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What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

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Melanie Martinez - Soap

She's an awesome singer and her voice deserves to be heard. The songs ppl listen to these days like Hit the Quan just makes me cry bc it's so sad that there aren't any popular good songs anymore. What happened to them?

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If you wish to join in the festivities this winter by posting Christmas/holiday songs, you may not post a song that has already been posted by you or another DCW member this season, even if that song is sung by a different singer than the one already posted.  There are plenty of holiday songs out there that all deserve recognition, and if you're having trouble finding any that haven't already been used then you're not looking hard enough.  Enjoy the music and happy holidays everybody!

^I'm going to copy/paste this every time I post until the holiday season ends.



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Urk, I keep on underestimating how inactive DCW can be.  I'll repost my rules every other submission I make.

And while I'm at it, I'll be posting two songs at a time.






Hardest part about all this is deciding whose version of each song to use......

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