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Ai Haibara

Ai Haibara Profile.png

Japanese name: 灰原 哀
(Haibara Ai)
English name: Vi Graythorn (movies)
Anita Hailey (mangas and game)
Age: 18[1][2]
6 or 7 (as Ai Haibara)[3][4]
Gender: Female
Relatives: Akemi Miyano (older sister, deceased)
Elena Miyano (mother, deceased)
Atsushi Miyano (father, deceased)
Occupation: Teitan Elementary School student
Detective Boys second-in-command
Status: Alive (shrunk)
Missing (for the Black Organization)
Nicknames: Haibara (by Conan)
Ai-chan (by Ayumi) (by Ran)
Ai-kun (by Professor Agasa)
The evil-eyed yawny girl (once by Conan)
Princess (by Subaru Okiya)
Aliases: Shiho Miyano (real name)
First appearance: Manga: File 16 (in a silhouette) / File 176 (1st full appearance)

Anime: Episode 129
Magic Kaito 1412: Episode 21

Appearances: Chapters: 369
Episodes: 316
Movies: 21
OVAs: 12
Specials: 3
Episodes: 1
Openings: 44
Closings: 8
Keyhole number: Volume 18
Japanese voice: Megumi Hayashibara
English voice: Brina Palencia
Erica Mendez[5]
Drama actor: Kyoka Shibata (Ai Haibara)
Yu Kashii (Shiho Miyano)

Ai Haibara (灰原 哀 Haibara Ai?), real name Shiho Miyano (宮野 志保 Miyano Shiho?), is the creator of APTX 4869, the pill that shrunk Shinichi Kudo into Conan Edogawa, and a victim of it herself. Formerly Sherry (シェリー Sherī?) of the Black Organization, she is on the run from them and lives with Professor Agasa. She is also one of the few characters who know that Shinichi is Conan.



Shiho Miyano

Shiho and other Organization members inspect the Kudo mansion.

Shiho Miyano and her older sister, Akemi Miyano, were born into the secret crime syndicate "The Black Organization". Her English mother, Elena Miyano, and her Japanese father, Atsushi Miyano, were both scientists working for the Black Organization on a secret project. While Haibara was young, both her parents died in what was claimed to be an accident. While Akemi lived a normal life, the highly intelligent Shiho was groomed to take over her parents' research. She was sent to the United States for education at a very young age, and then later came back to Japan to finish her parents' secret project, "Silver Bullet".[6]. By the age of thirteen she was working as a scientist for the Black Organization[7], where she was given the codename "Sherry", after the alcoholic drink.

Shiho swallows APTX 4869.

Shiho was about 18 years old when she developed the experimental test compound APTX 4869. While researching its effects, she discovered that it could be used as a poison to kill without leaving any traces of itself in a body. She then noticed that one of her lab mice had become smaller instead of dying, though she did not report that effect. Meanwhile, the Black Organization started human trials, using APTX 4869 to commit untraceable murders. Unaware of the drug's rare side effect when they used it on Shinichi Kudo, the Black Organization ordered a search for him because his body had not been found. Shiho and her team searched Shinichi's house twice to confirm his death, however it lead her to suspect Shinichi had shrunk instead. However, Shiho confirmed him as deceased so the organization would not look into the matter further and kill him after all.

Shiho was unhappy that the Black Organization was using the incomplete APTX 4869 for murder, as she believed that was not the drug's intended purpose. When Shiho learned of Akemi's death, but was given no explanation, she decided to boycott her research until the Black Organization gave her an explanation. Instead, the Organization confined her in a small room to await her execution. With no other way out, she took APTX 4869 intending to commit suicide, but instead shrank. In her new, smaller body, she escaped and attempted to reach Shinichi's house. There she collapsed and was found by Professor Agasa, who eventually adopted her.[8] As it turned out later, Agasa was acquaintances with her parents—especially her father—even though he didn't know at that time that they had children or were part of the Black Organization.[9][10]

Ai Haibara

Haibara collapsed in front of Kudo's house.

To prevent the knowledge of her transfiguration from being discovered, Shiho and Professor Agasa create her alias Ai Haibara. As Ai Haibara, she attends Teitan Elementary School with Shinichi Kudo's shrunken form, Conan Edogawa. Following her first adventure with the Detective Boys, she reveals her true identity as the developer of APTX 4869 to Conan.[11], and also accurately deduces Conan as Shinichi in the shrunken form, though her deduction is based on prior knowledge of her research and investigation of Shinichi Kudo. Conan protests her presence,[12] but as time passes, he accepts her as a friend, though her cynicism and secretive air still rail him at times. Although she does not think too highly of the Detective Boys' immature antics, she has come to value them all as close friends.

Haibara has begun working on an antidote for the APTX 4869, but since most of the important data had been stored on computer files, which are now mostly destroyed, the work progresses slowly. Conan also eventually succeeds in persuading Vermouth to leave Haibara in peace after ruining a murderous plot.[13] This fragile peace lasts until Sherry's whereabouts leak to the rest of the Black Organization and a second murder plot occurs aboard a train. A counter plan results in an explosion that preserves Shiho's secret identity. Currently all major Black Organization members besides Vermouth believe Sherry is dead.

Haibara is one of the few major characters in Detective Conan who does not have a potential romantic interest. Previously, she developed a crush on Conan/Shinichi, and she is aware that Mitsuhiko likes her; however, it is unlikely that either of these relationships will materialize. Currently she idolizes footballer Higo Ryusuke.


Haibara asking for a Fusae Brand's wallet for her cooperation.

Haibara has a calm and cool personality, sarcastic wit, and high intelligence. When freshly escaped from the Black Organization, she was cynical and pushed others away. Haibara has since defrosted by embracing her new child life and has established strong relationships with Conan, the Detective Boys, Agasa, and Ran.

As Ai Haibara, she speaks and acts older than she is supposed to be, which results in the Detective Boys referring to her as "cool" or "mature". This is emphasized by her impressing general knowledge, even in areas without relation with sciences (such as theology or history[14][15]); and on occasion she is so forceful and demanding that she can stun adults several decades above her current physical age into submission. Despite her jaded demeanor, she can be kind and caring, though usually more to animals than people. Haibara tends to be quiet, though this may be due to her caution to keep herself hidden from the Black Organization. She considers Conan and the Detective Boys the first real friends she has ever had, and is even willing to sacrifice herself just to ensure their safety.[16][17]. Indeed, she considers herself as a threat for them, since the Black Organization will most likely eliminate all of them once she is found. That is why she describes herself as "dangerous and not like the others"[18]

Mitsuhiko assisting Haibara after bandaging her sprained foot.

Haibara is generally a loner and misses her older sister, Akemi, greatly (in the film Countdown to Heaven, she would call her sister's old apartment just to hear her voice on the voicemail). Her greatest fear is being caught by the Black Organization, and she is especially terrified of Gin and Vermouth. She tries to keep Conan from doing reckless things that may give away their identity, though often she is surprised by his actions which usually result in gaining the information he needs while also keeping their identities secret. However, whenever Conan is reckless in regards to keeping his identity from Ran, Haibara is the one who plans ahead in order to keep him from being revealed. Because she occasionally works overnight on the antidote for the APTX 4869, she tends to be tired quite frequently, causing Conan to call her an "evil-eyed yawny girl" on one occasion.[19]

Despite spending most of her time alone at the lab, Haibara shows excellent understanding of reading people's mind. Examples include Haibara deducing that Ayumi had a crush on Conan, figuring out Conan was about to tell his identity to Ran, or understanding the anger of Kobayashi when confronting Inspector Shiratori. Thanks to this ability, Haibara can remind Conan about the situation and make him act appropriately, not to reveal his identity.

In the OVA A Secret Order From London, Haibara reveals to Ayumi that she likes sandwiches with a mixture of peanut butter and blueberry jam, from her schooldays in America. However, since Professor Agasa caught her eating one of these sandwiches—especially since Haibara was on her part constantly pestering him into eating low-calorie foods only—she had to abandon that habit for a while.[20]

Taste for fashion

Haibara reading fashion magazine 'Com Com'.

Haibara seems to have some interest in fashion, as she has made repeated requests for certain types of accessories, particularly of the Fusae and Prada brands. For instance, when Miwako Sato declares she would do anything for the one who will solve her father's mystery, she asks for Prada's newest handbag model[21]. What's more, in one of the cases, in order to expose the identity of the person who hid the phone cables to cut off communications with the outside world, she was asked by Conan to fake an unbearable appendix pain, which she agreed to after jokingly requesting for a Fusae Brand's wallet for her cooperation. She then started rolling on the floor and screaming for help. The culprit felt like he had no choice but to reveal the cable from his pockets and reconnect the phone to ask for an ambulance.[22] She is also seen with a Prada cell phone case in the Mystery Train case.

Haibara reads 'ComCom' magazine (a name similar to Japan's 'CanCam' fashion magazine) during a soccer game in the Indiscriminate Stadium Threatening Case.[23] In OVA 11, the Detective Boys wrongly began to suspect Haibara was a child model from America, due to her looks and knowledge of fashion and makeup.

Fan of popular stars

Haibara's listening to "Dandy Lion".

While she generally accompanies her fellow Detective Boys to soccer matches played by the Tokyo Spirits, Haibara herself is a fan of Big Osaka in general and of the player Ryusuke Higo in particular, especially since the latter has likewise abandoned a "black organization" (Noir Tokyo) after the team had betrayed him and had remained an outcast in public opinion for a time.[24][25] Haibara also liked to hear Yoko's songs due to the fact that Higo also likes the songs.[26] However, she later deleted all of Yoko's songs because of the rumored date between Yoko and Ryusuke. At the end of the case, she renews her interest in both of them and goes to play soccer with the Detective Boys while singing Yoko's song "Dandy Lion".[27] She has also shown an interest in Kabuki and one of the well known kabuki actors, Ichikawa Ebizo, in the episode Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Juhachiban Mystery. She introduced herself to Ebizo as one of the Detective Boys and Conan's assistant, assuming a more endearing demeanor, which the children noted, during their conversation in the search for Conan.

In non canon, Haibara was a fan of Sannomiya Kazunori, an actor playing a detective role. She was really annoyed and slapped Conan (in a bath house) when he teased her on liking Sannomiya.



Initially Haibara wasn't interested in football, but thanks to Conan she now enjoys watching them and roots for Big Osaka team, with Higo Ryusuke her favorite player. In Movie 16, she performed a long pass through the debris, delivering the ball to Conan for the decisive kick saving the day.


In canon, Haibara has knowledge about classical music. In Movie 12, she played the recorder to send a message to Conan.


Although most people will call Haibara by her name suffixed with -san (due to her personality), and some with -chan (due to her agreement), a lot of the characters have different ways of calling her due to their different relationships. The following is a list of the different appellations for Haibara (and the ones Haibara gives in return) encountered in the series.

Plot overview

Older Brother Kidnapping Case (Manga: 176-178, Anime: 129)

First Haibara's "evil" appearance.

Conan's class receives a new student named Ai Haibara. She acts rather cold and reserved when the Detective Boys try to befriend her, and Genta notices she's looking at Conan suspiciously. She tells them where she lives but Conan fails to realize it's at Agasa's home (Tokyo blocks are not numbered in sequential order and Conan has never had reason to learn Agasa's mailing address due to their being neighbors).

After school, a boy named Toshiya asks the Detective Boys to find his missing brother. The Detective Boys along with Haibara investigate Toshiya's house and finds a painting of Natsume Sōseki. Toshiya reveals that before his brother disappeared, a woman, who had an interest in that portrait, approached Toshiya's brother. The Detective Boys search around town to ask whether anyone has seen the woman or Toshiya's brother. Conan notices that a man was using a counterfeit ¥1000 and realizes Toshiya's brother was actually kidnapped and forced to help create counterfeit bills. After following the man along with the clues Toshiya's brother left behind, they are able to apprehend the organized crime group and save Toshiya's brother.

University Professor Murder Case (Manga: 179-181, Anime: 129)

Haibara cries on Conan after asking him why hadn't he helped her sister.

On the way home, Haibara reveals to Conan that she is a former member of the Black Organization, with the code name "Sherry". She actually betrayed the group and escaped with the use of the APTX 4869, which caused her to become a child. She reveals that she once accidentally sent a floppy disk containing data on the Black Organization to her older sister, and the disc is now in the possession of her sister's professor, Masami Hirota.

Agasa takes Conan and Haibara there to retrieve the disk, only to discover that Hirota has been murdered. The suspects are Hirota's three students who visited that day. Conan reveals the culprit to be a man named Akira Shirakura; Shirakura after bludgeoning Hirota to death and tied the answering machine cassette tape around the key to the room which rewound when a call was made, subsequently dragging the key into the room. As evidence, Conan reveals that Shirakura's fingerprints should be found on the tape. After seeing Conan's amazing display of logic after she had given up on the case herself, Haibara breaks down and asks Conan why he could not save her sister, Akemi, from the Black Organization. Conan finally makes the connection that the "Masami Hirota" who Gin killed was actually Shiho's sister, and sympathy for Haibara's attitude stirs in him. The disc is taken into police custody, but once it is released to them Haibara attempts to read the files off the disk—only to have a virus delete all the data.

Stadium Bomber Case (Manga: 189-191, Anime: 130-131)

Haibara is hesitant to see the football match closer (fearing that her face will be visible on TV). After, she tells Conan that she's 18 years old.

Blue Castle Treasure Case (Manga: 200-203, Anime: 136-137)

Haibara lies to Ayumi, saying that she doesn't have love interest in Conan so Ayumi doesn't have to worry about her.

Movie Theater Case (Manga: 222-224, Anime: 138-139)

At the start of the second Gomera movie, Ayumi falls asleep and puts her head on Conan's shoulder. When Conan turns to Haibara, saying he needs to use the restroom and asks her if she would switch seats, she has also put her head on Conan's shoulder, having fallen asleep as well.

Innocent Suspect Case (Manga: 231 and 232-233, Anime: 156-157)

The episode opens with Haibara and Conan in what looks to be an abandoned and empty room. Haibara tells him that she (possibly referring to Ran) has found out about his identity. When he asks her why she's telling him all this, she tells him that he can see into the hearts of the wicked, but he couldn't understand a woman's heart, then tells him that she's been in love with him since she met him. We see Conan's face, but it doesn't appear to be at all surprised, and Haibara continues with: "I guess you didn't even notice... Kamen Yaiba-san." After Mitsuhiko yells out "CUT!", it is revealed that both Conan and Haibara were merely acting, and practicing lines for Teitan Elementary School's play, with Mitsuhiko as the director.

Reunion with the Black Organization (Manga: 238-242, Anime: 176-178)

Shiho shot by Gin.

In Episode 176-178, Conan encounters Gin and Vodka again. Haibara is kidnapped and confined in a wine cellar by the Black Organization member Pisco, but she escapes before Gin and Vodka arrive by drinking baijiu to turn back into an adult. Gin anticipates her actions and intercepts her on the roof. He shoots selectively to wound her, intending to force her to explain how she escaped from the Organization before he finally kills her. Conan prevents Gin from killing her by shooting the man with his tranquilizer wristwatch. Conan tells Haibara to jump into the chimney when a distracted Vodka shoots at him but as he's behind a door, he gets away once Haibara has gone down the chimney. Gin purposely shoots himself in the arm to stay awake. Inside the wine cellar, Pisco is about to kill Haibara but Conan rescues her after tricking Pisco into accidentally causing a fire. They make their escape as Pisco tries to find them amidst the fire and smoke. At this point, Gin crawls from the chimney and confronts Pisco, citing his failure to remain in the shadows in his mission and kills him before Pisco is able to tell him the truth that Shiho Miyano has deaged into a young girl. Worried that the Organization is after her, Haibara decides to leave the city. Conan anticipates that Gin will predict her next move as leaving Tokyo so it will be better if she does the unexpected and remains in Beika. Unknown to Conan or Haibara, Vermouth saw Haibara at the party and uses her expert disguise skills to get closer to Haibara and Conan in order to confirm Haibara's identity as Sherry and then kill her.

Dangerous Cave Case (Manga: 251-254, Anime 188-189)

Haibara's about to shoot Conan.

Conan finds out that Ran suspects him of being Shinichi, because Ran said she knew Conan's blood type for a blood transfusion, which Haibara hears.

School Play Case (Manga: 255-257, Anime: 190-191)

While Conan is in the hospital contemplating admitting his identity to her, Haibara enters and points a gun at his head, saying that the Black Organization has found out about her due to an unknown agent being present at the Pisco incident. Because of this, Professor Agasa is held hostage and, in exchange for his life and a chance to return to the Black Organization, Haibara is required to terminate all the links she had in her child identity. However, when she pulls the trigger a bunch of flowers come out, showing that the story was just an act. Still, she uses this story as her point: both Haibara and Conan cannot reveal their identities no matter the situation, in order to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

During that night, Haibara explains her plan to disassociate Conan from Shinichi in Ran's eyes. She has Conan take a prototype antidote for APTX 4869 and then disguises herself as Conan. For the rest of the arc, Conan returns as Shinichi while Haibara is present as Conan, thus creating the illusion of Shinichi and Conan existing at the same time, disproving that the two are the same person.

Elevator Murder Case (Manga: 258-260, Anime: 192-193)

At the end of the Desperate Revival arc, the antidote begins to run out and Shinichi runs into the bathroom, where Haibara is still disguised as Conan already waiting for him. She knows that Shinichi would run into the men´s bathroom after the symptoms of the regress conversion start to appear. Presumably, she leaves Conan's clothes for Shinichi and changes back into Haibara before leaving with Agasa who's waiting for her in the car park. Returned to the form of Conan once more, Conan returns to where Ran is waiting for Shinichi and tells her Shinichi has to leave urgently on another case.

Music Box Case (Manga: 261, Anime: 194)

Some time after the "comeback of Shinichi", Conan asks Haibara for some more antidotes, as he would like to meet Ran again in his adult form to tell her the whole truth. Haibara refuses and says it's too late, and it could be dangerous for Conan to swallow another prototype that could kill him. Haibara and the Detective Boys seem delighted to see Conan again, though the Boys are completely ignorant of who Conan really is.

Mermaid's Curse Case (Manga: 281, Anime: 223)

During the investigation of a case involving a lottery, Heiji Hattori and Conan goes through books with names of contestants from previous lotteries. Conan finds the name Shiho Miyano in one of the books and recalls it as the real name of Haibara. But he can't imagine that it's the same person, since she doesn't appear as a person desiring eternal youth and beauty.

Bus Hijacking Case (Manga: 287-289, Anime: 230-231

Haibara in pinch.

Vermouth, disguised as Tomoaki Araide, boards a bus that Haibara, Agasa, and the Detective Boys are riding to a ski resort. Whatever plan Vermouth might have had is completely interrupted by the bus being hijacked by random criminals and the presence of two FBI agents that have been tracking her: Jodie Starling and Shuichi Akai. Haibara detects Vermouth's presence on the bus. She becomes so afraid that the Detective Boys, Conan, and Agasa will be killed because of her that she decides to commit suicide, deliberately staying behind in the bus which is about to explode. Realising her intent, Conan runs back and with his quick thinking, saves her. He asks her not to run away from life. However, the event caused her to remain anxious for several days.

Dog Lovers Case (Manga: 290-292, Anime: 233-234)

The hijacked bus incident in The Mysterious Passenger Case led Haibara to be especially worried about her situation. Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko attempt to cheer her up and, with the help of Arthur the dog, manage to make her smile. Conan comments that she should keep that expression, since it makes her look like a child, causing Haibara to blush.

Netted Man Murder Case (Manga: 311-313, Anime: 246-247)

While she is at the beach with the Detective Boys and Ran, Haibara once again witnesses Conan's/Shinichi's feelings for Ran. She remains in the water until Ran notices she got a sunstroke. Conan wonders why she did not stay with Professor Agasa, and she answers that she did not want to run away from a dolphin (Ran) who is loved by the ocean (Shinichi/Conan), and she didn't want to be a malicious shark fleeing from the cold and dark bottom of the ocean, who cannot compete with the dolphin. However, Conan fails to understand this metaphor, which draws a parallel between Ran and Haibara.

Bathroom Murder Case (Manga: 423-425, Anime: 340-341)

Haibara, with the help of Conan, fins recording tapes from her mother. She's happy and relaxed to hear her mother's voice

Convenience Store Case (Manga: 427, Anime: 343-344)


Halloween Party Case (Manga: 429-434, Anime: 345)

Ran covering Haibara from getting shot.

Vermouth finally launches her plan to kill Shiho. She prepares a distraction to lure Conan away so that Haibara is alone at Agasa's. Taking advantage of the fact that Haibara has practically become ill from fear, she calls as Dr. Araide to tell Haibara she is taking her to the hospital because she has been unwell for so long. The eavesdropping FBI agent Jodie Starling arrives first to protect Haibara and starts driving her towards the shipping yard where the FBI have laid a trap for Vermouth.

In a complicated turn of events, Vermouth reveals she already thwarted Jodie's trap, and then shoots her. Haibara then reveals herself to be Conan; Yukiko had helped with his disguise while Conan sent Heiji Hattori to participate in Vermouth's distraction. The real Haibara then shows up which distracts Conan long enough for Vermouth to dart him with his own stun-gun watch. Just as Haibara is about to be killed, Ran, who had suspected Jodie of being untrustworthy and decided to spy on her, jumps from Jodie's car trunk and protects Haibara. Vermouth is unwilling to kill either Conan or Ran because they had saved her life in the past. Part of the reason why she originally did not tell the rest of the Black Organization about Haibara's true identity is likely because they would find out about Conan too and then silence him and everyone around him as well.

Before Vermouth can come up with another plan, the other FBI agent, Shuichi Akai arrives and forces Vermouth to flee with Conan as a hostage. Vermouth dials the boss of the Black Organization to lie to him about why she was injured. After the call she checks Conan and found he's wired to a recorder after cutting open his shirt. As she is about to destroy it, he wakes up from his pretended snooze and tells her his associate will arrive if the recorder is destroyed. He threatens to give the recorder to the police for analysis unless Vermouth promises that she will give up on trying to kill Haibara. Vermouth consents and unexpectedly releases a sleeping gas. When Conan wakes up, he found Vermouth had considerately covered him with her coat but there is no sign of her in the car except for a bloody patch on the seat. He realises she had destroyed the recorder and then shot herself from succumbing to the gas. A wounded Vermouth makes her way to a phone booth and calls for a pickup from her associates.

Kaitou Kid and the Three Instruments (Manga: 475-478, Anime: 394-396)

Conan figures out the boss's full number, but Haibara warns him not to call it because it is "Pandora's Box". Conan then thinks he can get Detective Takagi to figure out who the number belongs to, but then Haibara warns that if he does, Detective Takagi will be killed. This scene is the first time Haibara openly reveals to Conan that she has been hiding important secrets about the Black Organization from him; earlier she had lied to him. The exchange suggests that Haibara is withholding information because she fears Conan will make a rash move.

Red, White, and Yellow Case (Manga: 622-624, Anime: 509)

Haibara does not like Subaru-

Not long after Akai's death, Conan hears fresh intel from the FBI that a new Black Organization agent called Bourbon is looking for Shiho, which Conan keeps secret from Haibara. As Conan and Haibara investigate a normal case, Haibara feels that an organization member is around. The organization member which she felt is implied to be one of the innocent suspects, Subaru Okiya. Conan invites Okiya to live in Kudo's house since Okiya's apartment was burnt to the ground. Okiya appears in other cases later on, including at the Haido mall where the rest of the Black Organization gathered to chase a rumored sighting of a scarred Shuichi Akai. Although Okiya is trusted by Conan and Agasa and behaves kindly to Haibara, she remains frightened of him. Later, some of his actions lead her to believe he might be someone she knows and she comes to trust him more, even attempting to uncover his identity when she thought he was asleep.

Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret (Manga: 815-817, Anime: 699-700)

Haibara turns into Shiho via the prototype antidote for the first time.

Haibara is forced to revert to Shiho using a temporary antidote to save the other children of the group from a fire. A video of her as an adult is sent to the Mouri Detective Agency by Mitsuhiko which Sera, Okiya, and Amuro find out about. Because of this, Haibara is later targeted by a plot concocted by Vermouth and Bourbon aboard the Bell Tree Express Train. Bourbon is revealed to be Amuro and Haibara learns that he knew her parents. Bourbon was hoping to capture Shiho alive, but Vermouth's modifications to his plan which were designed to kill her led to Shiho supposedly being blown up on the train. The Shiho Vermouth and Bourbon thought was killed was really Kaitou Kid in disguise, Conan having forced him into the plan. Because of this, all of the Black Organization besides Vermouth think Shiho is now dead, and Vermouth is unable to reveal the truth to the rest of them without also compromising Conan, Haibara and their deaged condition against her wishes.

The Heartfelt Strap (Manga: 997-999, Anime: 925-926)

TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case (Manga: 1025, Anime: TBD)

Non-canon plot overview

Countdown to Heaven (Movie: 5)

Ai, witnessing Genta's virtue

Having greatly misses his sister Akemi, Ai secretly begins to make a call to an apartment that her sister once stayed in order to hear her voice from the tape recorder. Gin and Vodka, knowing about this habit of hers, plan to track down Asaga's phone number when she makes the call, but is foiled by Conan and Agasa after being informed of this by Genta.

As she begins to bond with the Detective Boys, Ai begins to realize that she herself is no longer all alone or full of sorrow, and is willing to sacrifice herself to allow them to live. She also witnesses both Genta and Mitsuhiko's bravery of not wanting to leave her behind from the time bombed tower, with the former forcefully carries her to the escape car despite her intention to countdown the time bomb until the end, and the latter holds on to her when she is thrown off the car due to the blaze from the explosion. Ai, knowing of Ayumi's affection toward Conan, also warns him to never make Ayumi cries, else she'll never forgive him.

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Akemi Miyano

The death of Akemi still affects her. It was the death of her sister that led to Haibara's escape from the organization, because no one would tell her the reason. She became aware of the robbery Akemi pulled after her death, but suspected there was more to the story.

In the movie Countdown to Heaven, she kept calling Akemi's number at her apartment just to hear her voice, fully aware that the Black Organization might wiretap and trace to her location. It took extreme measure from Conan to make Haibara abandon this thought.

Atsushi Miyano

Dr. Miyano was Haibara's father. He passed away when she was barely a year old. Her feelings toward her father is unknown, but she does show interest in seeing the house where he grew up.

Elena Miyano

Elena passed away when Shiho was a baby. Even though Shiho/Haibara has accepted her passing for a long time, being able to hear her voice via recorded tapes calmed Haibara down.

Conan Edogawa

Haibara's reaction after hearing Conan's Shiranpuri plan.

Both are de-aged by APTX and have almost equal levels of intelligence, which makes Haibara and Conan close confidants and more empathetic with each other than most other characters. Conan is one of the few people in front of whom she has shown any signs of weakness, such as breaking down over her sister's death. She initially has romantic feelings for Conan/Shinichi although she never admits it. Over time, she accepts that he and Ran are a confirmed pair and would occasionally tease him about Ran. She is keenly observant of Conan's personality, intelligence, and sense of justice. If Conan is in danger she is willing to throw away her life to save him, overriding fears and concerns for her own safety that would ordinarily paralyze her. Similarly, Conan has saved Haibara's life more than once when she would have sacrificed herself for his and the Detective Boys' safety. She often enjoys teasing Conan which he takes in good stride. However, he is oblivious of her feelings towards him and sometimes finds it difficult to deal with her sarcasm and impudent, cold nature. Although in empathy on many matters, they don't fully trust one another with information about the Black Organization out of concern for the safety and feelings of the other. In fact, she has always know that Renya Karasuma is the Black Organization head, but she never reveals it for Conan's safety.

Hiroshi Agasa

Haibara is typing a mail to Professor Agasa angrily for cheating his diet.

The relationship between Haibara and Professor Agasa is rather unusual, if not humorous. Despite their actual ages, Haibara often acts more like a mother to the professor, constantly reminding him to watch what he eats. On several occasions, she has removed fattening foods from his reach[47], and is attempting to help get him into better shape. There have also been instances where she'll automatically step in front of Agasa in cases of danger.[48]
Out of all the people she's met, Haibara seems most comfortable about acting herself with Professor Agasa; which might be attributed to the fact that he was the one who found her after she escaped the Black Organization, and took her in. Agasa had been an acquaintance of Shiho's parents, but he hadn't imagine that she would be their daughter, before Conan revealed it.

Ran Mouri

Haibara's first greeting with Ran.

There are instances where Haibara will caution Conan from actions that involve Ran, though it's assumed this is due merely to the fact that she wants to keep her identity hidden. Early on, she is cold and distant towards Ran, even more so than she is to most other people. Ran believes that it is because Haibara hated her,[49] though in truth it is because Ran reminds Haibara strongly of her dead sister.

After Ran notices Haibara is not feeling well and carries her to safety during a case, Haibara finally properly introduces herself to Ran, and they slowly became friends. Because Haibara finds that Ran resembles her older sister, Akemi Miyano, she takes special interest in protecting her. These feelings increase after Ran jumps through a slew of bullets from a Black Organization sniper to save Haibara.[50] Haibara immediately thinks of her own sister, and begins acting to try to protect Ran from the organization, such as when Haibara begs for Ran to stay at Agasa's house when she knows that Korn, Chianti, and the rest of the Black Organization are lurking about, immediately thinking of her own sister's death, and wanting to keep Ran safe.[51]

Assuming that Conan has romantic feelings for Ran, Haibara feels jealous of her and suffer from considering herself as less attractive than Ran. She even implies that Ran would be similar to a dolphin, when she would only be a shark coming from the cold depths of the sea, indicating that she cannot compete against her[52]. Once when Haibara had a cold and Ran came to bring her some food, Ai pretended to be asleep and Conan said she wasn't being considerate for Ran's good actions towards her. Haibara thought to herself that Conan doesn't understand a thing, but she doesn't want him to anyway, hinting that she has actually romantic feelings towards Conan/Shinichi and is jealous due to his feelings for Ran.

Akai Shuichi/Subaru Okiya

Haibara uncovering Subaru's scarf.

The first time Subaru appears, Haibara felt a strange feeling toward him and thought he is a member of the Black Organization. However, the feeling kept coming and going. In later episodes, Haibara doesn't seem to hate him so much anymore. She even tries to uncover Subaru's scarf to check his neck, probably suspecting he was using a device made by Professor Agasa. At one point, she asks him if he bugged Agasa's house because he keeps appearing at opportune moments when they're involved in a case, bringing food hastily put together as an excuse for his presence. She cited one instance in which the food was not cooked and the vegetables were raw.

Currently, although Akai/Subaru knows Haibara's secret identity, Haibara doesn't know Subaru's identity, nor does she know Akai was her deceased sister's boyfriend. Both Akai/Subaru, Conan, and Agasa are keeping such information a secret from Haibara. At one point, Haibara questions if Akai is a "lolicon."

Dai Moroboshi

Dai Moroboshi in Haibara's thought.

Haibara knows Dai Moroboshi as her sister's boyfriend. She deduces that Dai approaches her sister just to collect information about the Black Organization. She remembered him giving her a promise to protect Akemi. Later on, she meets a guy similar to him in The Jet-Black Mystery Train and wonders how he got the scar on his face.

Heiji Hattori

Heiji is one of the few character who know Conan and Haibara's secret identity, as well as the effect of APTX 4869. In general, Heiji and Haibara rarely meet each other. His hot temperament is a trait that Haibara dislikes. However, on more than one occasion, Haibara trusts Heiji to keep the secret of the drug and to keep Conan/Shinichi safe when Conan temporarily reverts back to Shinichi.

Haibara also shows a mischievous side towards Heiji. At one point when Heiji (kinda) confessed to Kazuha, Haibara used the recorded speech as her ringtone.

Detective Boys

Haibara has tried to keep an emotional distance away from the rest of the Detective Boys at the beginning. However, over time, she can't resist their boistorous friendliness anymore and gradually warms up to them.

Ayumi Yoshida

Ayumi is happy for being allowed to call Haibara by her name (Ai).

Out of the Detective Boys, Haibara is the closest with Ayumi. At one time, Ayumi noticed that she called everyone by their first names except for Haibara and decided to try and call her "Ai-chan", but without success. At the end of a case which involved a shattered friendship, Haibara told Ayumi that it was okay for her to call her "Ai-chan". When Mitsuhiko and Genta tried to call her that, however, she told them that only Ayumi was allowed to call her by her first name.[53] On the whole, Haibara seems to see Ayumi as a little sister, even going so far as to physically shield her from danger.[54] Besides, Ayumi is one of the people who teach her that she cannot win by always running away, and that she has to face her enemies[55]. However, Haibara and Ayumi may almost be love rivals, since both seem to develop romantic feelings for Conan: Ayumi even asks her if she is in love with him, and is really frightened when she is answered positively (she eventually cheers up when Haibara says she is not).[56]

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Haibara listening in on Mitsuhiko's radio.

Haibara's classmate and fellow detective Mitsuhiko develops romantic feelings for her, and Haibara is fully aware of this. Haibara uses Mitsuhiko's feelings to her advantage when she needs him to do something, but she also admires his intelligence and courage during missions the Detective Boys must perform and respects his feelings. In some episodes she even shows more confidence in Mitsuhiko than in Ayumi or Genta when the going gets tough.

Black Organization


Gin has an abnormal attachment for Shiho, often thinks of her being naked, and seems to enjoy hunting her down, while she hates and fears him. They had some sort of relationship in the past,[57] possibly romantic.[58]


Shiho and Vodka have met and are acquaintances.[58]


Vermouth and Shiho have some connection, although it has not been elaborated on. Shiho fears Vermouth more than other Black Organization members except perhaps Gin: in the first times, the feeling of her presence can even entirely paralyze her[59]. Shiho was initially Vermouth's target, but Vermouth promised to give up on her after Conan's intervention.[58] She broke this promise later when Bourbon discovered a video of Sherry, still clinging to her personal conviction that Shiho is the one person who can't be allowed to exist in the world.[60]

Rei Furuya

Rei knew Haibara's parents and sister. Rei has also met Shiho in the Mystery Train case, but not knowing that it was Kaitou Kid in disguise.


Mary Sera

As Haibara tries to wipe out the mascara in her left eye, Conan notices the similiarites between her and Mary, and he thinks that they might be blood related. Conan thinks that Haibara is somehow connected to the Akai family. Many fans believes that Haibara's mother is the sister of Mary, as Gosho confirmed that two mothers will be revealed as sisters with Mary being one of the sister pair. However, up to this point, it's never mentioned that Mary and Shiho have met each other.

People who know Haibara's real identity

These people know Haibara's true identity: Professor Agasa, Conan, Vermouth, Pisco, Heiji Hattori, Yukiko Kudo, Yusaku Kudo, and Shuichi Akai. It is also possible that James Black and Jodie Starling of the FBI know Haibara's true identity since they call Haibara by her codename "Sherry", although they may not know yet her true name.

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Haibara placed 4th in the poll with 686 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[61]
  • In honor of the release of the 15th movie, Quarter of Silence, the official Conan movie website held a popularity poll for the top 10 Detective Conan characters. Haibara placed 4th out of 10. (First place of all female characters)[62]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Haibara placed 3rd overall with 1,592 votes. (First place of all female characters)[63]

Name origin

According to Agasa, Ai Haibara's name comes from Cordelia Gray (the character 灰 in her name means "ash") and V.I. Warshawski ("Ai" comes from the letter "I"). Although Agasa suggested she use the kanji 愛 (love) for "Ai", she preferred to use the kanji 哀 (sorrow).[64] Her US FUNimation name, "Vi Graythorn", has similar roots. However, Gosho Aoyama in an interview posted in the May 2014 issue of Da Vinci magazine stated that the "Ai" in Ai Haibara comes from Irene Adler, a character from the Sherlock Holmes story "A Scandal in Bohemia", and she is inspired by her.[65][66]

Her US Viz name, Anita Hailey, comes from:

  • Anita: Anne Katherine Green (the first American Mystery Writer)
  • Hailey: Hero (though Anita didn't care much for the choice)[67]

Her codename Sherry is Detective Shunsaku Kudo's (from Tantei Monogatari (Detective Tales)) favorite liquor.

Different looks



You can't complain about time going by... If anyone tries to change it... Life will punish them.

File 191, Page 11: "The Eyes From Far Away"

Creation reflects the inner state of the creator.

File 335: "Memento of a Wife"

Don't judge people from the outside. Like any rose has thorns, the more person appears nice on the outside, the more you should doubt the inside.

File 461: "Poison on the Bait!?"


Using too much of your brain can make you bald like Professor Agasa..

File 222, Page 7: "The Last Movie"

Even this loyal mirror won't reflect your true form.

— Talking to Conan, File 223, Page 14: "The True in the Mirror"

You'll protect me, right?

— Talking to Conan, File 346: "The Fake Supporter"

I will pass!

— When the Detective Boys want to play detectives or treasure hunters

Baka! (Fool)
If I... If I... I wish I could lose my memory if possible. I wouldn't remember my sister's death, or being forced to make poison for the Organization. If I could forget everything and just become a regular elementary school student Haibara Ai, I wonder how good it'll be... And, I could be with you forever, forever just like this...

Movie 4: "Captured in Her Eyes", Said to Conan in response to Ran losing her memory, she then played it off as a joke

Really... just like Officer Takagi and Inspector Shiratori... How come all the officers we know have to be such slow, annoying, blockhead morons?

Quotes about Ai

She's not as tough as she looks.

— Conan talking to Agasa, File 341: "The Hint That Was Against"


  • Sherry is a fortified wine from white grapes that are grown near the town of Jerez, Spain. Most sherries are initially dry, with sweetness added later. This could be a play on her personality that the Black Organization recognized. To further confirm the pun, in the Spanish dub of the anime, her codename in the organization is "Jerez" rather than "Sherry" (in Spanish language, both the town and the wine share the name), although she was renamed later to "Sherry" again.
  • Haibara is an animal lover.
  • Haibara strongly dislikes getting shocked by static electricity. She used to have some accessories to dissipate the charge, but she seems to have given up on them after Conan taught her a good strategy to avoid being shocked.[68]
  • Haibara reveals to Fujiko Mine that she used to ride a Harley before she shrank.[69]
  • The first appearance of Haibara has her hair colored as brown but later on changed to reddish brown. However, it's changed to brown again.
  • Haibara has the recording of Heiji's 'confession' to Kazuha[70] as her ring tone.[71]
  • As a traitor of the organization who could died, she compares herself to Marie Antoinette, the beautiful French princess who met her end at the guillotine.[72]

In other languages

Ai Haibara

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 哀 Ai 灰原 Haibara
Flag of Arab League Arabic آي هيبارا Hībāra
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Ai Haibara
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Ai Haibara
Flag of China Chinese 哀 Aī 灰原 Huīyuán
Flag of US English Anita/Vi Hailey/Graythorn
Flag of France French Ai Haibara
Flag of Philippines Filipino Ai Haibara
Flag of Finland Finnish Ai Haibara
Flag of Germany German Ai Haibara
Flag of Italy Italian Ai Haibara
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 장미 Jang Mee 홍 Hong
Flag of Malaysia Malay Ai Haibara
Flag of Russia Russian Ай Хайбара
Flag of Spain Spanish Ai Haibara
Flag of Thailand Thai ไอ XỊ ไฮบาระ Ḥị-bā-ra
Flag of Republic of China Traditional Chinese 哀 Aī 灰原 Huīyuán
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Ai Haibara

Shiho Miyano

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 志保 Shiho 宮野 Miyano
Flag of Arab League Arabic شيهو Shīho ميانو Miyāno
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Shiho Miyano
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Shiho Miyano
Flag of China Chinese 志保 Zhìbǎo 宫野 Gōngyě
Flag of US English Shiho Miyano
Flag of France French Shiho Miyano
Flag of Germany German Shiho Miyano
Flag of Philippines Filipino Shiho Miyano
Flag of Finland Finnish Shiho Miyano
Flag of Italy Italian Shiho Miyano
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 시호 Shi Ho 안 Ahn
Flag of Malaysia Malay Shiho Miyano
Flag of Russia Russian Сихо/Шихо Мияно
Flag of Spain Spanish Shiho Miyano
Flag of Thailand Thai ชิโฮ Chi-ḥoa มิยาโนะ Mi-yā-noa
Flag of Republic of China Traditional Chinese 志保 Zhìbǎo 宮野 Gōngyě
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Shiho Miyano


Language Name Notes Translation
Flag of Japan Japanese シェリー Sherry  
Flag of Arab League Arabic شيري Sheri
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Sherry  
Flag of China Chinese 雪莉 Xuě lì  
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Sherry  
Flag of US English Sherry Once called Shelly, due to translating errors
Flag of France French Sherry  
Flag of Philippines Filipino Sherry  
Flag of Finland Finnish Sherry  
Flag of Germany German Sherry  
Flag of Italy Italian Sherry  
Flag of South Korea Korean 쉐리 Sherry  
Flag of Malaysia Malay Sherry  
Flag of Russia Russian Шерри  
Flag of Spain Spanish Sherry Once "Jerez".[73]
Flag of Thailand Thai เชอรี่ Chex-rī̀  
Flag of Republic of China Traditional Chinese 雪莉 Xuě lì  
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Sherry  

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