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Sodesaki Profile.png

Japanese name: 袖崎
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Nichiuri Shimbun Newspaper deliverer
First appearance: Anime: Episode 688
Appearances: Chapters: 0
Episodes: 2
Movies: 0
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Kissei Kumamoto

Sodesaki (袖崎 Sodesaki?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


Sodesaki is a Nichiuri Shimbun newspaper deliverer. He works in Beika City and knows well Mrs. Tanaka, the old lady from the recycling shop. He lives in the district and probably has other occupations, like studies or trainings. He does almost the same route every day. He owns a scooter, a Honda Super Cub 50 Pro. He also does a route in the district of Hitoshi Takahashi and goes sometimes in houses when deliveries are bigger.


Sodesaki is a more thruly person since he always report what he sees to the police directly, like when he found a clue in the 30 million yen case and when he found the body of Hitoshi Takahashi in the missing kabuki mask case. He is pretty easygoing and talks with a precise voice.


Sodesaki has long curled up brown hair and is pretty tall. He has tan skin and likes to wear backwards cap when he is not in his scooter deliverer costume. Between the two cases, he seems to have grown fatter. It is noted that in both appearances, he wears the same grey vest and pants.

Plot overview[edit]

The Bag of 30 Million Yen Case (Anime: 688)[edit]

Sodesaki and Mrs. Tanaka.

Sodesaki was delivering his habitual journal and didn't see anything weird. He reports the case to the police and, on the road to the Koban, he sees Takagi and the Detective Boys, and tell them his testimony since Takagi is the detective concerned. He tells that during his shift, he didn't see any bag and that it was like usual at 5 o'clock, which means Toshiyuki Hiranuma must have dropped it after 5. He is accompanied with the old lady, Mrs. Tanaka, who lives close to him and was taking a walk.

The Missing Kabuki Mask Case (Anime: 804)[edit]

Early in the morning, Sodesaki was distributing the newspapers in a district of Beika City and, as he enters and apartment, he sees something. He dispose of the newspapers and, take a look at a mysterious person in a caravan, finds out that it is the dead Hitoshi Takahashi. He gets scared and runs away with the undelivered newspapers to report the case to the police. He then drove his scooter especially fast, since he was still traumatized by the vision of the body.

Different looks[edit]

Episode 688
Episode 804

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