List of Allusions

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This is a list of references Detective Conan makes references to fictional detectives and mystery authors.


Mikeneko Holmes[edit]

Naeko Miike name is a reference to Mikeneko (Calico Cat) Holmes.

In Episode 445 there were many references to the novel.

It about Yoshitaro Katayama a detective at the investigation team in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department which he became a detective because of his father's dying wish due that Yoshitaro's father was a excellent detective. Yoshitaro has not any skills in particular showing that he has hematophobia which he is afraid of blood, phasmophobia which he is also afraid of ghosts and also not good in dealing with women at all. He meets a cat named Holmes who understands humans words and possessing heightened deductive reasoning abilities. The two partnered with each other to solve difficult crimes. It is because of how Shinichi shrinks in a kid with a great intellect and teamed up with a very horrible detective.

Ellery Queen[edit]

  • Eri Kisaki family name comes from Ellery Queen (the kanji of her last name, Kisaki, means 'queen'(妃) ), this also suggests why is she called the 'Queen of the Courtroom'.
  • Heiji Hattori is a fan of Ellery Queen (Holmes Freak Murder Case)

Minor Allussions[edit]

  • Ginshiro Toyama first name is a play on "Kinshiro" (金四郎), the first name of the main character in the fictionalized Toyama no Kin-san stories based on the historic Toyama's life while both his and Kazuha Toyama surname comes from from Edo period "police detective" Kagetomo Toyama, aka Toyama no Kin-san
  • Professor Agasa and Ai Haibara chose her alias name based on female private detectives: (Ai) from V. I. Warshawski and (Haibara) from Cordelia Gray.
    • Ai Haibara US Viz first name, Anita Hailey, comes from Anne Katherine Green who was the first American Mystery Writer.
    • Ai Habara Black Organiation codename is Sherry is Detective Shunsaku Kudo's (from Tantei Monogatari (Detective Tales)) favorite liquor.
  • The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid:
    • Furuyo Senma, an unassuming old lady, evokes Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.
    • Shukuzen Ogami, a heavy-set man with a love of fine cooking, evokes Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe.
    • Harufumi Mogi, a slim, wisecracking "tough guy", evokes Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe.
    • Ikumi Soda, a medical practitioner who focuses on forensic evidence above all else, evokes R. Austin Freeman's Dr. Thorndyke, albeit a woman instead of a man.
  • In The Shifting Mystery of Beika City The name "Dorosue" is probably a reference to mystery author Dorothy L. Sayers.
  • The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case, there is a character named Ray Curtis, a professional soccer player. He got his name of a popular detective named Rey Curtis from the Law & Order series.
  • Azusa Enomoto: She was also named after Kei Enomoto, a character created by Yusuke Kishi, famous writer. She is a detective and a locksmith who solves locked room mysteries. It is written with the kanji for "hackberry" (榎) and "origin" (本).
  • Heiji and his father surname Hattori stems from Inspector Hattori, a police officer who often cooperates with Detective Shunsaku Kudo of the TV Drama Tantei Monogatari (Detective Tales). Heizo Hattori first name comes from "Heizo" Hasegawa is the main protagonist of "Onihei Hanakacho" while Heiji first name comes from fictional Edo period police detective Zenigata Heiji (銭形 平次 ?).
  • Misae Yamamura's and Misao Yamamura name comes from mystery writer Misa Yamamura. In the english Funimation Dub, Misa Yamamura surname is a reference to detective series Magnum P.I. Yamamura's.
  • Kiyonaga Matsumoto comes from Seichō Matsumoto (松本 清張, his real given name is Kiyoharu), a Japanese mystery writer.
  • Sango Yokomizo's surname comes from the mystery writer, Seishi Yokomizo.
  • Jugo Yokomizo’s surname comes from TV Drama Stray Detective Pure-Hearted Group character Shigetada Yokomizo (横溝 重忠 Yokomizo Shigetada?).
  • Natsuki Koshimizu: Her name comes from Yasuhiro Koshimizu, a mystery novelist whose created character Ukyo Sugishita.
  • Wataru Takagi: Gosho included the name Wataru Takagi since it is also the name of a Detective created by Kenzo Kitakata named Yoshibumi Takagi where only the first kanji in the surname is similar (高 - Taka).
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori: His name comes from "Ninzaburo" Furuhata, a fictional police detective from a drama of the same name, and Keisuke "Shiratori", a character created by Takeru Kaido as a medical analyst who solves the cases of dead people after professional failures.
  • Genta Kojima: name (小嶋 元太) comes from mystery writer Hajime Komine (小峰 元 Komine Hajime?).
  • Shinichi and Yusaku Kudo name comes from Shunsaku "Kudo" (protagonist of the TV Drama Tantei Monogatari (探偵物語?, lit. Detective Story)
  • Sasaki: His name comes from Rena Sasaki, whose family name kanji is the name as his, a young detective currently working in the anti-detective department, under Yasuomi Suma, and is investigating her sister's death, who was created by Keisuke Matsuokka for the series Tantei no Tantei ("Detective vs. Detective").
  • Asami Tsuburaya and her brother Mitsuhiko's name comes from novelist Yasuo Uchida's reporter character Mitsuhiko Asami (浅見 光彦 Asami Mitsuhiko?). Mitsuhiko name in the funimation dub is named after the main protagonist of a popular TV show named Prime Suspect: Tennison and its sequel named Prime Suspect.
  • Makoto Kyogoku: name presumably comes from Natsuhiko Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kyogoku, the author of mystery novels such as Ubume no Natsu and Mōryō no Hako.
  • Ayumi Yoshida first name comes from mystery writer Ayumi Kitagawa (北川 歩実 Kitagawa Ayumi?).