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Anyone find that there is a lack of Kaito Kid?

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I would agree, if only at least sometimes Conan managed to win, which is only possible if he actually PREVENTED Kid from committing the theft by catching him, maybe even turning him to the police (later he can escape). If Kid always manages to commit the theft, check the item and return it, then it means he has won, since he has nothing more to do there and doesn't care anymore whether his disguise will be exposed or not. So, I think the Conan vs Kid cases would be interesting only if at least sometimes (better if half the cases) Conan won over Kid and disrupted his plans. If we always know Kid will win, it seems like Conan is just wasting time there, since nothing is accomplished for him. Not even the solution to the disguise mystery is really an accomplishment because, after stealing and returning the item, Kid doesn't care anymore whether Conan manages to guess who he was disguised as, or whether he doesn't guess.....

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