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Wherein Conan/Shinichi was wrong in his deduction? I'm a big fan of Shinichi but truthfully speaking, although it's pure fiction, he is not a god, like that Makoto-fake-Shinichi episode have said. I was just curious if there was ever an episode I missed wherein he got wrong in his deduction. Hattori had one episode where he got wrong in his deduction. I remember that, and Shinichi corrected him. Please inform me, I'm pretty interested to know and watch!


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He's never been fully wrong, as far as I know, but there have been times where he's been off the mark on parts. For example, in episodes 305-306, he misses the reason why Kogoro's friend was protecting the real killer (he was her real father, as Kogoro correctly deduced, while Shinichi/Conan thought they were lovers.) Movie 9 is the only time that, AFAIK, Kogoro actually beats him in a deduction. Conan doesn't figure out who it is (and even gets his own deduction completely wrong) until Kogoro actually confronts the person with his deduction.

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Kudo wrong in AO episode 225. Heiji also wrong in mermaid case (222-224) and on his first appearance you mention. Kudo partly wrong is 472-473 but just because he's kid and the puzzle is not for him. Kodu also stumble a bit is his first and second case but fully save it in the end (162, 286-288)

He also conceal the truth to protect people heart like Makoto-fake-Shinichi case in Araide first case 170-171

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