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These titles are temporary.
These titles are temporary.
{{BeginTable Season}}
{{BeginTable Season}}
{{seasonItem||-| Policewomen Serial Murder Case | |next-conan-hint=
|pchar=Kuroda calls Amuro asking if he provided Conan with information to help him solve the case. He ends the conversation telling Amuro not to forget to report, referring to him as "Bourbon".
|pfbi=Shuichi appears as Subaru to protect Yumi from drunkards, after getting a text from Shukichi
|promance=Yumi sleeps in Shukichi's room. Chiba rescues Naeko from her abductor. She pushes him out of the way and gets injured on the leg from an arrow that was about to hit him. Chiba carries her back home, finally discovering she was actually his friend from childhood when they reach the crosswalk.
|manga-source= [[Volume 95#Policewomen Serial Murder Case|V95 - F10]] ~ [[Volume 96#Policewomen Serial Murder Case|V96 - F3]]<br>(1013-1017)
{{seasonItem||-| Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lips | |next-conan-hint=
{{seasonItem||-| Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lips | |next-conan-hint=

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These manga chapters are not yet scheduled to animate.

Detective Conan

These titles are temporary.

Magic Kaito

  • Chapter 3: The Clockwork Heart
  • Chapter 5: The Underwater Pirate Ship
  • Chapter 8: Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister
  • Chapter 9: I Am the Master
  • Chapter 11: The Boy Who Bet on the Ball
  • Chapters 34–36: Sun Halo

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