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Looking for ideas and talent! :)

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Hey all,

Since the community has grown quite a lot since 2009, I think it would be nice to start "prettyfying" and organizing the forum a little bit. And I think we could use your help for that!

What I was thinking we could do is implement new ranks and icons for members.

Right now, the only two ranks we have are: Members and Advanced Members (not including the staff like moderators).

We also have a special group called "Donators" (only one person in it so far).

It would be interesting to have more of them and eventually DC-related. For example:

0 posts and more => Novice

10 posts and more => Detective boy

50 posts and more => High-school detective

100 posts and more => Detective


or we could be original and have:

0 posts and more => Genta's friend

10 posts and more => Ayumi's friend

50 posts and more => Mitsuhiko's friend

100 posts and more => Detective Boys

500 posts and more => Ai's friend

1000 posts and more => Ran's friend

2500 posts and more => Gin's nemesis


You get the idea.

So, what I'm asking of you guys is to suggest nice/cool/fun ranks and then we'll choose the best ones (or do a vote, we'll see). Don't hesitate to think outside of the box!

As for the icons, you may have noticed that we only have:

x number of dots for members: bullet_green.png

Admin: admin.png

Moderators: staff.png

Once we decide on the ranks or if you feel motivated, we would really like some suggestions or designs for the icons as well. For example, it could be Genta's face for the "Genta's friend" rank, etc...

Again, any idea is welcome. Just let your imagination go wild! biggrin.gif

I hope this is gonna be a successful little event here and that you guys have fun with it. wink.gif

Thank you and may the fun begin!

i dont know how to do that 

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i also liked the first ranking but lets iclude some more ranks

0 posts and more => Novice

10 posts and more => Detective boy

50 posts and more => Traffic Cop

75 posts and more=>Police Officer

100 posts and more => High-school detective

200 posts and more =>Private Detective

300 posts and more =>Police Inspector

400 posts and more => Famous Detective

500 posts and more=>Sherlock Holmes

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I know I'm replying a lot later. However, I like to have my suggestions expressed too.


Post count<100 - Shadow

Post count: 100-499 - Junior Inspector

Post count: 500-999 - Police Detective

Post count: 1000-1999  - Senior Inspector

Post count: 2000-2999 - Head of Police

Post count: 3000-4999 - Detective's Apprentice

Post count: 5000+ - Renowned Detective


The post count range can be changed. It is just to give an idea of ranks, how one is higher above the others.

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I think having another legend to show the appearances for adult shinichi in the anime and manga list would be good. I want to know the appearances of shinichi just as much as kaito kids and heiji's. 

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