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Shimizu Profile.png

Japanese name: 清水
Age: middle twenties
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: TMS Reporter
First appearance: Anime: Movie 2
Appearances: Episodes: 1
Movies: 4
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Yūko Nagashima (movie 2)
Kazusa Murai (movie 6)
Yukari Nishio (movie 12)
Masayo Kurata (movie 19)

Shimizu (清水 Shimizu?) is a character in the anime and movie franchise Detective Conan.


[edit] Background

Shimizu is a TMS reporter in her middle twenties that works for the TMS, a Tokyo broadcasting station. She relates major events that happen such as the explosion in the Domoto music academy and the one in the Aquacrystal. She has brown hair often in a ponytail and gold earrings. She also has a light green shirt under her black blouse and has long undyed nails. She has a whole reporting team with her and travels in a Mazda Van. She works in Beika City in front of Beika Café and and has a sound studio where hundreds of people attend every day to see her broadcasting. She always need Takahashi, the sound mixer which designs the sound effects, and Tanaka, the coordinator, near her since they're the key of a good broadcasting.

[edit] Personality

She seems to be a normal japanese woman who doesn't have any problems and doesn't fear to go near dangerous sites such has the Domoto concert hall in fire. She is pretty active and always there for the best scoop. She is expressive and talks fluently.

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Plot overview

[edit] The Fourteenth Target (Movie: 2)

[edit] The Phantom of Baker Street (Movie: 6)

[edit] Full Score of Fear (Movie: 12)

She is seen in front of the concert hall with her usual outfit reporting the explosion of the Domoto music academy concert hall.

[edit] The Framed Great Detective (Anime: 707)

In the case, she records her show in the building next door of Beika Cafe and works as announcer for GO GO Radio! She is used as main witness for Kogoro's proof and arrives at the crime scene where Kogoro starts his deduction with her complete recodring team. She is on live camera and talks to him and relates what she was doing at 3:40 PM that day. She is asked by Kogoro to make the police hear the recorder's sounds but cutting off the people's sound and there, we heard the culprit's voice telling he'd send the victim straight into hell and wave him farewell. The culprit rushes since he's exposed and try to attack Kogoro but is taken down by him.

[edit] Different looks

Movie 2
Movie 6
Movie 12
Episode 707
Movie 19

[edit] Trivia

Tomomi Katou
  • Her character design is re-used for Tomomi Katou, the reporter from Gourmet Corner in The Four Porsches.

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