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I'm glad Maurice was able to restore a backup of this thread, but my pandemic era posts here were lost




OMM: I went to the midnight release of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom last week, and was able to blitz through the story to get the credits to roll last night.  The game is so good and addictive, I honestly can't stop playing it and whenever I'm not playing I can't stop thinking about it.  I know the Ultrahand builds are what's getting the most traction on social media, but the story is really good too and doesn't get enough attention (though that's probably because it's an open world game and most people are taking their time with it lol)


E3 2023 may be dead, but between Zelda this month, Resident Evil 4 last month, and Fire Emblem Engage earlier this year, not to mention Final Fantasy XVI next month, we are SO fucking back bros


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Thanks for the congrats on the job guys! It was an absolute mess though lmaoo (which is why I didn't want to quote anyone and subject them to this haha) It only lasted a month, but it made the whole month of April absolutely miserable for me, and to make matters worse, midway through the month I sprained my ankle really badly. And it was a nasty enough sprain that I'm still sore 5 1/2 weeks later :''') I'll not complain too much ..here at least, I'll complain in another thread, but by the end of the first week of the job, I knew I didn't want to be there long term and realized they only paid so well because they had high turnover. 

However, I was able to find a new job pretty quickly, and I have a better feeling about it than the previous one. With the other one, while I was excited, I did have some persistent uneasiness about it that I couldn't shake in during the days between the offer and my starting date. With this upcoming one though, even though I am nervous about it, it pays nearly the same as the other place, but it isn't customer facing (nor is it the same type of work), so that alone makes me much more optimistic about it.

Fingers crossed it'll go well! 


OMM: in my hello kitty and reading shipwreck nonfiction era rn and i will not be made to feel bad about it 

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