to the hospital, possibly as a way to keep an eye on her. As Haibara gets in the police car, he tells her not to run away from her destiny.

The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Manga: 290-292, Anime: 233-234)

Haibara blushes when Conan tells her to keep smiling.
  • The hijacked bus incident in The Mysterious Passenger Case led Haibara to be especially worried about her situation. Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko attempt to cheer her up and, with the help of Arthur the dog, manage to make her smile. Conan comments that she should keep that expression, since it makes her look like a child, causing Haibara to blush. Conan then sneakily adds that with her face like that, he wouldn't think she's a 90-year old lady, to which Haibara counters, saying, "How rude, I'm only 84 years old (referring to Conan's initial estimate in The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case)".

The Mystery in the Net (Manga: 311-313, Anime: 246-247)

  • While she is at the beach with the Detective Boys and Ran, Haibara once again witnesses Conan's/Shinichi's feelings for Ran. She remains in the water until Ran notices she got a sunstroke. Conan wonders why she did not stay with Professor Agasa, and she answers that she did not want to run away from a dolphin (Ran) who is loved by the ocean (Shinichi/Conan), and she didn't want to be a malicious shark fleeing from the cold and dark bottom of the ocean, who cannot compete with the dolphin. However, Conan fails to understand this metaphor, which draws a parallel between Ran and Haibara.

The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Manga: 335-337, Anime: 269-270)

  • Haibara appears to pity herself for not being able to confess her love to Conan.

Hooligan's Labyrinth (Manga: 344-346, Anime: 279-280)

"You're going to protect me, right?" "Yeah."
  • The events of the case made Haibara feel bad about her betrayal. Conan fears that she might take a train to flee and start a new life. He rushes and yells her name in order to hold her back, before realizing she is actually behind him. Haibara asks why he shouted, declares he told her not to run away from fate, and adds "You're going to protect me, right?", before stating sarcastically that she is not as weak as he thinks she is.

The Smash of Determination and Love (Anime: 294-295)

  • At the beginning of the episode, Conan notices that Haibara, who usually does not participate in their trips, is acting a bit odd by deciding to come along. Conan comments, "I wonder what could have provoked you to come this time". Haibara says that she's not really interested in the trip itself, but just wants a place to focus on her reading while adding, "Besides, you can't protect me if I'm not with you, right?".
  • During the case, Conan and Haibara are sitting in a cafe trying to find clues from Ran. Haibara discreetly smiles at Conan as he is reading through a phone book.
  • After the case, Conan and Haibara have to run laps for missing the semi-finals. When Conan has three laps to go, Haibara catches up to him and says, "I'll run with you." However, right after that, Ayumi and the rest catch up with them and run the laps together.

Secret of the Tohto Film Development Studio (Manga: 417-419, Anime: 335-336)

Conan and Haibara were sleeping side-by-side.
  • Yukiko tells Conan that he seems to be popular with girls, since Haibara has been looking at him several times that day: "There's only two reasons for a girl to look at a boy like that: he has something on his face or she likes him." Not really convinced, he answers that Haibara must be checking the development of her test subject for APTX 4869. Before leaving, Yukiko encourages Conan to take care of the other kids, and Conan agrees, looking particularly at Haibara.
  • Later that night, Conan and Haibara happen to lie awake next to each other in a bed shared with the rest of the Detective Boys. Still curious about his mother's earlier comment, Conan tells Haibara, who has her back turned towards him, that he wants to ask her something. But when Conan eventually simply asks if he has something on his face, the same confused look appears on both of their faces.

Hidden Bathroom Secret (Manga: 423-425, Anime: 340-341)

  • Haibara, in high temperature, dreamt about her moments with Conan. It is hinted that Haibara is in love with Conan; however, she doesn't want to let him know about it.
  • In this episode, Conan helped Haibara to find recording tapes from her deceased mother.

Find the Buttock's Mark (Manga: 435-437, Anime: 346-347)

  • Jodie asks Haibara to join the Witness Protection Program for her own safety. Haibara turns down the offer because she wants to continue to stay with Conan, Agasa, and the Detective Boys rather than always running away.

The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase (Anime: 414)

  • After visiting a schoolmate's house, Conan tells the rest of the Detective Boys to head straight home. Genta replies, "It's you two (Conan and Haibara) that we're worried about staying out late". Haibara smiles and says," Well, that's a good idea," causing Conan to blush.

Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out (Manga: 499-504, Anime: 425)

  • Haibara showed concern over the possibility that Conan's transmitter (accidentally stuck on Black Organization member Rena Mizunashi's shoes) might be discovered by the Organization. She supported Conan during the chase and Jodie felt that Haibara might be in love with him.

Super Secret of the Road to School (Manga: 505-507, Anime: 427-428)

Conan lends his cap to Haibara.
  • After another Black Organization incident, Conan notices that Haibara is still on edge. He offers her his cap to ease her mind during a case.

Information Gathered About the Detective Boys (Manga: 515-517, Anime: 435-436)

  • During a case, Haibara tells Conan to act childishly, playfully imitating his trademark "ah-le-le" and "okashi zo" phrases.

The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Manga: 619-621, Anime: 507-508)

Haibara touching Conan's cheek.
  • Conan and the rest of Detective Boys are shopping for books in a bookstore. Conan walking while turning around and then suddenly Haibara finger-cupped his cheek and turned him. "They're on those shelves. You're looking for mysteries, right?" Haibara said. "Thanks," Conan replied.

Red, White, Yellow, and the Detective Boys (Manga: 622-624, Anime: 509)

  • In a scene, Haibara wants to know who Conan was talking to on his phone (she thinks it was the FBI). Conan says back, "It's not like a case (jiken) happened or something..." Just then, Mitsuhiko notices that behind them, a case is about to come up, prompting Ayumi to cry out, "An affair (jiken) between Conan-kun and Ai-chan!?" upon seeing the two together. As a common reaction, Conan and Ai stare at Ayumi with bewildered and surprised faces.
  • Later in the episode, when Ai senses the presence of a Black Organization member, she hides behind Conan, tightly holding onto his shoulder.

The Blue Spark of Hate (Manga: 635-637, Anime: 524-525)

  • When Ran says she regrets that she is not holding Shinichi's hand even though she was determined to do so, Haibara thinks to herself there is nothing regrettable (Conan held her hand all the time while she was put to sleep ) for Ran (not necesserely for Haibara herself).

Ikkaku Rock's Disappearing Fish (Manga: 664-666, Anime: 542-543)

  • Haibara repeatedly stayed behind Conan and grabbed his shoulder out of fear of Subaru.

Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Cherry Blossom (Manga: 687-689, Anime: 568-569)

  • Haibara holds onto Conan's arm during a Gomera movie.

The Kirin's Horn That Vanished into the Dark (Manga: 712-715, Anime: 585-587)

  • Haibara crouches in front of a seemingly unconscious Conan, only to be surprised to hear him say, "White". After explaining why he feigned being knocked out, Conan complains, "This posture is really starting to hurt," to which Haibara replies, "That's right... and you can see things you shouldn't." "Ah, no...that was an accident," Conan tries to reason but Haibara wouldn't accept it, calling him a pervert instead. Conan says that he would have kept quiet if he were truly a pervert.

The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room (Manga: 722-724, Anime: 597-598)

Haibara and Ayumi blushing and angry that Conan might have peeked at them.
  • Having burst into the women's onsen after hearing Ayumi and Haibara's screams, Conan discovers a dead body. Genta and Mitsuhiko proceed to interrogate Conan, resulting in the following comical misunderstanding:
    Mitsuhiko:(apprehensive) "By the way Conan-kun... how was it?"
    Genta: (apprehensive) "You saw that, right?"
    Conan: "Saw what?"
    Mitsuhiko: "You know, "that"."
    Genta: "Ayumi screamed really loud, right?"
    Conan: "Yeah, I saw..."
    Mitsuhiko:(surprised) "So you really..." (at this point, both Ayumi and Haibara are red with embarrassment)
    Genta: (surprised) "Did see that?!"
    Conan: "Yeah, sure did. it's quite natural when going to the bath to be totally naked and exposed."
    Haibara: (angry and embarrassed) "You little-!" [...]
    Conan: (clueless) "But you saw that too... the old man's corpse."
  • At a later scene, when Conan uses his voice-changing bowtie to imitate Professor Agasa's voice, Haibara saves Conan from having to explain his actions to the rest of the Detective Boys. Haibara (still irritated) says, "Don't sweat it. I won't let them peek at things they shouldn't, unlike you". Conan assures her, "If it's about that, don't worry. I didn't see anything besides your butt", causing Haibara to blush. Conan's later comments prove to be the last straw for Haibara, and she gets her revenge at the end of the episode.

Emergency Situation 252 (Manga: 753-755, Anime: 622-623)

  • In an earthquake, Haibara panicked and wrapped both her arms around Conan, together with Ayumi. This scene was deleted from the anime to avoid reference to the earthquake.

Detectives' Nocturne (Manga: 796-800, Anime: 671-674)

  • Upon hearing Conan is (presumably) kidnapped, Haibara rushed to find a plan with Agasa to rescue him. When Subaru overheard the conversation and offered to be the driver, Haibara, although feeling terrified by him, relented and went to his car.

The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Manga: 815-817, Anime: 699-700)

  • When Haibara opened her emergency medical box to give Conan a cold medicine, Conan spotted APTX 4869 antidote inside the box. He asked Haibara for some antidotes "just in case", but Haibara declined. Conan then grabbed her arm insisting for the antidote, causing Haibara to scream "Pervert!", which startled the Detective Boys.
  • In the end, Haibara (who is temporary grown into her actual self using the antidote) told Conan that she believed a certain someone would come and rescue her and the kids, which he was unsuccessful to.

Conan in a Locked Room (Manga: 825-827, Anime: 705-706)

"What's 'dere' about her?"
  • After the Bell-Tree Express incident, a visibly angry Haibara demands for the reason why she was kept out of the loop with regards to Conan's plans. Despite hearing Conan and Professor Agasa's explanations, Haibara continues to be annoyed, saying, "Anyway, if you do something like that behind my back again, I won't forgive you! I don't like feeling like I'm being played with.", to which Conan replies with a teasing smirk, "Ah, is that your way of saying 'Thank you'?". Haibara blushes, saying, "Are you stupid?" and walks off. Professor Agasa comments that Haibara is a tsundere, prompting Conan to ask what's "dere" about her.

Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (Manga: 856-858, Anime: 740-741)

  • When Conan discovered the man and woman in an earlier case were Black Organization members in disguise, he panicked, rushing to Agasa's home to check Haibara's safety.

Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (Manga: 885-887, Anime: 765-766)

  • Conan became really interested in figuring out Haibara's favorite song after Haibara's remark (and tease) about her liking "dumb popular songs". Conan went as far as asking Professor Agasa in details about Haibara's favorite show and drama, and when it didn't work out, he used a smartphone trying to secretly record Haibara's humming, despite the Detective Boys commenting "this is not real detective work".

The Heartfelt Strap (Manga: 997-999, Anime: 925-926)

  • Conan wanted an APTX 4869 antidote so he can go on a school trip with Ran, but Haibara refused because his shrinking condition was almost revealed the prior two times he used antidotes. Conan acted overly nice to Haibara, such as trying to support her and cheering for Big Osaka while wearing their uniform instead of the Tokyo Spirits he usually roots for. Haibara saw through his act and flat out refused to give Conan the antidote. Conan made an effort to appease her by trying to recover her missing Higo phone charm, even offering to run 10 kilometers to the lost and found.
  • When Conan and the Detective Boys managed to get back the phone charm, a man suddenly snatched it from them. Conan desperately tried to get it back. His eagerness did not escape Amuro's attention, which Conan had to explain he needed the charm "for some unknown reasons". At one point, when the charm was about to fall to the sea, Conan jumped and grabbed it, falling to the water while managed to keep the charm intact.
  • It turned out there was two Higo charms, and the one saved by Conan actually belonged to the man who snatched it from Conan. He eventually found Haibara's charm, but it became dirty after being ran over by a car. While cleaning it, the left eye of the charm fell off, and Conan drew a hilariously bad eye to replace, which earned him Haibara's rage and apparently there gone his chance for the APTX antidote.

The Scarlet School Trip (Manga: 1000-1005, Anime: 927-928)

  • Conan's efforts in finding the phone charm moved Haibara, and she finally agreed to give Conan the temporary antidotes (but not without pulling his ear and reminding sternly on following precisely her instructions).
  • Discussing the instructions, besides the usual rules, Haibara added a footnote to Conan saying not to do anything too intimate while in Shinichi's body. When Conan confusedly asked what it meant to be intimate, Haibara blushed and told him not to bother with it.


Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes

  • When Haibara sees Conan's sad and worried expressions, because Ran has lost her memory from the trauma of having seen Inspector Miwako Sato being shot before her eyes (and having unintentionally helped the criminal in it by pointing a light at Sato), Haibara states that it would be better if Ran never recovers. She herself wants to forget about every past horrors, and points out that the loss of memory means that she (Ran) would not remember Shinichi or Conan, and then she and Conan can "finally be together'. This shocks Conan; however, she immediately says that she was just joking to make Conan feel better. Nevertheless, he feels uncomfortable, thinking whether Haibara was serious.

Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven

  • When Sonoko shows up with her hair done to look like Haibara's, Conan fantasizes about Haibara in her adult form. In the climax of the movie, when the Detective Boys fly through the air to the next building in the car and Mitsuhiko is holding onto Haibara’s hand to avoid her from falling from the car whilst it was in mid air flying, Conan realizes she will get killed by the glass roof, so he kicks a biker helmet to break it in order to save her.

Movie 6: The Phantom of Baker Street

  • In the video game, Haibara saves Conan by pushing him away from a falling statue, "sacrificing" herself (dying in the game only) so that he can win the game that they are trapped in. Before she disappears, she encourages him: "Don't give up. Even without the helping characters, you are Holmes to us. There is that much ability within you. You're going to have to be our Holmes. There are no cases that Holmes can't solve, right?"

Movie 11: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

  • During the case, Haibara finds a footprint around the back of the shop. Conan then asks her to take a picture of it for him. She replies "Since when did I become your assistant?" he then said "Not assistant, partner." Haibara then comments about Conan being a smooth talker.

Movie 12: Full Score of Fear

  • After Haibara explains how Conan deduced the message that Haibara was relaying him to Professor Agasa, she quietly thinks to herself, "Moreover, I also believe in him as my partner," referencing the previous movie.

Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

Movie 15: Quarter of Silence

"Aren't you being a little too forward for a kid?"
  • As Conan hugs Haibara tightly while riding his Turbo Engine Snowboard to rescue the Detective Boys, Haibara tells him, "Aren't you being a little too forward for a kid?" To which Conan hastily replies, "Yeah, yeah."

Movie 16: The Eleventh Striker

"You're not being honest."
  • When Conan had Higo stroke his head, Haibara chimed in and in a fit of jealousy vigorously stroke his head too, because he had received such a favor from her personal idol.
  • In a football game between Big Osaka and Tokyo Spirits, Conan gets reprimanded by Genta, Mitsuhiko and Ayumi for cheering for the wrong team, encouraging him to act like a real Tokyoite instead. Haibara gives her Tokyo Spirits cap to Conan, reversing their usual roles. An initially puzzled Conan smiles in amusement as Haibara takes out and wears a Big Osaka cap instead. He comments that Haibara isn't being honest, to which Haibara gives him a pensive sideways glance.

Movie 19: Sunflowers of Inferno

"Young lady, it seems that something other than the sunflowers attracted your eyes."
  • As they toured the museum, Conan gazes at the paintings of the sunflowers. Haibara, however, stares only at Conan, prompting the old lady at the museum to say," Young lady, seems like it isn't the sunflowers that attract your eyes." At this, Haibara blushes and the lady encourages her to show her feelings to Conan before it's too late.
"If I stare at you for long, I will end up regretting my life."
  • Later, at the end of the movie, at Professor Agasa house, Professor is busy looking for the missing ticket, Conan tells Haibara "Should we tell him that the exposition was canceled?" Haibara replies while looking at Conan, "If he had watched the news, he'd know" then she looks away. Conan asks her "Hey! What's with that attitude?" Haibara replies, "If I stare at you for long, I will end up regretting my life." referring to what the grandmother at the museum said to her.

Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

"Don't go!"
  • As Conan is on his way to leave the house of Professor Agasa, Haibara grabs Conan by the wrist and holds him back, because she doesn't want him to get into a dangerous confrontation with the Black Organization. Conan tells her that he doesn't want to run from his fate, resembling his words spoken to her in The Mysterious Passenger. Haibara lets go of his wrist and watches him leave.

OVA 7: A Challenge from Agasa! Agasa vs. Conan and the Detective Boys

  • Haibara holds onto Conan's hand when he is using the Detective Badge to communicate with the kidnapped Professor Agasa.

OVA 12: The Miracle of Excalibur

  • Haibara remarks that people in love often disguise it by being mean to the object of their affections. She then proceeds to emotionally torture Conan throughout the episode. She is also quick to notice a love triangle which Conan is oblivious to. Conan saved Haibara from a baseball that was going to hit her. Haibara was silent after Conan said "Why are you daydreaming? Jeez, it's because you're acting differently..."

TV Special: The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History

  • At Agasa's house, Conan desperately asks for APTX-4869 antidote from Haibara but his request was rejected. Conan called her cheapskate and had to think of an excuse about Shinichi being on the phone to Ran. As he head to the door, he thanked her for finding him until her clothes were torn. Haibara turned away and answered, "It's nothing." coldly. Conan smiled, looked back at her clothes and remarked that she went through a lot back then. After Conan left, Haibara turned again, slightly blushed. Later, Agasa gave a cry and startled her.

Live Action 2: Shinichi Kudo Returns! Confrontation with the Black Organization

  • Shiho, in a moment of relief, embraced Shinichi on his waist.
  • Shinichi greatly showed his concern on her being targeted by the Black Organization, using himself as a bait to distract Gin and Vodka while Shiho escape safely.

Radio Drama CD: A Challenge from Detective Boys

  • Conan teased Haibara about idolizing Sannomiya Kazunori, an actor playing a detective role. Haibara got annoyed, and together with the Detective Boys she created codes and forced Conan to solve.
  • In the end, when all the kids came to the bathhouse, Conan kept teasing Haibara about liking Sannomiya Kazunori. This time, Haibara was enraged. She stepped in the men's bathhouse and slapped Conan in the face.



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