List of Wild Police Story Characters

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This is a list of characters in Wild Police Story.

Metropolitan Police Academy Onizuka Class[edit]

Picture Name Role
Rei Furuya.jpg Rei Furuya
Hiromitsu Morofushi.jpg Hiromitsu Morofushi
Jinpei Matsuda.jpg Jinpei Matsuda
Wataru Date.jpg Wataru Date
Kenji Hagiwara.jpg Kenji Hagiwara

Minor characters[edit]

Picture Name Role
Hachizo Onizuka.jpg Hachizo Onizuka Metropolitan Police Academy rookie class instructor.
Mr. Morofushi.jpg Mr. Morofushi Hiromitsu's father
Mrs. Morofushi.jpg Mrs. Morofushi Hiromitsu's mother
Mr. Date.jpg Mr. Date Former police officer and Wataru's father
Jotaro Matsuda.jpg Jotaro Matsuda Former pro-boxer who was once arrested as a murder suspect despite being innocent which caused him to miss his boxing title match. Jinpei's father.

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