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* '''[[RAIN MAN]]''' (AKIHIDE solo) - Closing 47 (episodes 737~749)
* '''[[RAIN MAN]]''' (AKIHIDE solo) - Closing 47 (episodes 737~749)
* '''[[Yume Monogatari]]''' - Closing 54 (episodes 865~875)
* '''[[Yume Monogatari]]''' - Closing 54 (episodes 865~875)
* '''[[SWEET MOONLIGHT]]''' - Closing 65 (episodes 1029-???)
* '''[[SWEET MOONLIGHT]]''' - Closing 65 (episodes 1029-????)
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Japanese name: ブレイカーズ
Date of creation: 2007
Origin: Japan
Genres: Rock, J-rock
Years active: 2007-present
Website: breakerz-web.net

BREAKERZ (ブレイカーズ Bureikāzu) is a Japanese rock band headed by DAIGO (a.k.a. DAIGO☆STARDUST). The band was started up by DAIGO, SHINPEI, and AKIHIDE (ex.NEVER LAND) in April 2007. Signed to label ZAIN RECORDS, BREAKERZ made their major debut with the self-titled album "BREAKERZ" on July 25th. Their first live was at SHIBUYA BOXX on August 5th. BREAKERZ doesn't have a bassist nor a drummer, so they use various support members for recording and lives.


  • DAIGO (内藤大湖 Naitō Daigo?) (Vocals)
  • SHINPEI (井上慎平 Inoue Shinpei?) (Guitar, Chorus, Synthesizer)
  • AKIHIDE (佐藤彰秀 Satō Akihide?) (Guitar, Chorus, Synthesizer)

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