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Digimon Tri

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I also tried to rewatch the episodes..

but somehow.. I didn't get the same feeling when I was little (◞‸◟;) why?!

That's how I felt about ronin warriors. Can't lie, I had to get past all the corny stuff in Digimon, but I managed. 







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It had abot 300
My fave ones were of war greymon
Man did i spent a lot of money
But when i was a kid, the time the show aired and the time to go to school was perfect
Here we dont have much, or we didnt
Now the net is full
On that day everyone was like mad crazy for them
We didnt talk about pokemon anymore
Digimon world 2 and 3, rumbel arena are the games we played
Digimon should be like wow
It needs to be huge and full of dimensions
Not stages



this makes me sad 

The second film, Ketsui (決意 Determination?), will be released on March 12, 2016



The first film, Saikai (再会 Reunion?) was a nice intro

​lately the anime have been putting more filler then there should be 

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300? awesome. Yeah I enjoyed the first film, it was really good to transition back into watching Digimon. I thought the animation was solid, especially coming from Toei. That brief exchange between Alphamon v Omnimon had some great visuals. 

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On 3/11/2016 at 11:10 PM, Ryo said:

Same here. I'll prob watch it sometime this weekend.

I never ended up watching it haha. Maybe I'll try when school is over. I hope the films got better.

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