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Confirm Shuukichi as the middle brother and move the Unknown Child to Mary?

For the purposes of the wiki...  

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  1. 1. Should Shukichi Haneda be confirmed as the middle brother and all the articles updated?

    • Yes, confirm him and update the wiki
    • No, wait for a more explicit confirmation
  2. 2. Should the Unknown Child article be renamed "Mary"

    • Yes, rename it
    • No, don't rename it

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I think with Shuukichi's situation it's definitely fine. With that postcard, and the marriage registration form on 947, there's proof.


With Mary? I feel it's slightly more ambiguous. We do have that AC hint that matches up with the name on the handkerchief, and I'd say the postcards seem to heavily imply he is referring to the MG. Still, there's no definitive proof in the manga yet, so I could see how the change could be regarded as premature. Still, could Mary really refer to anyone else at this point? I've been on and off referring to her as Mary, as well as the MG, so I can't say I'd be against listing her under  Mary for now.

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I'm more intrigued by that Heiji x Kazuha movie 21 he's promising, to be honest.  And wow, some of these postcards have interesting tidbits on them; I'll look through them all when I have time later (haha, he likes Mikasa...).


But yeah, I think it's safe to say we can change the articles now.  It's a bit tedious to have to say "middle brother" and "mysterious child" all the time.  Even if Gosho throws us a curve ball, which he probably won't this late in the game, changing the articles back to their original state shouldn't be much of a hassle, I don't think.

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One could argue jumping the gun before actually seeing it in the manga, but, in these cases and at this point, I have no objections if you do.

We did jump the gun with Okiya, confirming him right after the mystery train case because of the heavy preponderance of evidence. I don't think that was an incorrect choice given that nobody was certain that a clash like the Scarlet Showdown would appear in the "near" term later. Shuukichi's identity is not as firm as Okiya's was back then because we are relying very heavily on the postcards for proof. The in-manga evidence for Shuukichi Akai is solid, but not slam dunk. Also, unlike Okiya, there is also no indication that Gosho is pausing the teases about Shuukichi's identity for now.


A vote no is not a vote against Shuukichi being the middle bro, it's a vote to wait until a more appropriate time appears, perhaps when the plot takes a more definitive turn.

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