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Card Gun

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Japanese name: トランプ銃
Romaji name: Toranpu Jū
Created by: Unknown
Used by: Kaito Kuroba
Kaitou Kid
First appearance: Manga: Magic Kaito Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Appearances: Episodes: 5
Movies: 4
OVAs: 4
Openings: 1
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The Card Gun is one of the many gadgets used by Kaito Kuroba during his heists as the Kaitou Kid.


This unusual gun by an unknown creator fires a deck of playing cards very rapidly instead of bullets. When fired from the gun the cards are not only sharp enough to cut through rope, but also to pierce walls.[1] The cards within the gun also can explode into a cloud of smoke, enabling Kid to escape. The card gun can handle other types of ammo, including a parachuting, self destructing message broadcaster.[2] Kaito first uses the card gun before taking over as the next Kaitou Kid and then continues to use it throughout his heists. Rarely seen without it, the Card Gun is one of Kid's most used gadgets.


It's quite possible that Kaito is the inventor of the Card Gun since he's shown using it before ever discovering the truth about his father and taking over as the Kaitou Kid. It's curious to note that the characters in Magic Kaito have yet to comment on the fact Kaito uses the same unusual weapon that Kid does.


  • Kaito isn't the first of Gosho Aoyama's characters to use a card gun. Kaito Lupin from Nonchalant Lupin (the prototype for Magic Kaito) used one as well, although the version in the story looked very different from the version Kaito Kuroba uses today.

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