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Okiya Subaru?

Stuff about Okiya  

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  1. 1. Who is Okiya?

    • Bourbon
    • Akai Shuuichi
    • A new character (FBI)
    • A new character (CIA)
    • A new character (Black Org.)
    • A new character (other law enforcement agency like MI6 or interpol)
    • A new character (rival organization)
    • A new character (just a grad student)
    • A new character (freelance assassin)
    • A new character (other)
    • Both Akai and Bourbon who is reinfiltrating the Org
    • Kudo Yuusaku
    • Kaito Kid
    • A different known character in disguise
    • Someone else (good guy)
    • Someone else (bad guy)
    • Someone else (neutral guy)
    • I'm not sure
  2. 2. What are Okiya's primary goals? (multiple vote)

    • Investigate Sherry
    • Protect Haibara/Sherry
    • Investigate and kill Sherry
    • Investigate Conan (true identity included)
    • Help and protect Conan
    • Investigate and kill Conan/Shinichi
    • Investigate / find Akai
    • Kill Akai
    • Investigate the FBI
    • Protect the FBI
    • Investigate and Damage/Destroy the FBI
    • Investigate the Org
    • Investigate and Damage/Destroy the Org
    • Investigate something/someone else
    • Find something/someone else
    • Investigate and Damage/Destroy something else
    • Kill someone else
    • Something not listed
    • I don't know

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Though like mentioned, it is highly unlikely.. But how cool would it be if Subaru is an actual person who is another undercover agent under some identity, and so that suspicions will not fall on his original identity , he lent it to Shuu so they would be both benificial..but then again it would but highly unlikely that a person would lend his original id to be exposed to dangerous crime org, but nonetheless Subaru was at first seeing as an apartment holder. I cannot see how Shuu and/or Conan would come up with fake registration papers that are necessary for renting an apartment without involvement of another higher up, or perhaps a real person's id ;) ...

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There's the possibility that Okiya Subaru (presumably the real one, assuming such a person exists) is the Akai family middle brother. He is of the right age. However, it's unlikely that Shuuichi would drag his other family members into his business, since it would be too dangerous, especially with more people knowing.

It's incredibly farfetched, but I'm also open to the possibility that MG is actually a shrunken Okiya Subaru (a real person, probably not the middle brother) who is disguised as a girl XD


Honestly, this really could be possible, but you'd think Gosho would've dropped hints of this, after 317 Files/290 Episodes.


MG being the middle brother — unnecessarily complicated ruse with seemingly no explanation.


It really would be hilarious. :lol: 


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Oh, yeah—that's right. I think it was along the lines of "that's impossible" when he was asked if there was an actual Subaru Okiya.


That's too bad :v 




I wonder how Ai would react if she found out Okiya's identity? XD

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I wonder how Ai would react if she found out Okiya's identity? XD


I would love her to take the antidote and slap him in front of Conan and the professor...

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By force feeding him APTX until he shrank and sending him to live with Jodie or Amuro?

I'd like to see that! XD And it'll get turned into a whole new manga series, with the shrunken Okiya/Akai taking on a pseudonym and living with Amuro or Jodi. Could also be a TV Special where Akai dreams that Shiho finds out his true identity and force feeds him APTX. I'd give anything to watch that! XD

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