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List Page Type[edit]

I am attempting to try and link all characters to one page, that if curious, if they appear again, or not, ... I am mostly concentrating on those that are not linked to any page yet.

I agree that this page is a mess, which is why I did ask for help to fix it. Every episode and movie will probably be linked here or an empty link if it gets deleted.

I may prefer to have this very messy page be more like these pages: And I DO.

List of notable case characters

List of minor recurring manga characters

List of minor recurring anime characters

List of minor recurring movie characters

However, I am unable to do the list format like that. Although, I really care more of just this type of information on this page.

picture, if one

Appearances or only appearance

Possibly who they are or Noteable roles type information

However, I am unable to do that kind of format, even though I prefer that kind of format.

If anyone is ale to, I would appreciate with helping it to become a List type format. Thank you.

Their links are also linking to the actual episode or movie, which really helps if they are a one time only.

I have already run across several non-recurring characters, who happen to have been in at least one episode before.

I did try and remove all deceased or what they died of from the people, although if any other spoilers are present, I would appreciate editing out the spoilers, even if the picture says mystery person or something like that.

However, I do appreciate all help with this page, so it will look neat and orderly. I wish I was able to do the list format.

Pictures I found[edit]

I am able to place online some pictures of the various people, however I am currently unable to actually upload them to this site.

If anyone is willing and able to, I would appreciate any uploading to this site, so the pictures can be made visible to this site. I did add the link from the other site, and in edit you, you may possibly be able to upload them,.

I do not know though.

Plus some of those pictures may need to be edited better as well.

Better Links[edit]

I am still adding to this page, however, I am trying to condense the characters, in short, all links are under the name, stating that they appeared [in this case] link.


Can you make gifs for Movie 3 please of the two Faberge eggs and Yokosuka Castle Please. You can use the Detective Conan English dubbed of the movie to make the gifs; Case Closed Movie 3 The last wizard of the century English dubbed since they have no subs since they are in eng dub. You can find the movie online. You can use programs online, app or download programs to make the gifs. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. You can ask users on Tumblr to make those gifs.( 19:32, 2 December 2020 (UTC)) I am unable to make GIF's and even if I can, I am unable to upload any pictures onto this site at this time. Lately I am watching only subtitled episodes, movies, Ovas, and Specials, and I also do not have a tumbler account at all. Sorry. Really, the most I can do is place the Url of the actual non-gif pictures that I may be able to post online, but on another source, which may or may not include the image URL, and hope someone else can upload to this site, if they are already online on the internet. However, I am unable to do gifs at all this way. only pngs or the like. Sorry.

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