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Restricting 'cast' section

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Going through the wiki, I've noticed an expansion of the cast section recently, a good example is Movie 18 :




Firstly, all the 'background' characters that don't actually make an appearance or even speak (Gin, Chianti, Korn...). In fact I would think people who look for Gin, Shinichi or Heiji episodes look for episodes in which they appear or at least talk, not for episodes where they just make a background appearance.


Secondly, the cameo characters : fair enough for MG in that case I suppose (and even then...) but does Detective Kurumazaki (does anyone even know him ?) appearing even need to be mentioned in the cast list ?


Thirdly, all the unimportant characters such as Miyuki Tabeta, the aforementioned Detective Kurumazaki or, and the most ridiculous in this case, 'woman'.


I would suggest having a required minimum amount of apperances to be in the cast list and getting rid of the characters who only make a background apparance without even speaking. Otherwise, we have these ridiculously large cast lists which I don't think bring much valuable information.


Any opinions ?

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I personally feel many of the cast lists are being packed to the point of detracting from the main contributing characters in the movie and potentially confusing people unfamiliar with series or the site. In the same vein, I have been having misgivings about the unorganized overloaded state of some of the people sections which makes it impossible to tell who is relatively important with a lot of air time (like the suspects) and who isn't. (eg Movie 15, Movie 13)


I am of the opinion that the wiki should operate like an onion in layers of detail, keeping the basic information most people are looking for front and center while sectioning or spinning off pages of increasing detail and "fancruft". I see the appearances page for each character as the proper location for the full laundry list of all appearances major and background. I am not happy with the status quo of mentioning background characters which don't add to the plot (or characters that only appear in the standard DC movie intro) in the cast list.


I am not sure how I feel about minor recurring characters on the cast list. One one hand they are recurring characters which is a bit noteworthy even if no one cares about them. On the other hand, I feel like we are almost Conan IMDb in terms of our cast lists, and either need to choose between going there completely or backing away. Another concern is that a single user has done most of the discovery work regarding the the incredibly minor police and other background characters. No one has validated that person's work or proven that the characters are consistently the same character versus recycled models from earlier episodes.


Despite my personal feelings, I won't unilaterally make a decision here without knowing the general opinion on the status quo.

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Sorry for picking the wrong section, my bad.


I agree with you about the people's section as well, and it's not only the movies, far from it.






In each case, do we really need 'man #1', 'man #2', "man #3' and 'man #4' ? I'm of the opinion that unnamed people shouldn't even appear there.


About recurring characters, I think there is a level of recurring : Takahiro Sanada, for example, is now definitely worth mentioning. However, I'm not sure all the different very minor police staff have even reached that level of recurring. Having them in the cast list feels like it needlessly overloads it.


Not to mention all the animals have now joined the people's section :





Another issue is repetition, for example Gin and Vodka appear three times on the page of the first episode :



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To be honest, I think you picked all the wrong examples to make your points.


Those nameless guys might be goons, but they are pretty central to the episodes they are in. They aren't too numerous that they muck up things either. I don't think a blanket policy against nameless characters would work well in cases like The NY case, The Mysterious Passenger, or the Teito Bank Heist. In those cases, unnamed characters had major speaking roles. I also don't mind the animals in the people section. Most of the time they are effectively main case characters.


I don't have a problem with repetition either if it helps with clarity. Different cases have different needs and multicase pages often have separate cast lists for each major case part. See Red vs Black for the most dramatic example. I went and removed the final people list on the first episode page because resolution sections on other pages don't have cast lists. I suspect the editor who added it wanted to make sure the weapon smuggler was represented somewhere on the episode page.

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I personally don't mind background/flashback characters being listed with the main cast (except for those only appearing in movie intros). Though to be honest I don't really like how the text captions are currently displayed but then again that's not something too major to argue over. Perhaps we can separate the minor/background/flashback cast from the main one in different sections?


I do agree, however, that the wiki seems to be overloaded with minor police officers. Some even have their own separate articles, which I'm not really sure if necessary.


I also don't have anything against nameless characters and/or animals if they have notable roles in that episode.

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