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scenes you would like to see

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Hey guys, i was wondering if you had any specific scenes or scenarios or even conversations in mind that you would like to see in the show before it ends. These could involve any characters in any sort of setting, basically let your imagination run wild and share the moments you would love to watch/read in the future. 



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1) Vodka without the glasses

2) CONCLUSIVE (not open) endings to ALL the romance stories

3) Eri and Kogoro becoming a family again

4) Conan catching Kaito Kid (he can well escape from jail later, I just want to see him handcuffed for once)

5) Genta accidentally disarming a criminal

6) The Detective Boys managing to solve a case without Conan's help (they did this once, but it was a filler episode, not based on manga)

7) Anokata's execution after the trial  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil: (Well, just joking, I am not that bloodthirsty  :P )

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I would like to see more done with the Apoioxin. Just how and why did the Black Organization scientists start developing it? How many people has it been given to? Are Conan and Haibara really the only ones who have been ffected this way by it? Was the de-aging they experienced really just a side effect, or could it actually have been planned during the initial research of the drug for some unknown purpose? I just think that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding APTX-4960, and I would like to see more done with it storywise.


I would also like to see episodes exploring the character of each member of Shonen Tantei. They were initially just comic relief, more or less, but they have grown in importance throughout the course of the series. Yet still (at least as of episode , which is where I am), they haven't really had a significant amount of development individually, even though the group has become more important. How did Ayumi Genta, and Mitsuhiko originally become friends? Is there some reason Mitsuhiko knows so much (he is almost at Conan's level a lot of the time after all, and has even figured things out BEFORE Conan a couple times)? Is he really a normal kid? Does he just study extra hard to impress Ayumi (andlater Haibara)? Why is Genta so obsessed with unagi? I would really enjoy seeing some background on each of them.


Another thing I would enjoy would be more official crossovers. The Lupin crossovers were great, as was the crossover game with Kindaichi Case Files, but I want to see more. I obviously don't expect Aoyama to do it in the manga as (to my knowledge) he has never crossed it over with anything besides his own works, but there are all sorts of series out there thaat could potentially have awesome Conan crossovers. Maybe Remote (not even sure if there is an anime of that, but I really enjoyed the manga, and it is the type of story I could imagine Conan actually getting drawn into) or CLAMP School Detectives. Meitantei Conan has always pushed the point that real magic and the supernatural don't exist, so I don't see official crossovers happening with anything like Yu Yu Hakusho (even though it would be cool to see the Great Detective and the Spirit Detective working side by side), but there re plenty of cool anime and manga that deal with mystery/crime and do not involve the supernatural. I would like to see more crossover anime with them.


I would also like seeing Conan get drawn into more real world cases. Historical unsolved cases (like one of the movies getting into the Jack the Ripper case). Maybe he could find the Zodiac or D.B. Cooper something. I think it would be really interesting to see him get involved in one of those legendary unsolved mysteries.


One that I would REALLY like to see is between Conan and Kaito Kid. It is obvious, even though it has never been stated outright, that Kid has figured out Conan is Shinichi. I would like to see a story where Kaito Kid and Conan are forced to work together. I imagine Kid saving Conan's life, and Conan finds out that Kaito Kuroba Is Kid. I would love to see Conan struggling with that moral dilemma. His strong instict toward justice would push him to turn Kaito in, but at the same time, he's kept Conan's secret all this time and now actually saved his life? What would he do? (I actually think I am going to do this in my fanfic series, but I would still love to see it actually happen in the series).


I also agree with Shinan-Kudoawa hat it would be cool to see the origin of the Black Organization.


I want to see Kazuha finally tell Hattori how she feels about him!


And finally, I want to see Conan discover that one of his deductions was WRONG (maybe new evidence is discovered with DNA showing they got the wrong culprit or something). It would be interesting to see how he deals with the fact that he was wrong and knowing that his incorrect deduction put an innocent person in prison while a criminal went free, then go back and re-investigate the case in this mindset to find the real culprit.

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1) The Detective Boys managing to catch a BO organ

2) Kaito Kid & His Dad Vs. Conan & His Dad

3) Kogoro Mouri converge with Yoko ( lol )

4) Agasa Death


These are actually more as predictions than what i would want to see expect number#3 lol .


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1) I would love to see Detective Boy finding that Sleeping Kogoro is Conan and help him with that. I think it would be a interesting change in the anime and a opportunity to develop them. To clarify, i don't want them to know that Conan is Shinishi, i only want that they know that Conan solves the cases instaed of kogoro.


2) Normaly i love that all paring get close at the end of the series. I hare inconclusive ends... But not in this case, i can't stand Ran and Shinishi, i really hate the paring. So i would love to seen a open ending (talking about pairings ONLY)


3) Haibara and Shinishi, both mistakenly  taking the antidote and traying to hide until the effect ends.


4) More case with Sera and Conan, and only them, or Conan and Haibara or Ayumi. But again, the two of them alone i want to see them interact a bit more. 


But i really want the first. (And i pray for the second)


And this is not a spesific scene or something but i want more cases where the culprit is not the one with the best alibi (Or the only with alibi, that is normaly the case). There are a lot of those and more in the newers episodes. 


And those are the ones that i remember that i want, and that it could happen (Because there are a lot of thing that i would love to see, but it can't happen)

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A great one but still almost all Detective Conan fans would hate to see open ending if it was me it'll be okay if it becomes an infinite ending with zillions of episodes..I only like the first one..I'm pretty sure you have wrong grammar

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Yes, sorry for my grammar. I haven't praticed englis for almost 4 years.


And i was trying to say that i want an open ending related to the parings. Not to the story or plot, i don,t want an ending like naruto or bleach. Well i don't care about Heiji and Kazuha, or Takagi and Sato stay together. But I really don't want Ran x Conan, neither Ayumi or Haibara with Genta or Mitzuhiko.

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Hm...our wishes are the opposite then...

Here's what I want:

1) Ran answering Shinichi's confession, his reaction to that, the couple going on an official date as a couple, they're getting married and having children...

Basically,I want a super duper sweet ShinRan ending...oh and Mouri Ran changing her name to Kudo Ran and people calling her Mrs. Kudo (dream come true for Ran...and me hihi :D )

2) Kuroba Kaito and Kudo Shinichi befriending each other after Kid and Conan take BO down to earth. You know,I just can picture Shinichi, Kaito and Heiji hanging out together like 3 good buddies... 'Being' 3 good buddies and of course,kaito has settled his revenge and no longer a Kid or maybe, he's still a Kid and have a friendly rival with Shinichi,they battle in the field but then still hang out the next day...now that would be epic! :D

3) A full DC-MK Crossover, even Ran and Aoko are friends...Just like ShinKaiHei, I can picture their gfs RanAoKaz hang out together, (don't get me wrong, I ship them as friends ;) )

4) Like everyone else, BO's history and a down to earth end for them

...I hope Vermouth and Bourbon spared cause Vermouth's nice and Bourbon's hot :D

5) A partner for Haibara and all the couples having a happy ending...

6) I expect an unexpected ending (if there is one :(  ) from sensei, many fans are guessing the ending so I doubt this would happen...

And many more that I can't remember at the moment... :D


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The biggest scenes I'd like to see:

1) Ran finally finding out Conan's real identity(possibly through Haibara). Basically scenes similar to that and their interactions

toward that (dangerous) topic. you think, it would be a huge game changer and would change the status quo.


2) I would like to see all the main characters get involved in the fight against the Black Orginazation and them having their own battles

while the main characters are for the main BO members.


3) of course Shinichi's life after the BO's defeat(if defeated that is.)


4) The future ShinRan and Ran's answer.


I have more, but can't think of what they were..

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