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Why does Ran cook in her school uniform?

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Whenever we see Ran cooking something she is almost always in her school uniform.  I wonder if this is because the animators/Gosho are too lazy to  draw her wearing different clothes, or is it because  Ran just doesn't have the time to change into her everyday clothes before starting to cook. Or maybe she enjoys cooking in her uniform, god knows why.


 Funny little detail.

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Just the life of a Japanese teenager living with a single alcoholic father and a 10y.o free-loader that frequently reminds you of your bf. The couple of minutes required to change out of the uniforn is simply non-existent.

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i would definitely bet that it would probably have to do with conserving effort with drawing a completely new wardrobe. it's a benefit that the author and animators can use in a series that seems to run on negative continuity. 


it's also a small detail, but consider how many chapters/episodes these people have to run through. small details add up --> big stuff. it would save some time, i would imagine.


though obviously the canon reason is:

she enjoys cooking in her uniform

ran is strange.

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