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nony elhussien

dream drug ( vermouth's drug & scotch = tstumo akai )

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hey guys , i have a conclusion about aptx that shiho's parents orignally  aimed to creat .. as it was reffered to as a "dream drug" .. i dont think they aimed to creat a poison that kills with no traces more likely that they planned to creat a drug that makes you stop ageing or returns you to youth..as we already know that vermouth hates the miyano's and describe it as foolish.. she propaply was a genuie for there research and this gives an reasonable clue why she is non ageing .. also at kohji haneda 's acciendent that was the reason why akai joined the FBI and Mr.Akai was related to .. i think that rum originally planned to kill tstomu with kohji and amanda by aptx which  haibara's parents creat and the three of them got shrunk but tstumo was effected by  the rare situation just like conan and haibara but he became a young man instead of child afterwards he joined the PSB and became a double agent and infilrated the organization and gained the code name " Scotch" that also explains his behavior with masumi and his behavior when he was uncovered , that his goal was to clear any data about his true identity and commit a suicide . 

          Tell me your opinion ! if you agree or if i have made a mistake in that deduction

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