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These titles are temporary.
These titles are temporary.
{{BeginTable Season}}
{{BeginTable Season}}
{{seasonItem||-| Haibara's Lost Phone Strap Case | |next-conan-hint=
|pnew=[[Yuya Kazami]] is introduced.
|pchar=Conan asks Haibara for the APTX antidote to go on the field trip, but she denies his request. After he gets her Higo charm back, Haibara initially still refuses, but then finally gives in and provides the antidote. Shinichi joins the Teitan High School field trip as himself.
|manga-source= [[Volume_94#Haibara.27s_Lost_Phone_Strap_Case|V94 - F5~7]]
{{seasonItem||-| Missing Maria Higashio Case | |next-conan-hint=
{{seasonItem||-| Missing Maria Higashio Case | |next-conan-hint=

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These manga chapters are not yet scheduled to animate.

Detective Conan

These titles are temporary.

Magic Kaito

  • Chapter 3: The Clockwork Heart
  • Chapter 5: The Underwater Pirate Ship
  • Chapter 8: Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister
  • Chapter 9: I Am the Master
  • Chapter 11: The Boy Who Bet on the Ball
  • Chapters 34–36: Sun Halo

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