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Favorite Opening or Ending?

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I don't watch all the eps and don't give much attention to the music, I just remember songs that I somehow feel impressed.  


(and I have to go search for the name too since I just remember the melody and some lyrics words :)) )


Opening: Natsuiro - Kimi no Namida ni Konna ni Koi Shiteru (君の涙にこんなに恋してる; So in Love in Tears)

Ending: Boyfriend - Hitomi no Melody (瞳のメロディ; Melody of Eyes)

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Hi! For me I have a lot favorite theme song's of DC!

One of my most favorite are Mune ga Doki Doki because this is the very first opening theme song!

This is really great! Its like very nostalgic from my childhood days.

And also Mysterious Eyes! because of this I've been liking Garnet Crow! I like thins song very much!

And then Summer Time Gone I also been liking Mai Kuraki because of her song's in DC! She is awesome!

Misty Mystery, Miss Mystery I also been liking the Breakerz they are awesome band!

In Ending theme songs I have a lot of them I been like!

The very first theme ending Step by step! I like that too!

Hikari to kage no roman, Kimi ga Inai Natsu by Deen I like it very much too!

Also, Still For your Love' I like it too this is really touching song

Free Magic by Wag I like it also its nostalgic for me

The very best my favorite is Secret of my Heart by Mai kuraki it is

really fit for Ran. I really like this song.

And also the song Always by Mai

And also Yumi Mita Ato de by Garnet Crow I really like it! love it!

And many more! I also have it in my phone and laptop.

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Opening fav :

1. Don't Wanna Lie by B'z. Coz there is my fav episodes in London. Kyaa.. :wub:

2. Dynamite by Mai Kuraki.. Hattori :wub: Kazuha..

3. Mysterious by N a i f u. Stategy of love 'furinkazan'.. lol :lol:


Ending fav :

1. Hitomi no melody - BOYFRIEND

2. Summer memories - Aya Kamiki

3. Kimi e no Uso - Valshe




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'Dynamite by Mai Kuraki' is my favorite.. I actually like the music video in op39. (Conan in monochrome video:0) And 'Hello Mr. my yesterday' is my favorite ending song. :lol: 

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The current opening for Detective Conan, the 43rd one, is my absolute favorite.

(^video has a good chance of being taken down soon, but whatever)

While I'm not a big fan of the song, where did the the production studio find the resources to create an opening animated so amazingly and directed so artistically??  Like seriously, usually DC openings are bland and uninspired, so where did something of such high quality come from?  There was pretty much more sakuga in this minute and a half than there has ever been in the entire series, television show or movie.  Give the director of this opening a gold medal and make sure he's in charge of every single opening from this point forward (and ending while we're at it), seriously.  And make sure whoever did the key animations stays as well; DC would benefit greatly from someone with his or her talent. 

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I never really pay attention to the openings or endings though I really like the Detective Conan soundtrack. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi Ni is the only opening/ending to catch my attention so far. I have a tendency to skip endings and openings to animes though (unless it's sailor moon)^_^ but I am only midway into the series.

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My Favourite:


- Kaze no Lalala

Hoshi no Kagayaki yo

- Nazo


- Mysterious Eyes


- June Bride ~Anata Shika Mienai~

- Secret of my heart

- Negai Goto Hitotsu Dake

                                                                            ~and more



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On 6/25/2017 at 7:14 PM, brycec said:

My favorite opening is Truth from Two-Mix.

One of my favorite openings

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so far... (seen up to ep 584)

My favourite opening for the music is the classic first, "Mune ga Dokidoki" by THE HIGH-LOWS.
I will always adore that song. The song "Koi Wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense" by Rina Aiuchi is a close second, you can bet I know the dance 

(Although I love nearly every song the ops/eds use)

My favourite opening for the visual number 13 (original  not the variant)

I really enjoy the action moves and timing with the song. Plus I love Conan's outfit. 

Opening 18 is a close second. So many good cones, such adorable expressions (plus wonderful friends).

My favourite ending for the music is number 9 "Secret of my heart" by Mai Kuraki

My favourite ending for the visual is ending 21. Tiny Ran and Shinichi (ft. Kazuha and Heiji) is too precious.

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Ooh mine would definitely be "butterfly core". Not only is the song really upbeat and catchy, but the way the characters and the transition and the video in general was made to match with the beat of the song was just really amazing amd gave you the anime shivers :lol:

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For openings, I really like Magic, 100 Mono Tobira, destiny, and Kaze no Lalala! For endings, I like GO YOUR OWN WAY, Mō Kimi Dake o Hanashitari wa Shinai, Kimi no Egao ga Nani Yori mo Suki Datta, and Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~!

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Feel Your Heart and Nazo are both so sentimental to me, I just feel really nostalgic listening to them (when they redid Nazo for opening 41 i shed a tear ngl). 

I like a lot of the music by Mai Kuraki, especially Revive it's a banger. Butterfly core was also one of my faves. Honestly I really like most of the openings it's so difficult to choose.


In regards to endings, I never listened to a lot to be completely honest because I binged the series so I'd usually just move to the next episode or skip over to the post credits scene but the few I genuinely enjoyed were (again) the Mai Kuraki ones such as Koi Ni Koishite and Your Best Friend, and I do really like the current ending, Aozolighter. :lol:

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