Conan, Heiji, and the Vanished Boy

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Title: Conan, Heiji, and the Vanished Boy
Japanese Title: コナンと平次と消えた少年
(Konan to Heiji to Kieta Shōnen)
Original airdate: 2003
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Ran Mouri
Goro Otaki
Detective Boys
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Heiji Hattori
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Kou Matsuzono
Technical Director: Matsuo Asami
Animation Director: Keiko Sasaki (chief)
Katsutoshi Kobayashi
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Heiji invites Conan and Ran Mouri to Osaka again. Along with Kazuha, they show them Osaka's major sights. In the middle of the sightseeing they run into three kids named Mayumi, Kenta, and Mikihiko who are waiting for their friend Satoshi. Since Satoshi is late, they ask Heiji to help locate Satoshi. The kids say that Satoshi is at his secret base which is only revealed through Satoshi's riddle. The kids explain Satoshi found some jewels at his secret base and Heiji reveals Satoshi's secret base which is jewelry robbers new hiding place.


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Location: Secret place
Victim: Satoshi Moriguchi
Suspects: Tsuyoshi Maejima and Kaoru Komiya


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    • This OVA features a brief reference to movie 7 in the form of Heishiro Bizen.

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