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Favorite Opening or Ending?

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Oh, I have a lot of them. And I mean a lot of them. (Haha) Um, I guess that's common for a J-Pop and Music lover.


First I would have to say all of Breakerz, Garnet Crow, and Mai Kuraki's songs that were featured in Detective Conan as OP and ED, since they are my favorite artist, and because Breakerz was the band who first started getting me into Detective Conan. (And cause I love all their songs. :) )


Here are a few of my other favorites:


1. Koi wa thrill shock suspense by Rina Aiuchi

2.100 mo no tobira

3.Mysterious by Naifu


5.Truth by Two Mix

6.Glorious Mind by ZARD (Btw, Rest In Peace. :) )

7.Giri Giri Chop by B'z

8. Greed by Knockoutmonkey

9. I can't stop my love for you by Rina Aiuchi

10. Magic by Rina Aiuchi

11. Kumo ni Notte (Saegusa U-ka)

12. Destiny

13. Feel Your Heart

15. Start by Rina Aiuchi (Okay, so I also like all of Rina Aiuchi's music. :P)


favorite Endings:


Kimi ga inai Natsu

Negai goto hitotsu dake by Miho Komatsu

Rain Man by AKIHIDE

Hitomi no Melody by Boyfriend

Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni by Azumi Uehara



I'm not sure if I heard all of the endings yet, but soo far those are my favorites. :)


Um, yeah... I like a lot of songs from Detective Conan. Pretty much just about all of them, but I put up my most favorites on a list here. I could add more, but it would just be the ones that I have listed separately above with just the band and artist names. Un_n


Um... Sorry for having soo many favorites. As you can see, I'm a music freak. xD

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Favorite openings:


1. Truth (number 5)

2. Growing of My heart (number 16)

3. Misty Mystery (number 32)

4. Nazo (number 3)

5. Revive (number 25)

6. Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense (number 8)


Favorite endings:


1. Juugoya Crisis ~Kimi ni Aitai~ (number 37)

2. Hello Mr. My Yesterday (number 35)

3. Meikyu no Lovers (number 2)

4. Koori no ue ni Tatsu you ni (number 6)

5. always (number 12)

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I luv the new one, Greed, by Knock out Monkey!! I like the lyrics, I was laughing when it said " Oh no, I am Holmes, why why why kami" HAHAHAHA its awesome, u guys should check it out.  :lol:  ;)  it was written in shinichi's point of view. I like Everlasting love by Breakerz too. That's also Shinichi pov :D

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My favorite opening is "Love For You" by Mai Kuraki  :lol:. The 23rd  Opening of Detective Conan. The scene from the opening was so cute. The detective boys following a suspicious man (which is Mouri Kogoro in disguise), Mouri Kogoro treating the detective boys some Ice Cream, other characters meeting them and enjoyed eating Ice Cream together while Mouri was crying over using his money to treat them all  :D.

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I love...

-"I Can't Stop My Love For You" for its sequence of scenes

-"Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense" for its song

-"Butterfly Core" for its awesome animation and intense song :D

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My new favorites are Opening 39- "Dynamite" by Mai Kuraki and Ending 48 "Muteki na Heart" by Mai Kuraki. I absoulutely love these two songs! I just can't seem to stop listening to them! *Breaks the replay button. xD*

(I can't wait for Mai's newest "Best Album: Love & Hope" to be released. *Must listen to the full version of Dynamite* xD!)


I love all the openings and endings of Detective Conan, as I stated before, of course! ^-^!

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My favorite openings:

- Opening 8 "Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense"

- Opening 10 "Winter Bells"

- Opening 11 "I can't stop my love for you"

- Opening 20 "Namida no Yesterday"

- Opening 25"Revive"

My favorite endings:

- Ending 8 "Free Magic"

- Ending 9 "Secret of my heart"

- Ending 23 "Thank You For Everything"

- Ending 40 "Your Best Friend"

- Ending 43 "Koi ni Koishite"

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how come not a lot of fans like the 4th ending 

It's a bit depressing, to be honest. But it's still a lot better than some of the endings we've been getting recently.


The first ending is such a classic.

I remember rewatching it for the first time in years a few months ago.

I've never felt so much nostalgia in my life.



I also really like the 5th and 6th ending.

oh, and Hello Mr. My Yesterday (ED 35)

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I like every single opening except for opening 19, but my absolutely favorite opening is opening 22.

I never saw all the endings but from the ones I saw I think my favorite one is 18, I also really like Secret Love and ending 11.

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