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Syndicate, Gangster and Angel (DCxGTA crossover fanfic)

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SO I decided to rewrite my DCxGTA crossover fanfic with some new plots. This is the summary, the fanfic will follow.



- The Black Organization are the good guys in this crossover fanfic (only for one of the main characters, they're bad guys for the other characters.)

- This story begins after the GTA V plot (I decided to pick Revenge ending in GTA IV and killed Playboy X in The Holland Play, but he cheated death xD)

- There's several fictional cities and island in this fanfic.

- This fanfic's conversation has several languages. Translation are included.

- The plots are very complex and unique.


Current Main characters (more will be added):


- Hidemi Hondou, a CIA agent

- Radek Aramov aka Krov, a Strelets OG


Current supporting characters:

- Erru Natake, a FBI agent (she and her parents belong to Elli aka Rukia Kurosaki, not mine)

- Henryk Małecki, a Polish gunrunner.

- Anna Fannie, a FBI agent who investigates drug smuggling ring scandal.

- Rody 'Adohalv' Acterian, a Cardian Height high rank.

- Plotmir Gorbunov, An 87th (aka Krasnaya Metka) OGs.

Chapters (WIP) (Names will be changed, except for the completed chapters):

- 1. Lord of War

- 2. Red-haired Angel

- 3. The Purple Harbinger

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Chapter 1, Part 1 of 2

East Pavia, West Hepburn

A Hispanic man walks into an intersection where a black Porsche 356A was watching him nearby. He wore a white shirt and a yellow bandana on his mouth. He was a member of the Spanish Lords. He then heads into an apartment. He looked around before he entered the apartment.

Inside, a gangster wearing Breton green jacket was prepping an AK-74. He was a Strelets gangster. He loaded it with 7N24 armor-piercing rounds before he racked it ready. He put the loaded AK-74 in a duffel bag before he was prepping another AK-74. A man with a tyrian shirt was snorting a line of cocaine. He then inserts a fresh magazine into a Beretta 92FS Inox and he racked it ready before he tucked it to his pants. A Polish wearing unzipped hooded jacket with a brown shirt underneath was typing in a laptop. A Walther P99 was lying around his laptop. Another Strelets gangster, who wearing a Breton shirt and a black beanie was loading two pair of MAC-11s before he was prepping a customized MP5. He loaded it with Beta-C magazine and he locked it ready.

There is another Lords, wearing a checkered shirt and a bandana on his head who moving several loaded firearms into two duffel bags. He then inserts three RPG-26s into a different duffel bag and he closed it. Another Lords gangster, who wore a purple hoodie, was talking with a Russian with a brown jacket and sunglasses. He was smoking a cigar.

The Strelets with Breton jacket was loading a SG550 when the Lords gangster with white shirt entered the apartment. He suddenly pointed the SG550 at him. The Hispanic man lowered his sunglasses and he told the gangster who typing, “Henryk, it’s the time...” Henryk looked at the Spanish Lords gangster who had spoken, “Thanks, Hector…”

Hector looked at the Strelets with Breton shirt. “Hey Radek, are you ready for this?” He asked him. Radek was his name. He was one of the Strelets OGs. His friend, Riga was a high-member of 87th Street, an organized gang in northwestern Hepburn. Meanwhile, Henryk was an arms smuggler from Poland which he have an arms smuggling ring that he run it with a gang named Trico Boyz. He also supplies their allies with military-grade firearms.

Radek replied with loading a .44 Desert Eagle and he racked it ready, “Sure…”

Henryk looked at the Strelets with Breton jacket, “Plotmir, get the car…” The Russian who smoking cigar was loading a .44 pistol and he tucked it at his jacket. He also helps the Lords with checkered shirt to moving the loaded guns into several duffel bags. Radek looked at the Lords with purple hoodie and he throws him a loaded KP90 pistol. Plotmir headed out of the apartment as Radek followed him. The latter had to wait outside as the former get the car. A ’02 Chevrolet Express pulled up near Radek he got in the passenger seat.

Riga emerged from the apartment as he carrying two loaded bags. “You know what? Since the Rollerz was cracked in 2010, we’ve sided with the Corner who hating the Northside, Westside and Odavente Rollerz.” He informed Radek.

He looked at Riga from the van. “Riga, do you have any plan to have an alliance?” He asked him.

Riga chuckled, “There’s a gang named Ballas from Los Santos who expanded to Liberty City, Vice City in Florida. Several days ago, I saw some of them in Extort Heights while I driving the truck full of Fentanyl into the lockup. These guys wore purple like us.” He dropped the bag at the van as he went inside the apartment to take another bags.

No one noticed that the black Porsche 356A was watching the arms traffickers. Inside, Hidemi and Gin are monitoring them. Erru also involved in this too. “The Strelets? Why that person decided to root out their ‘usual’ activity?” Erru asked them.

Gin replied with a flat tone, “That person cannot trust them. Even they also affiliated with the Ballas. They marked us as traitors and wanted us dead. In addition to that, we got the 84th Venice Hustlers, Vagos, Rifas, and the Petrovic Bratva who also want us dead.”

This raised Erru’s suspicion. “Really? Why they wanted you two dead?” She asked back.

Hidemi told her, “Because it’s about drug trade. Initially, only me and Gin who against the drug dealing but there’s many Ballers who defected to us. Then the Ballas’ bitter rival, the Families offered us help, even that person have a healthy relation with the Families boss, Sean aka Sweet.” She loaded a MP-443 pistol and holstered it.

A ’01 BMW M3 GTR pulled up near a club and four gangsters in mint green clad got out. They were the member of the Northside Rollerz gang. They was heading into a club named Smokahontas. Radek snarled, “What the fuck? Why these Northside fuckers show up?”

Plotmir told him, “Chill, dawg. These prep-school idiots just hang out from that club. The only trouble is why Pyotor decided to offload the stash in a rival hood.” Radek took a Djarum Black kretek cigarette from his shirt. He then offered the kretek to Plotmir, which he accepts. He then took a novel from the glove compartment. It was a Red Death novel. “Yo, you better to read Agatha Christie’s novel than shooting these fuckers.” Plotmir said as he lit up the kretek cigarette.          

Radek snatched the novel from him, “Yeah, yeah. Keep your eyes open on them.”

Plotmir scoffed, “Whatever. Just don’t throw that novel.”

Radek shot him a funny look, “Why? Because it’s priceless for you?”

Plotmir snickered, “I got a small package of Fentanyl on there! Of course I liked the book, dawg!”

Radek said with sarcasm, “Just don’t read Red Death while these prep-school idiots shooting at us.” He spotted four Northside gangsters approaching his van. He told Plotmir, “Shit, looks like these motherfuckers decided to play hard. I’ll take care of them…” He took out an unloaded Uzi from the glove compartment, “If these idiots went shit, kill them…” He handed it to Plotmir as he got out from the van.

Hidemi and Gin watched the footage. “Let me out.” Erru told the two.

Gin asked her, “Amontillado, where are you going?”

Erru flatly replied, “I’m going to call some backup. You should do the same.” Hidemi got out from Gin’s Porsche to let Erru out of the Porsche before the former went back into the car.

Gin held Hidemi’s right hand, “Kir…”

Hidemi held Gin’s hand that held her right hand with her other hand, “Gin…”

Their romance moment is rudely interrupted by an argument. Radek cursed over the camera, “Where the fuck is my Sky Gold?” Hidemi and Gin shook their head in frustration after they heard that.

A Northside gangster with a mint coat and gray hoodie underneath warned Radek, “Watch your word, shithead. This is our hood, fool!”                                                

Radek had his .44 Desert Eagle out, “Oh, shit. Now I cornered by these prep-school idiots in their hood. I aint got beef today. I want to know where that car at.”

A Northside with white sweater looked at his friend with mint green jersey, “Richie, you deal with him…” Richie was his real name.

Richie looked at Radek, “Which car, man? Can you explain it a bit detail?” He asked him.

Radek mockingly replied, “Looks like Sky Gold car. A tuned ’99 Diablo with a V12 engine and 24k rims, dickhead.”

The Northside Rollerz with mint coat glared at Radek. Their guns are out too. “You can’t have it. That’s Spookie’s car now. Get the fuck off before you will lie on your back!” He firmly replied. Unaware to him, Plotmir silently load his Uzi.

Radek replied his glare with a sneer, “Have it your way then, motherfucker!” He fired his .44 Desert Eagle at Northside gangster who talking smack twice in the face, the rounds was strong enough to blew his head off. The Northside gangster near Richie pulled his pistol but he suddenly hit by several rounds in his chest and a few in the side of his neck. Richie looked at Plotmir who aiming his Uzi at the dead Northside gangster. He pointed his Uzi at Richie and emptied the remaining rounds on him. Ten rounds hit him in the chest. He staggered to the sidewalk, staring lifeless at the sky. The other Northside Rollerz opened fire at Radek who took cover at the right side of the van before they was fleeing. Radek fired his .44 Desert Eagle at the fleeing Northside Rollerz from cover. He hit one of the three in the back.

Henryk and his crew emerged from the apartment as they heard the shootout. They also took all the duffel bags from the apartment. The Lords with KP90 fired, unloading on the remaining Northside Rollerz, dropping two of them with a shot to the head. “Come back here and I’ll drop your ass where you stand, motherfucker!” The Lords with KP90 shouted.

The Russian with .44 pistol hollered, “Hey check this out! We got someone who bugged the van with camera!” The Lords with KP90 and Riga search through their van to find the camera. The Lords with KP90 snarled at the camera, “You’re fucked up if you think you can watch us, pendejo! Prepare your last prayer before we’ll hit you up so bad!”

Now everyone know that they being watched. To add insult to injury, Riga destroyed the camera.

Hidemi flatly said, “It seems that they are pissed and they are on red alert. We need to engage them with extreme caution.” Gin borrowed her iPhone. “Bourbon and Vermouth, we got problem with the traffickers. Meet me there.” He called.

Hidemi took a LR-300 and she shouldered it. She also brought an Uzi for her backup weapon and kept her MP-443 as her sidearm. Gin took a black AK-74. The gun had an EoTech sight and a GP-30 grenade launcher mounted on it. He still kept his Beretta 92FS as his sidearm. Hidemi told him, “Let’s do this…” They got out from the car.

Meanwhile, Plotmir took out Radek’s duffel bag from the van. He frantically told Henryk, “Shit, we need to pack up this stuff to another van. Vitaly, you need to call backup to…” He called the Russian with .44 pistol but his words were cut off as Erru smirked as she stepped from behind a parked moving van, pistol held steady in her right hand and the barrel facing down the mobsters. "What was that? I'm afraid my backup[/font] didn't hear ya."

FBI agents, including Jodie and Camel, and the Black Organization members, step out together, weapons drawn. Vitaly and Hector opened fire on them with their pistol before they took cover at the right side of the van. Plotmir also joined him as he moving the duffel bag outside the bugged van. He then reloaded his Uzi, asking, “So what are we gonna do? Face them head-on?”

Henryk cackled, “Better than getting killed by these prep-school idiots…” Plotmir handed him a Zastava M85 carbine from the bag. Vitaly took a PP90M1 and he locked it ready. They opened fire at Erru who took cover near a car. The rounds shattered the car windows, sending glass everywhere. Erru had to think fast. She only armed with a .45 and the gangsters are heavily armed. Jodie and Camel had their pistol out. Vitaly noticed them and sprayed his PP90M1.

The Lords with checkered shirt took an H&K G36 and opened fire at Hidemi and Gin who firing at Henryk. The Lords with KP90 took two MAC-11s and unleashed hell at Erru’s colleague who firing at his friend with G36. He shredded one of them with several rounds to the chest and in the head. Vermouth withdrew a two-tone Walther P99 and let off four rounds at the Lords with MAC-11s. He avoided the bullets and sent a hail of rounds on her.

Hidemi switched into her LR-300 and she returned fire at the Lords with G36. Bullets whizzing past his head. Gin fired his AK-74 at Vitaly but he managed to take off before he killed him. Henryk returned fire at Gin from cover. “You still have balls to kill me, idiots!” Vitaly yelled as he emptied his PP90M1 at Hidemi. The rounds missed her and hit a FBI agent nearby. He was killed instantly as the rounds hit him in the throat.

The Lords with MAC-11s hollered, “Let’s go, comrades!” Plotmir picked a flattop M733 with Beta-C. He took aim at Jodie and fired.

Hector picked a short-barreled M610. He looked at a female FBI agent who armed with a MP7. “Cream! What the fuck are you doing here! You shouldn’t came here, puto! You betrayed us all!” Hector barked at her.

Cream smirked, “Really? That should ease you to go to a state pen.”

Hector sneered, “Mierda! I don’t want to go to a prison!” He let off twelve rounds at her and some of the rounds catch her in the chest. Cream wore a military-grade vest hidden under her clothing and it saved her from the 5.56 rounds. She returned fire on him.

Two Honda Accords pulled up near Hector and eight Corner gangsters got out. Henryk looked at Vitaly, “That’s our cue…”    

The Lords with G36 noticed several cars approaching him from north. “We got prep-school idiots on the north! I bet that they’re coming after us!” He said in disrespect to the Northside Rollerz.

Radek scowled at that, “Then they’re fucked up for eternity!” He took an AKS-74 from another duffel bag and he opened fire at the oncoming Northside Rollerz. He hit the driver in a ’81 Firebird with deadly accuracy and the car stopped in a crashing halt after hit a lamp pole. The passenger staggered as he got out from the smoking Firebird. He had a MP5A2 out. He jumped over the crashed Firebird and fired at the Corner Rollerz, without even bothering to aim despite he was shaken by the crash. He dropped one of the Corner Rollerz gangsters near Hector in a stream of bullets.

The Northside with MP5A2 turned his gun at the FBI but before he could fired it, Hidemi and Gin returned fire and they sent him shaking against the car as he was rattled with bullets. An Audi RS3 pulled up near the crashed Firebird and four gangsters in mint green clad got out. One of them armed with a L85 as the second gangster had an AKM. The last two gangsters armed with M16s. One of the Northside homies with M16s and the other with L85 opened fire at Radek and Hector and they tried to fired back but were pinned down by FBI who firing on them. The Rollerz with L85 kept spraying at Hector before his gun jams. He scoffed, “Come on you piece of scrap!”

Hidemi aimed her LR-300 at the Northside Rollerz who tried to clear the jam of his L85. She fired and she hit him in the chest then in the head. He dropped his jammed L85 as he dying with his own blood. “You picked a wrong gun to use in a gang war, prep-school idiot!” Hidemi said with sarcasm.

A ’06 Monte Carlo pulled up and four Northside gangsters got out, weapons drawn. One of them opened fire with a TMP at the FBI and he nailed two of them. Another, who wearing a mint green jersey and shorts had his PM-84 blazing and he hit two Corner gangsters. One of them was killed instantly as the rounds hit him in the throat. The two other Northside gangsters opened fire at Erru with MP-10s. Their rounds managed to wound two FBI agents.

One of the Northside with MP-10 took aim at Hector and fired. He barely avoided the bullets as he swiftly reloaded his M610 and smacked the bolt catch. He returned fire and blew his brains out. The last Northside with MP-10 took cover behind a car and he sent a burst of rounds at him. His MP-10 clicked empty now. He then inserted a fresh magazine and resumed firing from cover. He hit a Corner with MAC-11 in the stomach but he was shot in the chest in the process. He lies wounded in the asphalt as two Corner gangsters fired on him. The wounded Northside gangster was filled with hot lead and lay dead with blood pouring from his mouth.

Hector fired his short-barreled M610 at the two other Northside gangsters. He hit one of them, the guy with TMP in the chest. He stumbled, blood flowing from his wounds in the chest. He stared at the ground and didn’t get up. The Northside gangster with PM-84 fired at Radek who firing at Hidemi. Several rounds hit him in the back. Radek turned his back and he sent a burst of rounds. He hit the thug in the head, his head exploded in a burst of brains and blood. It made a sickening sound as the skull was shattered.

The Northside with AKM fired at the Lords with G36. Two rounds hit him in the arm. He aimed his G36 at the head of the Northside gangster who shot him and fired. Four rounds hit him the head and two more rounds pierced his neck. The Northside with AKM feel backward, his AKM still going off. The Lords with G36 pulled his USP as his G36 clicked empty. He fired at the Northside one handed. Two rounds hit one of the Rollerz with M16. He aimed at the Lords with USP but a stray round hit him in the head before he could squeezed the trigger. He does a back flip as he staring lifeless at the sky.

Vitaly handed the Lords with USP a fresh magazine for his G36. He holstered back his pistol as he inserted the fresh magazine into his G36 and locked it ready. He turned his back and sent a stream of rounds at Hidemi who advancing. She took cover at a nearby car, rounds whizzing above her head. Hidemi emptied the remaining rounds from cover without aiming. She hit the other Northside Rollerz with M16 in abdomen.

The Corner with Uzi fired and he nailed a FBI agent with Benelli who firing at Henryk. He sprayed the remaining rounds at the wounded Northside with M16. He hit him in the head. Six Northside gangsters laid suppressive fire at Erru and Cream. One of them yelled, “Yeah, you like that? No one fucks with the Northside!”

Hidemi switched to her Uzi and began spraying rounds at the Northside who laid suppressive fire at Erru and Cream. She hit three of them and one of the three was killed instantly as the rounds hit him in the head. It was a Northside with M4A1. The other two Northside gangsters who are shot by Hidemi fired back on her but Cream fired her MP7 at them. She hit the Northside with MAC-11 in the chest, the rounds pumped into his vital organ. Some of the rounds even came out of the back. Gin fired the GP-30 on his AK-74 at the Monte Carlo. BOOM!

He caught one of them and wound two more. Their limbs on the asphalt. One of them had unwillingly blown his left arm off. He screamed in agony as blood sprayed from the wound. He went into shock. The remaining Northside gangster took cover behind nearby cars and fired back. Gin took three rounds to the stomach. He fired his AK-74 at the Northside gangster who shot him. He hit two of them, one in the chest, and the other in the sternum. The Northside gangster who had been hit in the chest gyrated. Hidemi fired her Uzi and lit him up with rounds as he feel. She switched to her LR-300 and reloaded her gun. The other one, who had been shot in the sternum. He tried to regain balance but Hidemi stopped him with two shots to the back.

Radek sneered at Hidemi, “Yo, what the fuck are you doing there? You didn’t know about that incident?”

Hidemi glared at Radek. “You still blame my brother at that?” She asked him with a hiss.

Radek replied with a higher tone, “Yeah, your brother is a fucking retarded. Shouldn’t fuck with the Strelets OG, fool!”

Hidemi gritted her teeth, “You’ve crossed the line, Radek.”

Plotmir fired his M733 at the FBI as an Audi A3 pulled up near the van and four gangsters in Breton green clad got out. He hollered, “I need some shit over here! We got two enemies on our ass!” One of the Strelets gangsters, who wore a Breton jacket and jeans, asked him, “What happen, dawg? Why these fuckers are firing on us?” He held a Mini Uzi on his left hand. The other two Strelets homies was armed with MP5Ks. The last one had an AR-15 SMG with an ACOG scope.

Plotmir shot him a glare. “Shouldn’t ask a reason for that because you know they are firing on us.” The Strelets with Mini-Uzi replied with sarcasm, “I didn’t ask that…”

A Hispanic with mint green shirt and violet hoodie underneath, fired an UMP-45 sideways at Erru. Despite her Kevlar has stopped some of the rounds, the force of the .45 rounds knocking her to the ground. Erru aimed her .45 pistol at the Northside gangster who shot her but it clicked dry. “Shit… My gun’s out…” She thought.

“El hijo de una perra!” The Northside gangster cursed in Spanish. He fired his UMP-45 at the Corner who falls back. The Corner with MAC-11 went down right away. A Corner gangster with TEC-9 fired, hitting him in the abdomen. Still, a Northside gangster with MP5 cut him down. He ran to Erru then he looked at the Strelets with UMP-45. “Kill that redhead girl so we ain’t got death threats from her family!” He ordered.

The Northside with UMP-45 replied, “Just left her for dead, man! She’s done! We’ve just concentration on the Corner pendejos and the Feds!”

The Northside with mint green shirt scowled, “¿Cuál es la oferta? Don’t be a little puta, ese! She wasn’t hit! Kill her! Her parents’ is the FBI agent who arrested Manuel. That would send them a warning…” He fired an OTs-33 Pernach and hit the Strelets with Mini-Uzi in the stomach.

The Northside with UMP-45 groaned in anger, “Death threats, puto…” He aimed for Erru’s head but stumbled forward as he was hit in the back by Hidemi and Gin. Erru got up to her feet and she took the UMP from the dead Northside gangster after she gets rid of his dead body. She took the ammo for her UMP-45 too. She opened fire at the Northside gangster who wants her dead. She dropped the Northside with Pernach with several shots to the chest and twice in the throat. Erru turned her gun and fired at the Northside with MP5. Four rounds hit the guy in the head.

Erru also fired at the two Strelets with MP5Ks and she had killed one of them. The other one took the MP5K off of his fallen crew and fired it akimbo with his MP5K at Erru who killed him. She ran for cover as Radek and Plotmir firing on her too. “You picked a wrong gangster to kill, asshole!”

The Strelets feel back into Henryk and hollered, “Come on! Can I get something to cap these motherfuckers?” Plotmir handed him a loaded AK-74 as a Chrysler C300 SRT pulled up near the wrecked Monte Carlo. Three Northside gangsters opened fire from the C300 as the car stopped. Riga was hit in the chest and abdomen three times. The Strelets with AK-74 began firing at the car. He killed everybody in the C300, including the passenger on the back seat whose his brains leaked on the back of the broken windshield. He screamed, “Now your trophy was scrap, motherfucker!”

Vitaly hollered, “Let’s go! Let’s go! We’re gonna hammering these motherfuckers before they’ll do it first!” He, the Lords with G36 and Plotmir firing at the FBI while the other hammering the Northside badly. The Strelets with AK-74 looked at the wounded Northside gangster. It was the Northside gangster with AKM. He coughed up blood, “I’m fucked up, man…”

The Strelets with AK-74 replied, “I got something for that…” He fired his AK-74 and put two rounds in his head. He spat, “Shouldn’t fuck with the Strelets, motherfucker…” His friend with MP5Ks emptied both his SMGs and he wounded two FBI agents. One of them had been hit in the stomach. He turned his gun and sent a hail of rounds at the Northside. He nailed one of them.

The agent who is shot in the stomach called Erru, “Natake…” His words were cut as a burst of blood erupted from his head as he was hit. The Strelets with the AK-74 had done it. He also shot a FBI agent who had been wounded by the Lords with G36. He silenced him with several shots to the back. “Strelets 4 life, motherfuckers! Could you all understand?”

Erru aimed her UMP-45 at the Strelets with AK-74 who shot the wounded agent. She fired, three rounds struck him in the abdomen. He managed to took off despite the wound was hurt like hell. He and the Strelets with AR-15 SMG returned fire on her from cover. He snarled, “Pale face punk! You should join him if you care for him, motherfucker!” He said referencing to the dead FBI agent who killed by his friend with AK-74.

“Fuck you! That’s Erru you’re talking, coke head!” Hidemi barked.

The Strelets with scoped AR-15 SMG replied Hidemi’s bark with a hiss, “You always talking shit about this! Just shut the fuck up and get ready to die, dickhead!”

Both Hidemi and Gin returned fire at the Strelets with scoped AR-15 SMG who insulted them. Vitaly fired his PP90M1 on Hidemi and Gin as the Strelets with scoped AR-15 SMG emptied entire rounds at a group of Northside Rollerz. He dropped two of them. “You should turn your sorry ass back before we’ll hit you up so bad!” He warned.

Four Northside gangsters fired, killing the Corner gangster with Uzi and hitting the Strelets with scoped AR-15 SMG. Radek reloaded his AKS-74 and began to let the rounds rip at the backup who just arrived. Though some of the Northside wore mint green, they wore violet as well. “Die, n00bside motherfucker! You ain’t gangster, douchebag!” Radek screamed as he unloaded on the backup. He hit one of them, who killed the Corner gangster with Uzi and wound three other. The Strelets with AK-74 fired at the downed Northside gangster. He mowed two of them down. Plotmir scowled after he saw that, “Why the fuck you do that? They’re wounded.”

The Strelets with AK-74 simply replied, “Don’t be a pussy. There’s no Geneva Convention for a gang war.” He then helped his fellow gangster with scoped AR-15 SMG. Despite he was wounded in the stomach and he was bleeding, he still able to fight. Even he was able to singlehandedly take out a Northside gangster with a headshot. The Strelets with AK-74 told Radek, “Hold on. I’ll tried to patch him up. Cover me.”

A ’99 Lincoln Continental pulled up and four gangsters in Cordovan clad got out. One of them, who wore a red jersey and brown bandana, fired an AK-47 and he killed two Northside gangsters before they could got out from their car. Another, wearing a brown jacket and a track pants aimed his SPAS-12 at the driver of the Bonneville and he pulled the trigger. He blow up his brains all over the front seat. “That you’ll get, n00bside mothafucka!” The Corner with SPAS-12 taunted. The third Corner gangster with black shirt and brown rag over his cheek, fired a MAC-11 at Erru. The forth Corner gangster who wear a brown sweater and shorts fired a SG550 and nailed a Northside gangster in the neck then in the head, splitting his head apart.

A Pontiac G8 pulled up and four gangsters in orange and purple clad got out. Vitaly commented, “The Ballas also brought the Vandals, eh?” He said referring to the two gangsters in orange clad. One of them wore a blue jacket with a hoodie underneath and an orange bandana on his neck while another wore an orange shirt and jeans. He had a Jericho 941.

The Ballas with a white sweater had a .44 pistol while his friend with a purple jersey held an Uzi. Riga asked the Baller with purple jersey, “Why the fuck you took so long, HBrT?” HBrT was his name.

HBrT scorned, “These assholes tried to be a big playa. But we got problem here so we decided to outru-” His words were cut as Erru sprayed her UMP-45 on him, forcing him to take cover. “Bullshit Organization fuckers! No true Ballas rolls with the Families!” He screamed before he sprayed his Uzi sideways at the redhead girl who firing at him. The Vandals with Jericho 941 also fired at Erru, hollering, “You choose the wrong gang to deal, crazy-ass bitch!” Hidemi and Gin returned fire on them.

Henryk looked at the Vandals with blue jacket who took cover, “Yo, Ado-Half. You know these fools?” he asked him. Adohalv was his name.

Adohalv answered with a snicker, “I know them. The n00bside motherfuckers were sided with the Dolcetto sellouts. To win this civil war, we gonna outsmarted the Dolcetto first.”

Plotmir shot back, “Dolcetto? Are these idiots got a seat in Seven Families?”

Adohalv told him, “As long as there’s Ascoli and Udinesi Mafiosi, the Dolcetto won’t take a stand to have a seat in the Seven Families. I got some news that they just smuggled white from Russia. It worth ten million dollars.” He pulled a Glock 18 and opened fire at the FBI who firing at the Corner homies. He wounded two of them. “Hey, can that guy fight? I think that the bleeding fucked him so bad.” Adohalv asked, referring to the wounded Strelets with AR-15 SMG.

Plotmir chuckled, “As long he still have will to fight, it ain’t matter.” He returned fire, using a car nearby as a cover. He dropped two Northside gangsters.

Hidemi loaded her LR-300 and resumed firing at the warring gangsters. She hit the Corner with MAC-11 in the side then in the neck. The guy feel, blood seeped his black shirt. The Northside with Kahstan squeezed the trigger at her. His rounds managed to hit a FBI agent in the throat. He lies wounded in the street as the Northside with Kahstan inserted a fresh magazine into his gun. Hidemi fired her LR-300 and killed him with several shots to the shoulder then in the chest before he can returned fire.

The Baller with .44 managed to kill a Northside with an AKMS and took it from him. He fired the AKMS, dropping two Northside with headshots. “Watch your head, bitch! This ain’t a game, motherfucker!” He taunted. He then sent another stream of rounds at a Northside gangster who took cover near a stand. The bullets damaged the stand and four rounds slammed the guy in the back. He lay on the sidewalk, groaning in pain. Henryk withdrew his P99 and he silenced his suffering with a shot to the head. He then reloaded his Zastava M85 and continued firing.

The Corner with SPAS-12 fired and he blasted a Northside gangster. He also wound another but he suddenly had been hit in the back. He feels to his knees. He tried to get up but a FBI agent fired and he hit him in the back of his head. His lifeless body are staring at the sky. The Corner with SG500 screamed. “NO!” He fired in a rage and he lit up the FBI agent who shot his fellow with SPAS-12. He turned and sent a hail of rounds at Vermouth and Bourbon, “Bow down, Bullshit Organization idiots! NK all day, motherfucker!” He screamed with sarcasm. Despite the Rollerz didn’t have a beef with the Black Organization, the Northside and Corner started to hate them after the crackup.

Hidemi and Gin returned fire and they hit the Corner gangsta who talking smack in the chest and all up his left side, several rounds went into his left lungs and the rounds hit and penetrated his heart. “Say ‘Bullshit Organization’ again and we’ll cap your head, you stupid fuck!” Hidemi barked.

HBrT cynically hollered as he blindly firing his Uzi at Vermouth, “You can’t hit me, rotten apple fuck! You all are marked for dead! B-Dup gonna lay your sorry ass in the concrete, shithead!”

Hidemi frowned, “Wayne? Tell him that we will lay his sorry ass on the wall, coke dealing fuck!” She aimed her LR-300 at HBrT and fired. He took cover near a low wall as her colleague also firing at him. “Ado, that brunette and her colleague was firing on me! Cover my ass!” HBrT screeched as he returned blind fire.

Adohalv loaded his Glock with a 33 rounds magazine. His gun is automatic now. He fired, he took aim at the FBI who firing at HBrT and Radek. He hit one of them in the chest as Radek unloaded his AKS-74 on him too. He finally hit him in the throat. The agent feel, his uniform was stained by his own blood. Erru and her colleagues returned fire on Adohalv and Radek as they feel back. Now Henryk and his crew are passing North Pavia.

Plotmir hollered, “Aww, shit! I hope that there’s more idiots who firing on-” His words were cut as another gunshot rang out. He saw several gangsters in Sky Blue clad got out from an apartment. Also armed to the teeth. They fired and hit one of the Corner gangsters, killing him instantly in a hail of bullets. Hector replied with sarcasm, “Looks like you’ve got your wish…” He fired his shot-barreled M610 and nailed one of them, the one who killed the Corner gangster.

One of the Westside gangsters screamed with a rage, “Wrong hood, motherfucker! This is Westside turf!” He held an AUG and fired at the Northside. He got three of them in a sweep but Hidemi finished him with several shot to the back then the nape. Another, who wore a flashy shirt with a blue hoodie underneath had two Glock 17s blazing at the FBI. He catch one of them in the neck and wound two more. He then emptied his Glocks at a Northside gangster with MAC-10. Twelve rounds hit the guy in the chest.

It didn’t take a second for Erru to figure out that upon hearing the shooting, the Westside assumed the Northside or the Corner was trying to take over their hood or the FBI raided them. So now, it was a 4-Way standoff. A Westside gangster wearing a blue sweater fired an Uzi and killed a FBI agent with a headshot. He screamed, “Someone took care of these fuckers!” A ’08 Lucerne rolled up and the occupants riding shotgun. Erru stayed low as the Westside inside the Lucerne kept firing.

Erru fired her UMP-45 at the Lucerne and she killed the driver with a headshot. The car stopped and three Westside gangsters got out. One of them had an AK-74 while the other two are armed with MAC-10s. They opened fire and two Northside homeys was dropped in a hail of rounds. The Corner with AK-47 fired and he hit one of the Westside gangsters with MAC-10. Several rounds hit the guy in the back and he was dead before he hit the asphalt as his spinal cord was severed. “Hope you watch your back, punk-ass motherfucker!” The Corner with AK-47 taunted.

Two Westside gangsters ran forward from a house. One of them had an H&K G36C and the other one held a modified MAC-11. Erru spotted them and fired. Three rounds hit the Westside with modified MAC-11 in the back, causing him to gyrate. Hidemi finished him off with two shots to the sternum. The Westside with G36C took cover behind a fence. He returned fire at the Northside from cover. He managed to wound one of them. The Westside with Uzi ran into him. They opened fire at Hidemi. Erru fired her UMP-45 and hit both of them. One in the head, the other in the neck. The Westside with G36C had died as soon as he was hit. The Westside with Uzi gushed blood and he lies dead on the sidewalk with a pool of his own blood.

Two more cars arrived and more armed gangsters in Sky Blue clad got out. The Vandals with Jericho 941 fired and he took out one of the Westside gangsters with a headshot. He took the guns from him, an HK33. “Gimme that you Coast Bustas!” He fired and hit the Westside homie who firing at him. Four rounds hit the guy in the stomach, causing him to gyrate. Plotmir finished him off with ten shots to the back. He hollered, “Slovoch! Don’t these idiots even give up?”

The Lords with G36 scowled, “Because this is their hood. They’ll do anything to keep the attackers out of their hood.” He fired his G36 and dropped a Westside wearing a blue jacket and a white hat.

“We’re gonna get the fuck out from this hood. These bitches went mad!” HBrT called as he emptied his Uzi at oncoming Westside gangsters. He shredded two of them. HBrT reloaded his Uzi and he jumped over an abandoned car and sent a hail of rounds at the Westside gangster who entrenched themselves at a parking lot. He dropped two more Westside gangsters. He and his crew started to run. Riga groaned, “Rosello? Shit it’s gonna be worse!”

A ’03 GMC Suburban rolled up and three Westside gangsters opened fire with Kbk wz. 88 Tantals, the Polish version of the AKS-74 while the driver had his Beretta 93R blazing at the Northside gang members. He dropped a Northside gangster in the throat while the shooters nailed three FBI agents and two Northside gangsters. Two Northside gangsters fired back and the driver was hit in the chest. He didn’t have time to cover himself before he took several rounds to the neck. The Suburban stopped and three Westside gangsters with Tantals got out. They opened fire at Erru and Bourbon who took cover behind a car. They kept their head down as the bullets rained down on them. One of them taunted, “How you like that, Bullshit Organization motherfuckers!”

Hidemi and Gin returned fire and they dropped two of the three Westside with wz. 88 who fired at Bourbon and Erru. The last Westside gangster with Tantal fired at the FBI. He wounded two of them but he was hit in the process. Two rounds hit him in the side. He saw Erru who held her UMP-45 on him. Before the Westside gangster could do anything, Hector and the Ballas with AKMS fired and they hit the Westside gangster in the back of the head. HBrT hollered with sarcasm as the Westside are falling back, “Yeah, back the fuck off, Wetland Cokehead Crew!”

He ran into nearby dead gangsters and he loot their bodies, “Yo what the fuck are you doing, homie? This is not the time to be robbing the grave!” Adohalv screeched at him as he emptied his Glock 18, hitting the Westside with AK-74 in the chest but also tearing his throat open.

HBrT snorted, “Don’t worry! I got this, just call Valther in the case we got a lot of stuff… including a novel…” He then started to search for loot inside the Lucerne after looting the bodies. He then found a novel and several bricks of cocaine. Bullets flying past the car. HBrT found the Northside gangster who fired at him and he emptied his Uzi from the car. It was a Northside with MAC-10. Some of the rounds hit the gangster in the chest and three more rounds pierced his throat. He hit the floor as he discharged his MAC-10 as his eyes went dead.

Bourbon took a wz. 88 off of a dead Westside gangsters. He checked the ammo inside the Tantal. It still has ten rounds remaining. “If these guys are using armor-piercing rounds, then we’re dead for sure…” He thought. He also took the ammo for his Tantal.
The Baller with AKMS yelled at HBrT as he reloaded his Uzi, “You got the stuff, dawg?” Hidemi and Bourbon fired their gun at HBrT, bullets whizzing above his head. The Baller with AKMS returned fire on them.

HBrT fired his Uzi at the oncoming Northside, hollering, “Cover my ass, partna! I gotta load the snow! It gonna be worth six hundred grand!” He started to load the cocaine from the car into the bag as Adohalv and the Baller with AKMS covered him. “Hey, these N00bside idiots are trying to flank us!” Radek yelled as he emptying his AKS-74 at a group of FBI agents. He wounded two of them as the 5.45 rounds penetrated their vests.

Adohalv noticed it and he fired his Glock 18, taking aim at the Northside who tried to flank them. He nailed one of them with several shots to the chest and wounded another. It was a Northside gangster with a SPAS-12 who wounded by Adohalv. Vitaly pulled his .44 after his PP90M1 ran out of ammo. He emptied his .44 at the remaining Northside gangster who tried to flank. He hit two of them in the head. Vitaly approached the remaining gangster, the Northside with SPAS-12 and he aimed his .44 at the wounded gangster. He tried to hold the shotgun and Vitaly took the weapon from him and aimed it at his face. “Let it bleed, player…”

He fired and the gang member’s face exploded in a fountain of blood erupting from the broken skull and cartilage and brain matter, which stained his fresh white shirt. No sign of his face nor the mint bandanna remained. The Northside with Uzi fired on him but missed. Vitaly fired the SPAS-12 again. He hit the guy and he blowing his kneecap out as he feel with face first. His SPAS-12 is now empty and he took out his .44 again. He finished him with several shots to the back. He then ran into Henryk and the others.

HBrT started to feel back as he blindly emptying the remaining rounds into FBI agents who approaching him. He nailed two of them. His rounds also hit an innocent bystander nearby. “Watch where you aim that shit, fool. If you kill another, the Feds will come at us harder now!” Adohalv yelled. HBrT replied with sarcasm, “You got homing bullets, fool?” He returned blind fire, much to Adohalv’s disgust.

Henryk yelled to his crew, “Come on! These motherfuckers won’t give up until we’re dead!” He then handed Vitaly ammo for his SPAS-12 and PP90M1. He loaded the shotgun again and he switched it to semi-auto mode, another reason why it was his favorite kind of guns. Radek told them, “I got you all covered! Go!” They started to run into the van as Henryk, Vitaly and Radek covered them. He fired at three FBI agents who approaching from the north and he blasted two of them down. Vitaly turned back and he fired the SPAS-12 at two Northside gangsters. He hit one of them in the head, his head blown in a bloody mass of brains and skull. The other one was hit in the stomach, his intestines revealed by the deepness of the wound.

Adohalv told him, “Yo, gimme the shotgun. I got some fireworks show for them.” Vitaly do that and he loaded his PP90M1 again. A van pulled up and six Northside gangsters got out, weapons drawn. Vitaly opened fire on them, he lit two of them and wound another. The other Northside took cover at the van and returned fire on him. Adohalv fired his SPAS-12 and hit a Northside gangster in the chest. He blasted a big hole in the gangster’s chest and that was that.

Adohalv loaded the SPAS-12 with FRAG-12 rounds and he switched it to pump-action mode, in the case there is something dangerous happen to his SPAS-12. A ’99 Civic rolled up and the passengers opened fire with MP5A3s. Adohalv let off two rounds at the car. BOOM!

The Civic exploded in a deafening blast and Radek yelled, “Oh shit! Look what you did, man!” The explosion also involved four parked cars. One of the cars had caught fire. Then it had exploded. The explosion caused the other cars to catch fire. The gangsters inside the ’99 Civic wouldn’t survived it. Adohalv switched his SPAS-12 to semi auto mode. Either he went insane or he just decided to take out the oncoming Northside in a sweep. Riga hollered, “Shit! We got these n00bside motherfuckers on the front!” Adohalv spotted it and fired. Two FRAG-12 rounds struck into a ’09 Lancer and exploded. The explosion set a chain reaction of explosions. Henryk commented, “That’s not insane anymore. It’s overkill!”

Riga told them, “I got a van there. Might we can get the fuck outta here fast from these idiots.” He then looked at the Strelets with AK-74 who tend his fellow with AR-15 SMG. “We need to think about him first.” Riga told Henryk.

Hidemi and Cream took cover near a car as Erru and Gin firing at the gangsters. Several rounds hit the Lords with MAC-11s in the abdomen. He tried to get up but Vermouth killed him with two shots to the throat. The guy feel, blood streaming from his wounds.

The Lords with G36 fired his gun in a rage at Vermouth as he feel back to the van. “That was my ese, pinche cabron!”

Henryk hollered at him, “Get into the van! We can exact revenge on them later!” Plotmir kicks the van’s driver in the stomach before he got in the front seat.

Riga yelled, “Exchange your guns! We’re gonna leave!” Vitaly exchanged his PP90M1 for the Lords’ G36 as he took Hector’s M610. Vitaly spraying his newly acquired G36 at the Northside gangsters and hit two of them. One of the gangsters who have been hit by Vitaly tried to fire back but the Lords with M610 finished him off. He asked Henryk, “Hey, how’s the wounded? We can’t take him on a heat like this.”

Adohalv told him, “I’ll take him to the ER…” He said referencing to the wounded Strelets with AR-15 SMG.

The Strelets with AK-74 reloaded his gun. “Thanks dawg…” He said.

HBrT fired his Uzi at the Northside, hollering, “We’ll find a place to offload the snow.”

Adohalv pointed at a car and said, “Use that car. Or jack it.” He said referencing to a Lexus GS. The Vandals with HK-33 reloaded his gun. This was the most intimidating jack-move for his life. Or the most insane. “Get the fuck out of the car, bitch before I’ll cap your ass!” He told the guy as he pointed his HK-33 at the window. The driver got out and the Vandals with HK-33 gun whipped him to the asphalt, face first. Adohalv screeched at him, “Aw, shit! What the fuck are you doing?”

The Vandals with HK-33 scorned, “I do that in the case that motherfucker has a gun or something.” He loaded the coke into the trunk of the Lexus before he returned fire at the Northside. He nailed one of them, twice in the stomach and the third round in the throat.

Adohalv mockingly told him, “He won’t find it, dawg…” He went into the Lexus GS as the Vandals with HK-33 took the wounded Strelets gangster into the backseat. HBrT sprayed his Uzi from the Lexus, mowing down two FBI agents who approaching. He also emptied the remaining rounds at a Northside who firing at Adohalv’s car. He hit him in the head. “Hit the gas, mothafucka! We got the snow on board, dawg!” HBrT hollered to Adohalv.

Adohalv drove off. “We gotta go! Hasta Luego…”

The Strelets with AK-74 broke into a ’76 Camaro. He got in the driver seat while his friend with MP5Ks took the passenger seat. “Take care, comrades… See you in the Algarve Hill!” The Strelets with AK-74 said as they leave. Henryk unloaded the remaining rounds of his Zastava M85 from their newly acquired getaway van. “Riga! Do it.” Riga walked from the back of the van, he held a RPG-26. He aimed the sight of his RPG-26 before he pointed it at the car. “Блядь, граната! Вниз!” Hidemi warned them in Russian as Riga fired the RPG-26 at the Pontiac G8. BOOM!

(Fuck, grenade! Get down!)

Cream grabbed Erru and tackle her down as the Pontiac G8 exploded and incapacitating several FBI agents. Hidemi and Gin also caught in the explosion, knocking them to the asphalt. “So that guy didn’t kill us but he blow up the car. What a smart move…” Hidemi bitterly said.

Gin resumed Hidemi’s words, “To make a distraction…” He helped her up.

Cream looked at Erru. “Natake, are you okay…?” She asked and Erru weakly replied, “I’m fine, Fannie…” Fannie was her real name. Cream helped her up. “Come on, Erru. Up and at ‘em.” She said as she dusting herself.

Riga disposed the spent RPG-26 and he began to run into the van. “He’s going to escape!” Jodie yelled to her colleagues.

Hidemi and Gin returned fire at Riga and they hit him in the right kneecap. He hit the ground hard and groaned. Henryk and Radek jumped out from the van to evacuate Riga. Henryk helped Riga to his feet as Radek firing his AKS-74 at Hidemi and Gin. A FBI agent fired on him from the roof. Radek turned to his back; he aimed his AKS-74 at the FBI agent on the rooftop. He fired two shots and one of the rounds hit him in the abdomen. Radek fired again and he hit the FBI agent in the left leg, causing him to fall from the roof. If the gunshots had not killed him, the fall had. Henryk cynically said, “Hope that guy land smoothly next time… If he still alive…” He escorted Riga into the van as Radek provided them cover fire. He got in the van.

Bourbon watched the van speeding away, “Where the hell are they going?”

Erru told him, “Don’t worry. I’ve planted a tracker…” She reloaded her UMP-45.

Hidemi shook her head, “We need to take care of these idiots first-”

Vermouth snapped her words, “Forget them. They’re falling back. I can’t believe that the Ballas marked us for dead.”

Bourbon told her, “We need to talk this later. We need to find the van before these traffickers do something insane…”

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Chapter 1, Part 2/2



Plotmir drive the van carelessly as Henryk and Vitaly looked at Riga. “Henryk, we need to tend Riga’s wound first before we outrun the cops…” Vitaly said.

Henryk looked at Riga and said, “This would be pain as hell. Don’t scream!” He gritted his teeth as Henryk stopped the bleeding on his right kneecap with a duct tape. The van turned left, passing a one-way street in opposite direction. The Lords with M610 scowled, “Hey, you just passing a one-way street in the wrong side, ese!”

Plotmir sarcastically replied, “Fuck you, that’s an emergency!” He stopped his van as two cars, an Audi A4 and ’96 Chevrolet Van blocked a T-intersection. The drive of the Audi sedan scowled as he got out from the car, “Watch your driving, you idiot! Where are you going?”

Radek sighed, “Damn. Road blocked. What should we do?”

Henryk demanded, “Get out.” He and Plotmir got out as the other gangsters followed him with their stash. The Baller with AKMS helped Riga to walk. The driver of the Audi sedan feel back as the gangsters got out from the car. So did the driver of the white van.

They used a shortcut to slow their pursuers. Plotmir turned his back to check no one is followed. “I got an ambulance there. Hope that they have medicine to tend Riga’s wound.” Radek said, pointing his hand at an ambulance near a fountain.

Plotmir noticed several squad cars and many bystanders nearby. “Shit, looks like it’s an accident there. We’ve need to snatch the ambulance and get the fuck out from here.” He told them.

The Lords with M610 snickered, “What’s this? Some shitty show? Can I get videotaped?” He said referring to the TV van near a parked Mazda RX-7.

Riga laughed at that, “Kept dreaming… Unless if you want to be a rapper…” He mocked him.

A reporter asked Yoko, “Yoko what happened?”

Yoko turned her face away from camera, “Please don’t film!”

The reporter asked her back, “Whose fault in this accident?”

Yoko tried to shoo the reporter as she was calling someone, “Please, don’t film!”

A bystander said, “She probably bought her driving license.”

The Baller with AKMS tends Riga as they are heading into the ambulance. Plotmir looked at the cops, they didn’t notice him as they was too focused to the accident.

A boy looked at the gangster who heading into the ambulance. “Look dad! These guys have an automatic weapon!” He said to his dad.

He looked at the accident, ignoring his son, “Nice car. It could be automatic. But what about that guy’s car? Is that Oldsmobile?” Erru and her colleagues are approaching the traffickers, using cars nearby as cover. Radek noticed them and he raised his AKS-74 and fired. The shot caused everyone to panic and took cover. Even the cops. The Baller with AKMS screamed, “Fuckers!” He and Riga began firing at Erru and her colelagues.

Somebody yelled, “There you are, you fucking snitch!” Henryk spotted two bikers on a pickup both dressed in black leather jackets with patches on it. They were the members of the Angels of Death. The passenger fired a MAC-11 at the Lords with M610. Vitaly aimed his G36 on him and fired. He hit the passenger in the head, splitting it apart and the biker’s red brains sprayed the windshield. The pickup stopped and the driver got out, he held an automatic Glock.

Riga called, “Who the fuck is these guys?”

The Lords with M610 scowled, “Shit, it’s the Deadbeats! They’re tried to snatch our drugs since 2008!” He fired at Hidemi but not one rounds reached her.

A Dodge Ram Van pulled up and two Angels with Uzis got out from the back of the van. The bikers opened fire and they hit Plotmir in the abdomen before he went to cover. He fired his M733 in rage and mowed both of them down. The Angels on the passenger seat of the van got out and Henryk greeted him with a ten round burst from his Zastava M85. Five rounds hit the biker in the head. The Lords with M610 yelled, “Rápido muerte, pendejos! Fuck the Angels of Death!” He fired and nailed the Angels with the automatic Glock with twelve rounds to the chest.

Three Angels biker came out from a van firing guns, one carried an automatic Armsel Striker while another carried an AIMS, the Romanian version of the AKMS. The last biker had a modified Uzi. “That was our drugs, you fucking cocksucker!” The Angels with AIMS yelled.

The Lords with M610 fired and he hit the Angels who yelled that in the leg. He attempted to get up but the Lords with M610 shot him in the head. “That’s our drug, pendejos! Now back the fuck off before we’ll spray the street with your fucking blood, dickhead!” He said with sarcasm. He fired his M610 at the Angels with automatic Striker, shredding him up with rounds.

Riga and the Corner with AK-47 fired at the car. The rounds shattered the station wagon, hitting one of the Angels on the front seat in the head. Plotmir saw the damaged windshield turned red with blood. “Deadbeats puto! Rápido muerte! Kill these fuckers!” Hector shouted to his crew. The Baller with AKMS and the Lords with M610 opened fire and they lighting the station wagon up with bullets. One of the Angels on the backseat went down as the rounds pierced one of his lungs.

The Baller with AKMS spotted several Angels is approaching from a gas station. He barked, “Ohh fuck! Watch our right! These Deadbeats tried to flank us!” He, Radek, and Vitaly started to engage them in the gunfight. Three Angels dropped in the process. Near the gas station, six Angel bikers are entrenching themselves near the gas station. One of them fired an MP5A2 at Radek while another one had his CZ-75 blazing. An Angel biker with a leather vest with a shirt underneath warned the other bikers, “Careful! Do not hit the gas pump or the chemical tanker. Solar, these assholes didn’t know if the stuff was ours…” the biker with leather vest said, referencing to the Angel bikers with MP5A2.

An Angel biker with a MP5 took out a cigarette and his friend, who armed with an Uzi barked, “Why the fuck you smoke? Cant you see the fire hazard?”

Solar told him, “Calm down, Axle, he needs some relaxation after the Losers fucked up our party so bad!”

The Angels with MP5 lit the cigarette. He took a drag but it abruptly stopped as Hidemi fired her LR-300 and shot him in the head, the rounds tore into his face splitting apart and the cigarette feel from his lips towards the van. The Angels with M16A1 stomped out the cigarette. “Stupid bitch! She just killed Tony. I gonna torch her house to the fucking ground.” He said referencing to the dead Angels with MP5. The Angels with M16A1 then took out a Molotov cocktail from the van. He then lit the short fuse. Plotmir shot his M773 at the Angels with the Molotov. Two rounds hit him in the throat. He dropped his Molotov, as he dropped dead. The Angels with CZ-75 noticed this but by the time he saw the Molotov, it was too late.

Flames ignited the dead Angels with M16A1 and the van. It caused the van to catch fire and explode in a deafening blast. The Corner with AK-47 asked, “What the fuck was that?”

Riga replied with sarcasm, “Looks like we’ll get a pyro show…” Flames reached the chemical tanker. The Angels with AK-74 scowled with sarcasm, “I bet that idiot didn’t lit the chem-” He never got to finish that sentence as the chemical tanker went off. BOOM!

The chemical tanker exploded, the force of it knocked tipped over several cars nearby. Solar and the Angel with AK-74 were caught in the explosion. The explosion caused the other cars near the gas station to catch fire, causing a chain reaction of deafening explosions. There are many dead Angels in the area. One of them even had his head cut by a metal debris. It was the Angel biker with the CZ-75. Hidemi barked, “Damn! Were the bikers are idiotic enough to not smoking at the gas station?”

Plotmir yelled with sarcasm, “Fuck me! The gas station! The Deadbeats just blow it up!” He fired his M733 and he hit the Angels with the modified Uzi in the chest. The Angels who firing at Radek looked at the explosion and he shouted, “Holy shi-” His words were cut as Riga fired his AKS-74 on him. He hit him in the back of his head, the rounds took out a big chunk of his scalp. His head leaked blood as he hit the asphalt. Soon it was a puddle.

Two vans arrived and several Angels of Death bikers got out. Erru took cover behind a car. She peeked, only to be being shot by two Angels with M16A3s but Erru managed to took off after that. Hidemi aimed her LR-300 at one of the Angels with M16A3, who wore a leather vest under a red-checkered shirt. She fired off ten rounds and she catching the biker in the chest. He feel, sideways crumpling to the ground.

Radek tossed his AKS-74 to Riga as he took out one of the duffel bags. He then assembled a weapon. It was a M240G machine gun. The Lords with M610 shouted at him, “We got Deadbeats on a van at twelve!” Radek loaded his M240 with 200-rounds belt and he locked it ready. He then aimed the M240G on an Angels van who approaching. He let off a sixty round burst and he hit the driver, causing the van to crash into a pole and an Angels on the passenger seat flew out the window. He lies on the street, writhing as his legs twisted. Plotmir silenced him with a six round burst to the back. “You should use the seatbelt, Deadbeats!” He said with sarcasm.

Three Angel bikers emerged from the wrecked van. Two of them had AK-47s while the other biker armed with some kind of automatic shotgun. Possibly a modified LAW-12. The Baller with AKMS fired at the Angels with the automatic shotgun and he hit him in the right arm, causing the biker discharged the shotgun. He tried to hold the shotgun steady but the Corner gangster with AK-47 fired at him. Two rounds hit the biker’s chest and he feel backwards to the asphalt, staring lifelessly at the sky.

Two Angel bikers with AKs returned fire at the traffickers. Their rounds managed to hit the Baller with AKMS in the stomach. “Aww, shit! That just hurt like hell!” Riga looked at the Baller in concern, “You okay, dawg?”

The Baller with AKMS nodded as he returned fire from the cover. He hit one of the Angels with AK-47s, the one who shot him in the chest, the rounds tearing into his chest and coming out of his back. The other Angels with AK-47 emptied the last sixteen rounds at Cream. Two rounds caught her in the side while the other rounds hit a wall behind her. “Are this biker retarded or something? He even can’t hit me with his AK!” She thought. The Angel with AK-47 reloaded as it clicked empty but Erru put a stop to that by shooting him in the head.

The Corner gangster with AK-47 emptied entire rounds at Cream and Erru who approaching. His AK clicked dry and he hastily inserted a fresh magazine but abruptly stopped as two rounds slammed into his chest. He staggered backward, groaning in pain. Plotmir reloaded his M733 and began firing at the FBI agent who shot the Corner gangsters, hollering, “Yo, that redhead woman just shot that Corner homeys!” He said referencing to the female FBI agent with a HK416. She wore her FBI jacket with a purple jacket underneath. The Baller with AKMS snarled, “Motherfucker! She’s just infiltrated my gang again!” He began firing on her.

Riga alerted them, “That’s Kinzie Natake! Don’t let your guard down or you’re fucking dead!” He sprayed his AKS-74 at Erru’s mother who shot the Corner gangsters. Vitaly ran into the Corner gangster, who lies wounded in the asphalt, writhing. Vitaly looked at him, “You’ll be okay, comrades!” The Lords with M610 also helped him carry the wounded Corner gangster back into the hijacked ambulance as Henryk and Vitaly covered them.

Two Angels with MAC-10s fired at the wounded Corner gangster. Despite Vitaly and the Lords’ attempt to carry him to safety, he was hit by a stream of rounds and he feel face down, his eyes closed shut as blood dripping from his mouth and his wounds. Vitaly stare at the fallen gangster and kneel down beside him. Plotmir screeched, “Holy shit! Vitaly, what the fuck are you doing?”

Vitaly snickered, “I’m gonna cover this guy so these Feds won’t know who he is!” He took out a Cordovan bandana from his jacket and he covers the fallen Corner gangster’s face with it. He took the AK-47 from him and the ammo for his AK. He then took aim at the Angels biker who shot the wounded Corner gangster to death. He let off twelve rounds. Six rounds hit him in the chest. Vitaly kept firing at him as he feel backwards. Ten more rounds struck into his chest and some of the rounds even came out of the back. Vitaly emptied the remaining rounds from his AK-47 and he mowed the Angels with M16A3 down. The biker feel forward and didn’t get up again.

Riga and Hector sprayed their guns and they dropped four Angels. Henryk fired his Zastava M85 and dropped an Angel with a Remington 1100. He then aimed at the Angels with MAC-10, who shot the Corner gangster to death. He fired, three rounds hit the biker in the leg. The biker feel, howling in pain as he uncontrollably emptied his MAC-10 until it clicks empty.

Vitaly approached the wounded Angel with MAC-10 and scoffed, “Oh, now look at you. You’re fucked up. You may tried to snatch the Clan’s brown, don’t you?”

The wounded Angel barked through his bloodied mouth, “You fucking cocksucker! That’s our brown you bitch!”

Vitaly remarked, “And that’s another reason why the Deadbeats wanted that shit. Actually that’s our Georgia Brown.” With that, he fired a ten round burst into the biker’s head. His face was gone. All that remained was red fleshy mess. Vitaly walked away from the dead Angel. “До свидания…”


Henryk yelled, “Let’s go! We got hot stuff on board!” Hector went to the Ambulance. He took the back seat.

Erru approached the ambulance and The Baller with AKMS fired at her. She was hit in the left shoulder. Erru clutched her bleeding shoulder but she hit the ground as Henryk and Riga unloading on her. The latter got in the front seat as Plotmir take the driver seat. The Baller with AKMS unloaded at the AOD bikers. He got two of them in a sweep. One of them had his head split apart by the 7.62 rounds. The Baller screamed, “Deadbeats motherfucker! Next time we’ll pay a visit to your club, motherfucker!” He then got into the hijacked ambulance.

Vitaly and the Lords with M610 fired at the remaining Angels of Death bikers near the wrecked station wagon. They hit two of them. One of them was killed instantly as he was hit in the throat. The other one was wounded in the stomach but the Lords with M610 sent another hail of rounds. Ten rounds hit him in the chest plate. The biker died instantly as his organs ruptured by the rounds. There’s no more Angels in the area. The Lords with M610 looked at the wounded Angel who scared for his life and he pulled his USP. He placed his USP at the Angel’s mouth and fired. The rounds entered and came out of the back of his head. Vitaly shot him a funny look, “So?”

The Lords with M610 snickered, “We’re done with them. Time to get the fuck outta here!” Vitaly nodded and they heading into the van and got into the back seat. Henryk emptied the remaining rounds his Zastava M85 into Kinzie but she avoided it. Henryk went into the ambulance. Riga took out a BlackBerry from his shirt. He then called Adohalv, “Ado, did you know where we can hide this ambulance? We got too fucking heat! From the n00bside until the Deadbeats!” He asked.

Adohalv answered, “Don’t say anymore… Use the garage near Granewood in East Hepburn. That’s one of our turfs so you don’t need to be wetting about the van. I also take the Strelets to the hospital. My homies will guard him…” Riga hangs up his BlackBerry and screamed at Plotmir, “Hit it! Everyone is on the board! I’ll take care of these fuckers!” He then withdrew his Beretta 92FS Inox.

Hidemi and Erru kept their head down as Riga unloaded his Beretta 92FS Inox on them from the ambulance as it drive off. Henryk throws several F-1 grenades from the ambulance before he closed the ambulance’s back door. It caused a distraction, allowing the arms traffickers to escape.

Cream sighed in frustration, “God… They’re escaped…”

Hidemi looked at the fallen Corner gangster. His face now covered by a cordovan bandana, blood still oozing from his wound. She looked at an Angel biker who leans against a ’99 Ram Van with the passenger door open, he had several rounds to the head. Hidemi then looked at the Angels who shot the wounded Corner to death. The biker had sixteen holes in his chest. He still held his MAC-10 as he died.

Erru looked at the Angels who lay dead face down in the asphalt. He had several rounds to the chest and his head severed in half. Two of the Angels bikers who shot by Vitaly and the Lords with M610 laid up near a fountain. One of them was stared lifeless at the sky in a pool of his own blood. His throat was shot to shit by automatic rounds. The other one had four rounds in the stomach. Then ten rounds in the chest, exposing his ruptured organs from the gunshot wound. Erru sickened by this and she called Hidemi, “This is the most gruesome scene ever I saw… Too many casualties from the both sides…”

Hidemi nodded at her, “Yeah, the Deadbeats attacked the gangster because narcotic but ended up killed. Even they blow up the gas station because their retardation…”

Kinzie asked her, “How you know the narcotic anyway?”

Hidemi replied, “We heard that the Deadbeats accused the Spanish Lords for stealing their heroin while the Russian who executed the wounded Angel claimed it’s their own. Drug wars, as usual…” Cream looked at Kinzie, she had a concern look in her face. “How about Erru? She looked pale.”

Kinzie smiled at Cream, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her… As for the drug wars, we tried to trace who’s the original owner of the drugs…” Hidemi’s iPhone rings and she checked the message with Gin.
I regretted to say that I just borrow your sis’ Firebird because some mothafuckas tried to jack my Lamborghini. Cognac aka Vinnie.                                                          

Gin sighed, “Curse you, Cognac… Now you lead her to trouble with that…” Hidemi’s iPhone rings again and they read the message.
P.S: Yo, Jay just trashed Kir’s Monaro again. Shit, it ain’t my fault but he drove the car like a idiot. I'm saying that the East Coast made Jay drive like an idiot! He always crashing cars and shit. And for some reason now he back, all it is, is 'Jay drive here, Jay drive there'. Bullshit! Don’t tell her or her parents about this or I’m screwed for life!

Hidemi and Gin shook their head after they read the message. Obviously, Cognac made a funny of Jay’s terribly driving skill from the message. Gin then called that person, using Hidemi’s iPhone. “Boss, why Cognac borrow my sis’ Firebird? Aren’t he using his own Countach?” He asked.

That person told him with a sarcastic tone, “Shit, you didn’t know? Okay… Every one-time in South Central is going to be looking for that car because he got bags of blue meth on the car. Stolen from the Beika chapter of Angels of Death ‘cause he hated them so bad. After the price of the blue meth in black market skyrockets, then he decided to snatch some bags of meth from the Angels and sold it to someone else.”

Gin asked back, “Angels of Death? They are attacking us and the traffickers.”

This raised that person’s suspicion, “Deadbeats? So they attacked the gangsters for the brown heroin?”

Gin answered, “We heard it from one of the arms traffickers…”

That person sighed but said, “I got rumors that everyone who involved on that will either killed or arrested. Anyway, where are you now?”

Gin calmly replied, “North Fortuna.”

That person warned him, “You need to be careful. The Varangian own the hood. Just keep lay low. I’ll call you later…”

Gin hangs up the Hidemi’s iPhone and. “Why don’t we visit my cousin, Alec?” She asked him.

Gin replied with a nod, “It’s a good idea. Did you still have any piece left?”

Hidemi sighed in annoyance but said, “I still had my MP-443 and three clips for my MP-443.”

“Just pull your weapon in the case…” His words were cut as Hidemi’s iPhone rings. They checked the message.

Kerch, we got a trouble. Someone kidnapped Alec and we don’t know who the hell are they. But some of my homies saw a black Mercedes CLK just past the Cechy Flats in East Hepburn and stopped in an apartment. Don’t wore any gang colors while you head there or you’re dead. – Mountaineer X

Hidemi began to run towards Gin’s car after she read the message and Gin followed her. He got into the drive seat. “Alec? Why these fuckers are taking him?” Gin asked.

Hidemi hastily replied, “I don’t know. Better hurry to the Cechy Flats before something happens to him!”

Cechy Flats, East Hepburn

Hidemi and Gin arrived at the apartment twelve minutes later. The black Mercedes CLK was no longer there. She pulled her MP-443 and crept inside the apartment with Gin. “I’ll check the left while you take right.” He ordered as they split up. Hidemi searched the right side of the apartment. She raised her MP-443 in reflect as she opened the wardrobe. It was a girl. She wore a blouse with an unbuttoned brown shirt. She had an auburn hair. She raised her hands in surrender. “Please don’t kill me! I don’t know anything…” She pleaded.

Hidemi lowered her MP-443 and she calmed the redhead girl down. “It’s okay… It’s okay… I’m not trying to kill you. What’s your name then?” She asked.

The girl replied, “Veronica…”

Hidemi holstered her MP-443 and she asked Veronica, “Listen, Veronica. How do you know about my cousin?”

Veronica flatly replied despite she was shaken, “You mean Alec? He’s a close friend of mine. And you are his cousin right?”

Hidemi smiled and she gave Veronica a nod, “Gladly… But why are you here?”

Veronica nodded, “I was tied beside him. But I finally break free after the gangsters leave in a black Mercedes. I find a place to hide thought the gangster is coming back.”

Hidemi gave her a surprised look. “You know the captor?” She asked.

Veronica flatly replied, “The captor wore green clad.”

Hidemi crossed her hands, “Northside?”

Veronica snapped her words, “No, not the n00bside. The other gang…” Hidemi’s iPhone rings and she checks the message. It was from Gin.                                                                                                                                  

I found Alec. Damn, someone must be beating the shit out of him. – Gin
Hidemi and Veronica run into Gin and saw a horrified look. Veronica looked at Alec who lies wounded and tied in the floor. “Alec, what happen? Who made you?” She asked.

Alec smiled at Veronica, “Ver? Glad you are safe…”

Hidemi looked at her cousin in a concern, “Cousin, who did it…”

Alec replied with a sigh, “Rollle…”

Hidemi stared at her cousin. She has a suspicion on her face, “Rolle? Shit… That traitor… ”

Alec asked with a scoff, “What should you do about him? Blasting his fucking head off?” Hidemi held her cousin’s hand. She gave Alec a smile. “That’s okay. You’re my cousin, and I won’t leave you like this…” She said with a calm tone despite she was worried about her cousin’s live.
Thirty minutes later…

Hidemi called her cousin an ambulance. The ambulance arrived several minutes later and the paramedics carried Alec in a stretcher.

Gin asked her, “Your cousin wasn’t related to this, right?”

Hidemi flatly replied, “No I don’t know but we’ll find out.” A tuned Lexus IS300 was catching their attention. Hidemi and Gin could hear extremely loud rap blaring out of the car. The song Dunjeon (Instrumental) by Doom-Man was playing. The car pulled up near them and the passenger on the front seat hollered at Hidemi, “Hey, Kerch. Get in!” She, Gin and Veronica got in the back seat.

Hidemi looked at the Alleviant gangster on the front seat. “Deadlift? Since when you come here?” She asked him. Deadlift was his name.

The driver told Hidemi, “Well, Deadlift just came one hour ago. Hey, is it true my brother was laid up by one of our own crew?”

Hidemi weakly nodded, “Yes. And it was perpetrated by Rolle, Ernest.” Ernest was his real name.

Deadlift snarled at that, “Rolle, that mark-ass fuck from the Renbourne! He originally roll with us but were ‘turned’ by the some Angel bikers and 84th Venice Hustlers. I shouldn’t trust that fuck with that Deadbeats! If I ever found him again, I’ll put an AK on his sorry ass and bam! Don’t let this sorry ass live! VHK all day!”

Hidemi replied with an angry tone, “I couldn’t think why the fuck Rolle decided to turn on us. Then he decided to shake Alec without thinking the consequences! Even the Deadbeat motherfuckers are attacking us…” Deadlift was silent by that and Hidemi then looked at Veronica. “Ver-kun, where’s your house?” She asked her in a lower tone.

Veronica replied, “Pau Park, North Hepburn.”

Deadlift surprised after he heard that. “No shit! What are you doing in the Rollerz’ hoods?” He hollered with sarcasm. Hidemi sent him an icy look because that.

Veronica grinned. “Chill out, I live there when I was child. After the Rollerz was cracked in 2010, the hood now own by the Odavente Rollerz. These guy wore dark wine red clad, but don’t mistaken them for the Avignon Avenue gang. They wore burgundy clad. The Odavente have a bitter rivalry with the Avignon Avenue and they always shoot everyone who wore burgundy. In retaliation, the Avignon Avenue gave a green light on everyone who affiliated with the Odavente. That’s just crazy as hell. That’s why I decided to move.” She told them.

Hidemi looked at her, “You can stay at my house…” She suggested. Her iPhone rings and she checked the message.

Well, I have some plan to cripple Ancelotti Family. Meet McLean and me at the storm drain near Cardiac Heights. – That Person

Hidemi patted Ernest shoulder. “Ernest, take us to the storm drain near Cardiac Heights.” She ordered.

Ernest laughed, “Aye aye, dawg!”

Cardiac Heights, Hepburn

They arrived at the storm drain near Cardiac Heights. Ernest saw a Cadillac Brougham and a tuned Lamborghini Gallardo. He also spotted a ’65 Bonneville there. He pulled the Lexus near the Brougham and Ernest with his crew got out. Veronica asked, “So what we got today?”

Hidemi told him, “The Ancelotti, one of The Commission who is getting weaker after Giovanni’s death. His daughter, Gracie went missing after her father’s funeral. And many Italian crime families who tried to take out the Ancelotti crime family and have a seat in The Commission.”

Gin saw his boss who talking to his crew near the tuned Gallardo. Usually, that person wore a fine suit and a stupid mask. He also uses his voice-changer. However, this time he wore a purple shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. He also wore a black bandana on his neck and he didn’t wear his mask. He was an African-American in late 30s. His bodyguard unusually wore purple with a mix of black jerseys instead of suits and masks. They are armed with Uzis while that person had an USP pistol on his holster. He had an AIMS-74 strapped on his back.

Deadlift looked at the four gangsters in green clad near the Bonneville. They were the member of The Families gang. One of them wore a black jacket with a green hoodie underneath. He held a Glock 17L. He was an African American. The two other Families also wore green and they are armed with MP5s. The last Families gangster one had a Benelli M4. “Hey, who’s the two guy?” Ernest asked.

Hidemi told him, “That’s McLean and Carrel.” She said referring to the man with white suit and the other with black polo shirt respectively.

Ernest greeted the Families gangster with black jacket. “Hey, Clarence. How about your father, Carl?”

Clarence replied with a scoff, “Well, he’s fine. But these Ball-suckass-niggas tried to push deeper onto our hood in LS. Fuck these Baseheads. Also, we got problem with the Aztecas who started to form their own gang. They controlled the drug trade in America. They didn’t wore turquoise anymore but they wore dye and gold clad.” He then looked at that person, “Dawg, do you got something to discuss with?”
That person spoke up, “A lot. Listen up, dawg. Word is, I got some news that Deadbeats just declared war against Westside Rollerz. It’s unknown why but looks like the Deadbeats was pissed after the WR stole their shipment of heroin at their clubhouse in Cedarhurst. Or because the Westside attacked the Corner, the Deadbeats attacked the Westside before they attacked the gangsters. Fuck these Deadbeats and the Wetland Cokehead Crew.” He hated the Rollerz and Angels of Death just like Ernest and his crew.

Hidemi looked at that person, “What about the Commission?”

Carrel spoke up, “The Commission feel into a war. The Ancelotti was severely weak but we need to ‘add insult to injury’ first to finish them off. First, either we can steal or destroy their arsenal in a hangar that used as their weapons storage silently, if we are lucky…”

McLean looked around and asked, “What should we do for the Ancelotti’s arsenal first? Steal or destroy the weapon?”

Ernest spoke up, “Steal the weapon anyway. My crew needed it to waging war against the Rollerz and the Renbourne fuckers. They’re gone to shit, man. They done.”

That person shot him a glance, “Renbourne? They are shitting me… Why these fuckers decided to side with the Deadbeats? They’re fucked…”

Deadlift nodded, “I agreed with him. They’re finished off if we attacked them. We need the weapons…”

Carrel looked at Ernest. “We need a truck to take their entire arsenal but it’s a good idea.” He said.

That person added, “It’s possible, but we need to crack the 84th Venice Hustlers first to make the attack easier… Anwyay, I got some news that the 84th Venice Hustlers just storing their ‘paper’ in the bank of Teito. What should we do about it?”

Clarence crossed his hands, “Why don’t we setup a camera and set the stack of cash on fire. That would piss Rizzo so bad.”
The Families with Benelli M4 snickered, “Rizzo? He is aligned to the Ancelotti Family but was sided with the Azov Bratva. Of course, the former was angry about that shit. Meanwhile, we got the Los Sepulcros have a shipment of Fentanyl moored at-”
Clarence snapped his words, “It's not THE Los Sepulcros, it's just the Sepulcros. Los means... fuck it.” His explanation went deaf ears.

Hidemi corrected him, “Los means ‘the’ in Spanish, you dimwit. You can’t speak Spanish?”

Clarence continued, ignoring Hidemi who asking him, “Like I was saying, we would steal the narcotics but I aint risking my life to store the drugs in my hood.”

Hidemi shook her head, “I can’t… I’m and Gin is anti-narcotic…” She told him.

Clarence sighed, “I just joking about that. How about the other one?” He asked that person. He took a photo from his shirt, “Ancelotti’s new Don. His name Renzo Cavalli. Actually, I don’t know what happen with Giovanni’s daughter after his funeral in 2010. Either she ended up dead or out from the mafia life we don’t know…”

One of the That person’s crew asked him, “How about Rizzo? You forget him?”

McLean told him, “As for Rizzo, we could set up an ambush on him and blame the Lettiere family. That would add fuel to the fire.”

That person[/font] nodded at McLean. He then spoke up, “All right. Let’s go. We got a lot of work to do.” Clarence and his crew went into the Bonneville and leave. McLean and the man with black polo shirt drive off with the tuned Lamborghini as [/font]That person[/font] and his crew got into the Brougham and left the storm drain. Hidemi and her crew walked back to the Lexus and leave.[/font]

Ernest asked Deadlift, “Hey, as for the VHK, what should we do about them?”[/font]

Deadlift scorned, “Hell, we’re going to crack them apart, just like what that guy said.” [/font]He turned his head to saw Hidemi who gave Gin a kiss to his cheek. They gave a cheerful smile at each other. Deadlift mockingly asked them, “So you two have a crush, eh?”

Hidemi blushed, “Actually we are dating since six months ago…”

Ernest laughed, “Don’t worry, Kerch. It doesn’t problem. Anyway, what happen with the Rifas?”

Hidemi replied with a snicker, “The Rifas? Shit, these guys was rapidly expand their territory with the Los Santos Vagos. Not including the Ballas… Liberty City, Vice City and recently this city too. They have engaged in a cocaine smuggling ring led by the Vagos shot-caller, Edgar Ross.”

Ernest took a customized Glock 23 from the glove compartment and he handed it to Deadlift, “Money, if these prep-school idiots tried to cap your ass, pop their head with this. Sacrificing concealment for firepower…”

Deadlift laughed, “You know the drill, player…”

Western Beachgate Park, Beika

They arrived at Western Beachgate Park. There’s several gangster in yellow and blue clad who hanging out around Hidemi’s house. They were the Alleviant Heights gang. Ernest pulled the Lexus near the house and he got out. Hidemi walked out from the car and she approaching a gangster with a yellow sweater and blue bandana on his pants. “Allen, where’s your sis?” She asked him. Allen was his real name.

Allen answered with a snicker, “Same as usual. Hey, who’s that girl?” He asked, referring to Veronica.

Hidemi slyly replied, “Her name’s Veronica.” She, Gin and Veronica went inside the house.

Allen laughed, “Seriously…” He then has a conversation with Ernest and Deadlift.

Veronica looked around inside Hidemi’s house. It was stylish and cozy. “Make yourself at home, Ver-kun…” Hidemi told her.

Veronica gave her a smile and replied, “Thanks, Hidemi-kun…” She went into a bedroom to change her clothes.

“What’s up now, partner?” Someone yelled and it was followed with gunfire. Hidemi and Gin peeked outside the window to saw the attacker inside a ’88 Electra. They wore Mint green clad. The passenger on the right front seat was armed with an Uzi while the others in the back seat were armed with Glocks. Hidemi found two dead people on the asphalt too. Allen and Deadlift returned firing at the attackers.

Veronica looked outside from the door. “What happen? Why I heard shootout?” She asked.

Gin replied with a serious tone, “Looks like these idiots are attacking us. You stay inside the house and don’t get out unless it’s safe…” Veronica nodded and she went into the room. Hidemi took an Mk 14 from under the sofa and she handed it to Gin. “I bet these prep school idiots always don’t learn about drive-by…” She told him as she took a P90 with long barrel. They start out the door way and opened fire at the attackers. The passenger with Uzi returned fire on them.

Hidemi aimed her P90 at the Northside Rollerz with Uzi and fired from cover. She hit him in the head; she split his head in half as his dead body hangs on the car. The gangster with Glock 22 aimed his pistol at Hidemi but before he could fire it, Allen aimed a Beretta on him and shot him in the abdomen. He tried to lean back into the car but Hidemi fired again and she hit him in the chest. He feels off from the car as it speeds away. Allen and Deadlift firing their gun at the fleeing car until their pistol run dry.

Ernest looked to Ringgi in misery, holding his Glock, “Man… What a waste…” Allen and Deadlift ran into Allen’s sister, as she lies bleeding on the sidewalk. She had been hit in the chest several times and twice in the side. Hidemi and Gin ran into Allen’s sister and Hidemi knelt down beside her. She checked her pulse and shook her head. “Sorry, Allen…”

“Hey, that punk-ass with Glock 22 which Hidemi shot was still alive. He’s lying helpless at the street.” Allen told them in a calm tone despite he was mourning his sister’s death. Hidemi noticed it and she approached the wounded gangster with Gin. She aimed her P90 at the wounded gangster. Gin looked at the wounded gangster and said, “I know this cat. He’s the gangster who shot Amontillado.” Hidemi noticed him too. He is the same Ballas gangster who shot Erru from the ambulance. Hidemi asked him with a glare, “You can’t hide this, dipshit. This cannot be an ass whopping. Why you do this?”

The wounded Baller coughed up blood and cursed, “You fuckin’ idiot... If the Extort Height set know this, then you can’t live for much lon-” Hidemi punched him before he could finish it. The wounded Baller held his bleeding mouth as Hidemi aimed her P90 at him. “Extort Heights, eh? Tell your boss that their crew just ordered a hit on a wrong gang.” Hidemi hissed.

The wounded Baller gritted his teeth, “You mark ass bitch! And your boyfriend with his crew too! Fuck them all! That person is a traitor!” Hidemi shook her head, “We did this for a reason… We just tried to make a truce with the Families. Plus, we tired of drugs. Is that wrong?” The wounded Baller started to protest but Hidemi stopped him with a shot to the neck. She walked away from the corpse after that.

Ernest run to his brother’s cousin. “Who’s behind this? These prep school idiots again?” He asked her. Hidemi nodded, “These Ball-suckass was behind this, however the driver and the passenger on the back seat were your archenemies, The Rollerz. Especially the Corner…”

Allen shot her a funny look, “The Corner under Northside clad? They could be just run a ‘frame-job’, which that mean we blamed the Northside for this despite the Corner who committed that. They should do something better than this…” Hidemi nodded and her iPhone rings and she checks the message.

Hidemi, pick me at the airport tomorrow morning. I got some information about the Ballas. You can invite Walker too. – Kaeko

It was from her mother. Hidemi let out a small laugh. “Like usual, mom…” She thought.

Allen looked at her and said, “Let me tell this to the cops, okay? Self-defense…”

Hidemi throw him an apologetic smile, “Thanks, Allen. I’m sorry for your loss, though…”

Allen sighed, “No problem, you should come to her funeral…” Hidemi went inside her house and she found Deadlift who sat inside her bedroom. She sat beside him and asked, “What’s wrong with you, player?”

Deadlift hastily replied, “Yo, I need someone to talk with…”

Hidemi looked at him and said, "If you want to share your thoughts or secrets, I'm here..."

Deadlift replied, “Okay, you shouldn’t be surprised when I say this, alright?”

Hidemi weakly nodded, “It’s okay…”

Deadlift let out a sigh and he spoke up, “There you go… Actually, I have a girlfriend. She’s a bit younger than you and she’s beautiful. Like an angel… I dated her since two months ago but something had taken her life.”

Hidemi stared at Deadlift. “Who?” She asked him.

Deadlift answered with a snicker, “Well, shit I don’t know what’s happen with her. But two gangsters in dark wine red clad shot her in front of her parents. Reason? Cause she’s defending an innocent bystander from a scuffle.”

Hidemi looked down. “I’m feeling sorry for her… She didn’t do anything to them…” She softly told him.

Deadlift stood up from the bed and he looked at Hidemi. “I’m going to head outside. Got something to deal with…”

Hidemi told him, “Take care and watch your back, dawg…” While Deadlift leave the room, Hidemi collapsed and went to sleep.

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Chapter 1, Author's note


In the case you didn’t know, Hepburn was inspired by Orlando, Florida and Berlin. To avoid confusion because there’s many characters, our main characters are:

Hidemi Hondou
Radek Aramov

I may add another main character in the next chapter so stay tuned. I may add a main antagonist, but the character will have good relationship with some of the main characters while hating the other. Black Organization will serve as the main antagonists for the Ballas gang and vice versa.

It’s AU for DC and GTA because for some reason. The timeline is 2013 and I didn’t play GTA V. (Because I was a PC gamer not a console gamer lol.) However, I’ll make my own version of GTA V’s story (But I’ll kept the Prologue mission because it happened in 2004.). And I’ll kept Aztecas and Families as anti-narcotic gang (Just like in GTA: San Andreas). But, some of them will deal drugs and leave the gang. Time will tell…

The Ballas marked the Black Organization for dead because they allied with the Families and the Ballas marked the BO as traitors. Also, the Rifa and the Vagos expanded into Liberty City and Hepburn, which I’ll explain more detail in chapter 2.

As for the Commission in Liberty City, I’ll decided to reformed it. Adding new crime families and ‘rejuvenated’ the exiting one.

As for the 84th Venice Hustlers, they were not related to the North Holland Hustlers in anyway. I’ll made them hating the Black Organization but have a good relationship with the other protagonist’s gang.

For the Westside, they tried to defend their hood at all cost if there’s a rival gang tried to take over their hood (For example, in this chapter). The Westside was aggressive when defending their hood from the attackers. Mostly, they feel back if the attacker was destroyed or fleeing to their hood and lay low until the cops leave the scene.                                                                    

Clarence is Carl and Denise’s son. He is a Families gang member, just like his father. He, Sweet and Kendl still alive but they was moved to Vinewood Hill because their home was taken over by the Ballas. I’ll make a chapter that the Families took back Ganton (Or Davis in GTA V) from the Ballas with the help of Franklin.

I won’t make any sexual reference because I aren’t interested about it. However, I’ll make several reference to gaming and movies.

As for McLean, he was based on McCauley from Heat. And of course I’ll included heists on my fanfic.

HBrT’s name was inspired by Hydrogen Bromide. He was based on Slink from Driver: Parallel Lines. Well, for Henryk he was based on Herman from Newsmakers. Cunning, smart and loyal to your crew isn’t?

I’ll also publish ‘Police Database’ as a support and tie in for this fanfic

Okay, time’s for terminology:

84th Venice Hustlers – A gang created by mine (fictional), I’ll explained more detail in chapter 2
87th Street – A gang created by mine (fictional), this gang wore purple just like Ballas in GTA. However, they mainly wore Tyrian purple clad.
Baseheads – Disrespect term to the Ballas.
Bullshit Organization – Disrespectful term for the Black Organization by the Ballas.
Coast Bustas – Disrespectful term for the Westside Rollerz
Deadbeats – Disrespectful term for the Angels of Death
Georgia Brown – Slang for brown heroin.
N00bside – Disrespectful term for the Northside Rollerz, compares them to an n00b
NK – Short for Northside Killer
Prep-school idiots – Disrespectful term for the Rollerz
Rollerz – A gang created by mine (fictional), though the name coincidentally based from the Westside Rollerz from Saints Row. Actually, I’ve played SR2 and SR:TT but not SR1. In this fanfic, the Rollerz cracked into four factions: Odavente, Northside, Westside and Corner Rollerz. They wore dark wine red, Mint green, Sky blue and Cordovan brown respectively.
Seven Families – An organized crime gang that composed by several Italian Mafiosi just like in The Commission in Liberty City.
Sky Gold – A kretek cigarette brand based on Star Mild in Indonesia. In late 90’s until early 00’s, their cigarette ads are unique. Nowadays, it’s rare to found the ads. It’s named Sky Gold because the ‘mild’, ‘lights’ was forbidden in my country lol.
Snow – Slang for Heroin or Cocaine. In this fanfic, I’ll refer snow as cocaine.
Strelets – A gang created by mine (fictional). One of the main characters, Radek was one of the OGs. They wore Breton green and mostly riding lowriders.
That Person (Anokata) – The boss of Black Organization, or the ex-Balla set in Hepburn. I’ll give him a name in chapter 2.
Trico Boyz – A gang created by mine (fictional)
Vandals – A gang created by mine (fictional). They wore orange and blue. Adohalv was aligned with them. He’ll have a larger role in chapter 2.
VHK – Short for Venice Hustler Killer
Wetland Cokehead Crew –Another disrespectful term for the Westside Rollerz
White – Slang for Heroin or Cocaine. In this fanfic, I’ll refer white as heroin.

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Chapter 2, Part 1

So here’s the chapter 2 of Syndicate, Gangster and Angel. Enjoy…

Chapter 2: Vow for War


The next day…

Western Beachgate Park, Beika

Hidemi got dressed after she has a shower. She put on an emerald green hooded jacket up shirt over a gray T-shirt and a track pants. She went to the living room to see Gin, Veronica and an Alleviant gangster sitting on the couch. She was surprised to saw the Alleviant gangster there. “Where’s Ernest? I thought he was still sleeping on his room.” Hidemi asked him.

The gangster answered, “He went out. Got something to deal with the gang. He’ll back.” Hidemi sat next to him and they watched news on the TV.

“The conflict between the Angels of Death and Westside Rollerz come to a head, this time at a party in the North Henequen area in Beika. Four unidentified gunmen believed to be members of the Westside Rollerz opened fire on an unsuspecting party of their rival gang, Angels of Death, believed to be retaliation for the attack in yesterday afternoon. Police suspect it may have been related to the brutal assault of the man known as Luka who had AOD initials carved in his forehead. Twelve Angels bikers were killed in the shooting that ensued and ten were wounded. Police have no leads on the suspects.”

“That why the Westside Rollerz hated the Angels so bad… Blood paid blood…” Hidemi thought darkly.

Veronica spoke up, “Seriously, I don’t think the Deadbeats do that to the Westside. Probably it’s a ‘frame job’ from the other faction of the Rollerz.” Hidemi nodded at her.

The Alleviant gangster sighed, “Probably the perpetrators tried to drag the Deadbeats to the Rollerz civil war. Either the Northside, Corner or Odavente…” Another news came up.

“Meanwhile, many citizens around Beika and Hepburn saw many gangsters used military-grade weapons and SUVs to carrying out Drive-Bys. From the Loyalty Frgt in the south of Cardiac Heights, Wizerit Boys who battling the Varangian Guard gang, Hotel Poznan who hammering the Crooked House badly with their execution-style killing, Northside against the Vandals in the East Hepburn, the gangsters in lust blood aka Lucerne Hoodz, the Sharks aka the Streetwannabe’s and the Auvergne Power. In addition, citizens also saw several Israeli X95s in hands of Serdce gangsters and 84th Hustlers whom to guard their crib. On Tollburg, there’s an organized gang who wore azure clad and oppressed their archenemies, the Deckers. The Auvergne Power aka the Enraged Soldier in Azure.”

The Alleviant gangster snickered, “So these big boys are making it to the top, eh? While the Deckers started to fall apart? Fall from Grace…”

Gin looked at him, “These guys have a lot problem. From the street gang to the Chechen Mafias.” He said, referencing to the Deckers gang.

An Auvergne member with an azure sweater and black bandana crossed his hands, “I tell ya what, you ain’t an Auvergne if you ain’t wore azure. Load your gun and say goodbye to the Dickheads. Bam bam bam!” He pulled a Glock 17 and he racked it ready.

“The Auvergne was the fiercest gang in Tollburg, following by the Latvian organized gang, the Zeps Boys in the second and the Tellier Park on the third place. Auvergne Power was hated the Deckers for a long time since 2000s. The Auvergne will prosecute anyone who wore gray clothing and vice versa. Why the Auvergne hated the Deckers? Why did they ever do anybody?”

The Alleviant gangster turned the TV off. He scoffed, “Because those fools started a pointless scuffle and always getting hammered by the Auvergne.”

Gin laughed to hear that, “And they are started to fell apart. Karma for being a bitch on everyone.” Two Alleviant gangsters entered Hidemi’s house. One of them wore a blue sweater and gray pant while the other one wore a yellow t-shirt.

Hidemi asked the Alleviant with blue sweater, “Where you been, Ernest?”

Ernest snickered, “Visiting an old friend with Sreten…” He referencing to an Alleviant with yellow t-shirt. Ernest took two weapons from a wardrobe and put it on the table. It was an OTs-14-4A Groza and an AKM. Sreten commented, "That's what we call the bug spray for Deadbeats. In the case these motherfuckers are attacking us, use it.”

Hidemi smirked, “Don’t worry, Sreten. Those Deadbeats will lay dead on the ground before they could lay their hand on us.” Ernest tossed her a can of soda from the refrigerator. Hidemi took a sip and she put the soda can down on the table.

Sreten and the Alleviant with yellow sweater started to smoke. “Can you put that out? Don’t you know that’s bad for you?” Hidemi ordered at them. Sreten did and he said with sarcasm, “Yeaaaaaaahhh… Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of cancer. They say you lose years off your life with every cigarette you smoke. What a bullshit…”

Hidemi sincerely replied, “Well, that’s the truth…”

The Alleviant with yellow sweater scowled, “Whatever… You just like the others, hating smokers for no reason. Fuck you then.” Sreten sat down next to Veronica and he looked at his phone.

Hidemi shook her head, “No, I didn’t hate you. I just scold you to not smoking here. Okay?” She told the Alleviant with yellow sweater.

Sreten took his phone and said with sarcasm, “What-the-fuck-ever, dawg. Don’t gent insulted. I just smoke to chill up my mind.” His expression turned angry as he looked over his phone, “Are you fucking kidding me…? Where…” Sreten get into his feet and he hollered at his crew, “Alight, comrades. All of you, let’s go. Let’s go! Our homies are getting jumped.”

Hidemi shot Sreten a surprised look. “Where? I want to know about that.” She asked.

The Alleviant with black beanie shouted as they head outside, “We got some Deadbeats to fuck up today!” He took the Groza before he got out from the house.

Ernest took the AKM. He sighed in frustration, “Aw, screw you Sreten…” He then heads outside. Veronica looked at the gangsters, “What’s wrong with them?” She asked. She took the soda and she drinks it.

Hidemi answered her question with a scoff, “We got many shitheads to deal with. From the Russians to the Angels of Death.”

This raised Veronica’s suspicion, “Russians? I thought the Serb mobsters were dominant in Hepburn. From Azov Bratva, Vuvić Clan, Racek’s crew, Dimanenko Bratva, Izhevsk Bratva and Borjan clan”

Hidemi corrected her, “Azov Bratva, Dimanenko Bratva and Izhevsk Bratva is actually Russian Bratva, not Serbian mafia. Vuvić Clan, Racek’s crew and Borjan Clan indeed are Serbian mafia.”

Veronica blushed, “Sorry about that. Then how about this rapper’s manager?”

Hidemi explained, “Dubois Barreau aka Chercheur De Décibels, this guy’s the manager of the rapper Sky Hour. This guy has relation to Auvergne Power. Majority of the members on this gang are French but I saw some of them are Eastern European and African American. Their territory is around Tollburg but some people also saw them in southern part of West Hepburn. Their colors are azure they have a bitter rivalry with the Deckers. Dubois also has relation to the Russian mobsters, especially the Izhevsk Bratva…” She looked at her iPhone before she looked back at Veronica, “Do you want to go with us?” She asked.

Veronica flatly replied, “I think not, Hidemi… Take care…”

Hidemi got up from the sofa and she went to her car, a tuned Mercedes Benz E Class that parked in the garage. Gin got into the passenger seat and they drive off.

Adler, Beika

The car stopped near a restaurant in Adler. “Pick Amontillado here first. She wanted to hang out with us after we pick up your parents.” Gin told her.

Hidemi replied with a nod, “Sure…” Just then Erru emerged from the restaurant. She wore a dark jacket with a gray girl’s tank underneath. She got in the right back seat. Gin asked her, “What do you got from the 84th, Amontillado?”

Erru replied with a smile, “Since I infiltrated the 84th Hustlers with Bourbon, I’ve hide my red hair to make them did not suspicious to me. These players were flashy, they wore flashy coats and baggy pants but some of them have wear Harlequin clad. They have problems with the FBI for drug trade and the Flats for Rap Wars. Word is, the 84th Hustlers are outgunned the FBI with their newest firearms. Trying to get revenge on my colleagues for their raids.”

Hidemi looked at Erru and asked, “What kind of new firearms?”

Erru told her, “Mainly Warsaw Pact weapons, like AK-74s issued for front line sector, VSS Vintorez for clandestine operation against their rival, and various weapon on their crib. They also use Tavor TAR-21s and LR-300s for their ‘killing floor’ division, the Avanti Brigade. I suspect that they got the weapons from ‘Vorobey’; his real name is Anatoly Fedotov. The 84th Hustlers also started to wore military-grade armor like 6B43, IBA, and RRV. I also saw some of them are held Israeli X95s”

Gin looked at Erru and asked, “How about their vehicles, Amontillado?”

Erru replied with a flat tone, “These players used pimped European cars and SUVs, like Dodge Magnum and 300C SRT-8. They often color it with their gang colors. Bling-bling and shit, these guys also wore some expensive necklaces. Those guys also like hip-hop music, especially rap. In addition, they always cranked their sound system to the max and many people pissed off on them because that. Those gangsters also dissed choir and orchestra, simply because they think it is not worth playing it than the rap. Honestly, I disliked rap but like chorus and orchestra because rap always talking shit about someone…”

Gin then looked at Hidemi before they turned to Erru. “They called me as Ethanol. Just like the Crooked House who called me as Williams while you called me as Amontillado. But now those guys are hammered badly by the Hotel Poznan and the Sedem Mafioti.” She added.

This aroused Hidemi’s curious. “What happen with the Crooked House?” She asked Erru.

Erru told her with a dark tone, “Some of the Crooked House gangsters are defected to the Krasnaya Metka while the other are getting killed by the Hotel Poznan. Every day, five until ten Crooked House member had been shot in Beika. Execution-style killing with shot them on their back of the head in point-blank range. They feel like flies. Nowadays, the Sedem Mafioti is feeling into a civil war. There are three factions, the Balev, Hriskov and the Bachev Bratva.”

Gin interested with her story and asked, “Did the other factions are involved in the civil war?”

Erru took several photos from her jacket. “Of course, Gin. The Balev Bratva is allied with the Turkish mafia and Russian Bratva whiles the Hriskov Bratva who aligned with the Serbian and Estonian mafia, and the Bachev who aligned with the Czerwona Strzałka and the fanatical Volya. From the Turkish is Avni, Budak and Kiraz crime family while the Russian mobster who aligned with Balev Bratva is Anokhin, Pashkov and Fokin Bratva. The Serb who allied with the Hriskov is Đorđević, Adžić, Glođević and Kurjak clan while the Estonian mobsters who aligned with the Hriskov are Kapp and Vaino family. The Czerwona Strzałka is a group consisting of several Polish mobsters, which some of them is in a war against the Israeli mob and the Albanians.” She told him.

Hidemi listened to her story, she had a frown on her face. She asked Erru, “Can you explain about the Polish mob and the Volya?”

Erru replied with a smile, “The Polish mafia in Beika and Hepburn are divided to three factions. Namely, the Czerwona Strzałka then the Strzelcy Ties. The other Polish organized gang who famous are the Rogala clan. As for the Volya, shit… Those guys are extremely loyal to their comrades and will sacrifice their life for it. An intense fanatism in the mind of these soldier-gangsters. No turning back, they are held their position and kept firing on their enemies until their death. Some of them even kept firing their weapons despite they had grievous wound on their body. This same fervor also prevents us to capturing a Volya gang member, especially high-rank members and OGs. If taken into custody, the arrested Volya gangster will commit suicide in any way possible. Alternatively, if we prevent it, their rival gang or their own friend will kill them. The latter has no honor…”

Hidemi shook her head, “A true fanatic without a cause…” The song was interrupted by a breaking news.

Breaking news: The Alleviant are attacked the Angels of Death in an open warfare. Currently, the Alleviant outguns the Deadbeats, despite their number. We still need confirmation about where the gang war happened. This is Mark Robert with a breaking news report.

Hidemi shook her head in anger after she heard that, “Damn you Sreten… Why you don’t invite me at that?” The radio had Betrayal by The Berzerker playing. Gin shot Hidemi a surprised look, “Kir? Are you like Industrial Grind?”

Hidemi nodded and Gin sighed, “Whatever…” After the song ended a news report came on.

This is Richard Crane at News live at a mass murder. This time in a harbor in Beika, there are multiple dead bodies and the police are still looking for any clues to the murder. The majority of the dead members are Dolcetto Mafioso and Northside Rollerz. The other thugs were the Zettici Family. There were the members of a Hispanic gang who wore dye and gold clad. Either the Aztecas or the other gangs are involved in the mass murder.

Hidemi listened to the details on the radio. Have the Aztecas started to smuggle drugs just like Vagos and the Rifas? Or the reporter are stupid enough to mistaken Aztecas for the Sepulcros… She thought darkly. Her iPhone rings and she pick it up. “Kir, looks like we’ll change the plan. The Ancelotti are neutral toward us after I meet with one of their members and now the Ancelotti are tried to defend themselves from the Zettici crime family. They’re using a private airport as their front to store their weapons after taking it over. And they are getting slaughtered with the Dolcetto and the NR by the Sepulcros. Did you hear the news?” It was the Anokata.

Hidemi snickered, “I’ve just heard it. Which private airport are they used?”

Anokata told her, “Well, I think the private airport is in East Hepburn. The Norman Casiley Airport. I’ll tell ya when we’ll whack them.”

Hidemi smiled, “Sure thing, Walker… Stay safe…” She then hangs up her iPhone and put it on her jacket. She then leaves the area.

Ardent Airport, Beika

Hidemi pulled her tuned E Class near the airport and she asked Erru, “You stay in the car or you follow us, eh?”

Erru flatly replied, “I think it’s better to follow you.” Hidemi gave her a smile and they got out. They head to the main terminal and Erru spoke up, “Six months after my sister’s death…”

Hidemi looked at the redhead, she had a serious look on her face. “Hey, what happen to your sis?” She asked.

Erru grinned, “My sister is an aspiring writer. She likes mystery and gangster novel. She went popular after she wrote a novel about Ballas, North Holland Hustlers and Rifas gang, leading my parents and their colleagues to arrest the main key of both gangs.” Her grin fades and Hidemi asked her, “What happen then? Why your expression so unusual?”

Erru took a deep breath and she told Hidemi, “That also caused her to lose her life… She was killed in a gang war between Ballas, the fanatical Volya and the Flats.”

Hidemi patted Erru’s shoulder to comfort her, “Do not worry, Natake. We will take them down…”

Erru replied with a nod, “Thanks, Hidemi…”


There’s three African-Americans in purple clad who waiting inside the airport. They were the member of the Ballas. One of them, who wore a gray sweater and a purple bandana on his head mumbled, “Why should we wore purple? It possible that somebody will call the cops for sure!”

Another Baller, with a purple hooded jacket snickered at his friend with gray sweater, “Shut the fuck up, nigga. Even we are wearing purple; these motherfuckers will not recognized us. Just chill, Paul.”

Paul sighed but said, “Don’t worry, bro. I got this, HBrT…”

The other Baller, who wore a purple coat told them, “Here they are…” He refers to two Ballers who emerged from the Arrival Terminal. One of them wore a chore coat and black jeans. He also had a black beanie on his head. He greeted Paul, “Hey, how long we didn’t meet, playa?”

Paul shook his hand with him, “Since ’98, B-Dup. Fucked up, all fucked up. Our OGs was dead by these motherfuckers from the CIA and the Husk-ass niggas. Hey, who’s that guy?” He asked, referencing to the Baller with a purple sweater and a hat that tilted sideways. His race is Caucasian while B-Dup is African American.

Dup looked at the Baller in purple sweater. “So that gangster is Martin. He is one of the OGs beside me, Vickel, Derrick and Crow-Busta. He currently lives in Hove Beach in Broker.” He told Paul.

This raised Paul’s suspicion, “Mack? Shit, what is he doing there? Trying to ice these idiots who tried to steal our sugar?” He referencing to Crow-Busta.

B-Dup replied with a nod, “Possibly…”

The Baller with purple coat reminded his friends, “Money, I got some friends who want to introduce themselves. They also involved on the deal on here too.”

Martin laughed, “Sure thing, dawg. Those guys are backed us and vice versa.” Just then, four gangsters approached them. Three of them wore orange and blue clad while the last one wore a brown shirt. One of them, who wore a blue hoodie greeted Martin and his crew, “Bienvenüe, homie? I’m Gabe.”

Paul shakes hand with Gabe and introduced B-Dup and himself, “I’m Paul and this is B-Dup. aka Mark Wayne.”

Gabe nodded and he then looked at his crew, “That’s my uncle, Heinrich Amsel. This is my right hand man, Rody aka Adohalv…” He referencing to the man with orange shirt and another with blue coat respectively.

Martin chuckled, “Rody? I know him while I’m in Florida, dawg…”

Amsel laughed at Martin and said, “Sometime I was called Kaiser, sometime Heinrich. Up to you, dawg…”

The man with brown shirt then introduced himself, “McCrea. My full name is Kevin McCrea. An Irish Mob high member from LC.”

Martin nodded and said, “Liberty City? I know that, from drug trafficking to gang warfare, you can see it all. That’s because I’m live there…”

Paul asked Gabe, “Yo, why these motherfuckers from the Dolcetto tried to slit out throats. Are we do anything wrong to them?”

Adohalv nodded and replied, “That’s why we hate them. The Dolcetto motherfuckers have a bad relation with the majority of the Seven Families. Ascoli, Udinesi and the Bitossi Family. However, they were sided with one of the Proklyataya Al'yans. The Pyrin Bratva.”

This raised Paul’s suspicion. He asked back, “The Pyrin? How about the Izhevsk?”

Amsel replied with a snicker, “Izhevsk? Shit, I still trusted them but some slovoch just separated from the Izhevsk and joined the Ovechkin’s Pact. The members of the pact are Ryabov, Rogov, Lukin, Ovechkin and Pashkov Bratva. I even don’t know if Izhevsk is still exist or not.”

Martin interrupted, “Is that all?”

Amsel snickered, “Well, We also have problem with the Turdyev and Sziler family for drug trade. Snow and White…”

Martin sighed, “Turdyev? I know them… Those people controlled the cocaine trade in Florida from 2013. Say, do you guys use Kalashnikov like ours?”

Adohalv replied with a laugh, “Well, we used good old Kalashnikovs, VALs, RPGs, Strela-3s, 9A-91, Igla-S and Dragunovs.”

Paul looked at Adohalv, “You guys probably acquired the vast Soviet arsenal with Torgovets’ help, don’t you?”

Gabe told him, “Sure, Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947. More commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It's the world's most popular assault rifle. A weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand. It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people's greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars.”

Martin listened to his story and replied, “That’s for sure. So you guys have many enemies just like us?”

Adohalv told him, “Got many enemies to deal with. From the Cherno Kanya, The Flats, some of the Slovene mobsters, The Commission in Liberty City and the cracked faction of the Rollerz. Excluding the Corner because we’ve sided with them.”

Dup cynically laughed, “Yours better. Our gang is facing the Ho Street, the Aztecas, Los Sepulcros and many others in LS while we face Firefly Island Hustlers, AOD, and some Polish gangsters in Liberty City. Florida? Hell, it’s worst. Volodin, the M.O.B, The Alley Hustlers, Largo Park Creepers, Volya and the Sziler Family are our fiercest enemies.”

Martin asked Gabe, “So, who’s the buyer of the stuff?”

McCrea looked at Martin, “Allende. He’s a drug kingpin from south Venezuela. Word is he would buy China White and Georgia Brown for a lot of cash today.” He told him.

Paul looked at McCrea and asked, “Allende? Do you know him?”

Amsel told him, “He’s one of the powerful drug lords in the South Americas. Using the situation as his advantage. A lot people wanted to be him but there’s a lot of people who wanted him dead too. From his rival, The Commission in Liberty City, The Graves in Los Santos, and the Latvian mob here. Not including the law enforcement because they wanted him alive…”

Martin snickered, “The Graves? I didn’t encounter them in Florida.”

Adohalv looked at him and said, “Actually, the Graves was a part of the Aztecas. But in the 1996, they clandestinely smuggling drugs from Europe to Los Santos and Liberty City. Things going to loose as the Graves did not wear aqua clad anymore and the Aztecas marked them as traitors. Now they wore dye clad. They also have a relationship with the Vagos, but one day the Sepulcros decided to took the drugs for themselves, pissing them off. You may do not know about the Sepulcros because you did not encounter them in Florida. Ask Paul about that.”

Martin nodded, “That’s why the Vagos hated the Graves so bad… Some of my crew was decided to play rough. They were anti-narcotics and they ain’t wore purple anymore. They wore black clad. And they are affiliated with the Feds motherfuckers. The Bullshit Organization aka Toulouse Heights Crew.”

Paul scoffed, “Ho Street? Some of them are dealing drugs. Fucking hypocrites.”

Amsel nodded, “Ja, but those guys are marked for death by the Families. No drugs on the hood bullshit. I bet that they have tried it once. Meanwhile, I just set a deal with an Indonesian gang named ‘The Hoods’ to buy several cars and firearms from them, mainly Pindad firearms. The deal will be conducted several days later.”

The Baller with purple coat asked Amsel, “You know the Irish gangster?” He was referring to McCrea.

Martin told him, “He’s one of the prominent figures of the Irish Mob in Liberty City. The McRearys. After the death of Jimmy Pegorino, the Irish Mob reclaimed back their territory and they’re the strongest organized gang beside the Commission and the Petrovic Bratva.”

B Dup looked at him and asked, “Petrovic? What happen with the Rascalov and Bulgarin Bratva?”

Adohalv cackled, “Bulgarin blow himself up on his personal jet while Dimitri had a hole on his each kneecaps and another on his head at Platypus along with his henchmen while they tried to escape to Russia using the Platypus. This leads to the dissolution of the both of the Bratvas and paved Kenny to be the strongest of the Russian Bratva in Liberty City.” They are arrived on the hangar where the deal are held. There’s several Vandals gangsters, who had their weapons out and Allende with his henchmen. His bodyguards are armed with M4A1s while he had a .44 Desert Eagle. Adohalv commented, “High rollers… I even issued M4A1 only to the Vandals OGs.”

Gabe looked at his van which guarded by four Vandals gangsters. They armed with 9A-91s and X95Ls. Paul joked, “Shit, these guys still must be hardened soldiers…”

Amsel laughed, “For sure, player… Those guys are ex-SEAL elite troops.”

Allende looked at the buyers and spoke up, “You brought the Brown and the White, si?”

Gabe opened the back of the van. “Just like I said, ese. Thirty kilos and pure. You got the green, dawg?” He asked Allende. His men headed into a car, a ’05 Corvette C6. "Unmarked bills. There's five million there. It’s a bit more than it’s worth but hey, I'm a generous guy eh? Okay, me and my guys will take the van. You can take the car. I can buy ten more of these." He said. Adohalv nodded.

Gabe shaking hands with Allende, “It’s a pleasure to do deal with you, Mr. Allende. We can do this again next time…” He then turned to his crew, “Can someone drive this car to the crib?”

HBrT scowled, “Not me, please. I got problem with the Feds before so I won’t risking my ass to drive a car filled with drug money.”

Gabe shot him a funny look, “What did you do on them, dawg? Shoot them?”

Adohalv told him, “No, we just blasted the Northside and Westside who trying to snatch the Strelets’ arsenal. Moreover, looks like the Deadbeats attacked them while we were retreating with HBrT’s coke. We need some place to offload the coke, and then sold it to someone else. Shit’s fucked up right here… Looks like the coke are cursed…”

Gabe replied with a nod, “Alright. See you in the crib. Ado you can take the car. We can split the money later.” They split up.

Ten minutes later…

Martin and his friend are inside the airport and McCrea joined them. The Baller with purple coat looked at Martin, “Shit, the Ho Street motherfuckers are giving us heat. These hypocrites’ niggas just tried to push us down with the help of the Aztecas.” He told him.

Martin replied, “That’s could be intense for a gang war. Say, what happen to Kilo Trays while I’m left to Florida?” He asked the other.

Paul answered with a snicker, “Kilo Trays? Shit, that set just dissolved four months after you left LS. Now there’s several gangs who taken the Kilo Tray turf as their own but the Front Yard Balla are still rolling. Then the Temple Drive Ballas is back and we expanded further to the south. Better than our crew who imprisoned by that writer’s sister and her parents…”

Martin glanced at Paul and asked, “Who?”

Paul sighed but said, “Well, there’s a writer who writing shit about us, the North Holland Hustlers and the Rifas in Florida, causing the Feds to arrest the key member of the both gangs. Still, hope that her parent wouldn’t realize that we’ve involved on that ‘cursed’ shootout…”

Martin chuckled, “Don’t remind me about that shit, dawg. She’ll make our day just like in Hell.”

HBrT hollered after he heard that, “Don’t worry about that shit, nigga! That bitch’s dead and we only concerned about the Ho Street and the Fake-ass niggas.”

Erru, Hidemi and Gin are walking inside the airport. They has meet with Hidemi’s parent and her parents decided to go to her house on their own. “What would you do on the Guma’s crew?” Erru asked.

Hidemi flatly replied, “Honestly, Erru. We would catch some of the Guma’s crew if the Borjan Clan aren’t allied with them. Those mobsters are issued with high-end military-grade weaponry to outgun their rival mob and the cops. Even the Feds also outgunned by the Borjan Clan.”

Erru interrupted her talk and ordered, “Pull your gun out, both of you.”

Gin looked at her. “Why?” He asked.

Erru pointed at Martin and his crew whom walking towards them, “Look at these guys in purple clad. They’re catching my attention.”

Hidemi looked at them and said with a serious tone, “It’s the Ballas. Why those guys are exposing themselves to the public with wore their color? Trying to start another gang war?”

Gin coldly replied, “I don’t know. Maybe those guys have no life…”

Martin looked at Paul and asked, “Man, why don’t we sell that ‘cursed’ snow to lose heat?”

HBrT scowled, “Shit, too many fools who wanted the snow. From the Deadbeats to the Graves. Look, I’ll call ya if I found a buyer for this snow.”

Paul noticed Erru, Hidemi and Gin are watched him in suspicion. He told the other, “Check that out, somebody watching us…”

HBrT looked at Erru in concern. “Nigga, I know that redhead girl. She tried to arrest me in a gang war against the Northside and Westside. I ain’t want to back to the pen…” He told them and Martin sighed, “She won’t notice us, dawg. Just keep walking and don’t do something suspicious…”

Paul then looked at Martin and said, “Alright nigga, if that redhead does some shit, you’ll know the rest…”

Martin replied with a sigh, “Okay…”

The gangster kept walking towards Erru and her friend. “Stop!” She ordered them, she holding out her arms and blocking their path. Paul sighed in frustration, “Ah, shit… Here we go….”

McCrea told them, “If something went sour, cap that redhead with her friends and guns blazing…”

HBrT chuckled, “I got that shit, dawg…”

The Baller with purple coat asked Erru with a flat tone to avoid suspicion, “What is it, homie? Why you blocking our way?”

Erru crossed her arms, glaring at the Baller who spoke. "I have reason to believe you are involved in illegal activity. What are you doing on the hangar?" She stood her ground as Hidemi and Gin watched the Ballas gangsters in suspicion. "I'm not moving until you give me an explanation that alleviates the aforementioned suspicion..." She stared coldly ahead, her adrenaline having calmed and her lips pressed tightly together in an ambiguous expression.

The Baller with purple coat casually replied to avoid suspicion from Erru, Hidemi and Gin, “Easy, homie. There’s a misunderstanding about us. We didn’t do anything suspicious, we just place some tuned cars on the hangar to load some stuff.”

Ethan emerged in front of his daughter, he held a harddisk. “Unfortunately, that thing which your friend said is a lie. If you didn’t say the truth, then this is the last time you breathe a fresh air before you guys went to prison. I have several evidences against your gang.” He said in a serious tone.

Martin stared at the hardware in shock, “Man, that mark-ass fuck had the evidence on us…”

Erru smirked at Martin, “Now if you do not want to watch that secret stuff are leaked to the Feds, then I’ll suggest you to told us what are you did on the hangar. We’ll keep the secret of this hardware, as long as you didn’t decide to take innocent lives for your pointless reasons.”

Martin scorned at her, “Listen up, you trash talking fuck. I don’t give a fuck for what are you saying. Open your fucking eyes, you fucking bitch. Everybody tried to kill everybody only because they went insane.”

Erru took offense and smiled. “Look, you don’t need to harshly say that. If you honest and tell me what are you did, I’ll go easy on you… But if you lie, then it your last time to…” She sincerely said but HBrT harshly snapped her words, “Last time to what? Don’t think we didn’t know you, motherfucker… Everybody in this city is sick of you thinking you're all that and your punk ass values about lives… Not even a moralist would survive a gang war. Even you missed your sister with your old ass morals.” Now Erru was genuinely pissed. She glared at HBrT, “I know you. You are one of the Ballas gangsters who involved in the yesterday shooting... You just take many lives…”

HBrT scowled, “And what’s wrong with that, bitch? We just blasted some n00bside and Wetback idiots who tried to steal our crew’s stash. And stop saying about that moral value, you fuck!” Erru walked closer to HBrT, but stopped on her tracks as Martin pulled a Jericho 941 and pointed it at her. Hidemi and Gin had their weapons out and they aimed at Martin. McCrea took out a Mark 23 and he aimed at Hidemi. The Baller with purple coat had an H&K UCP out and he turned off the safety switch, “Real Ballas ain’t roll with the Bullshit Organization niggas. Better recognize that!”

Ethan told his daughter, he took out a SIG P226R and aimed at HBrT who pointing an OTs-33 Pernach on Hidemi, “I know that guy who didn’t wore purple. He’s one of the Irish Mob in Liberty City who works for Packie.”

Hidemi asked, her MP-443 pointed at HBrT, “Why he was here then? What happen to Patrick McReary?”

Ethan told her, “Packie was in Los Santos while Gerald McReary is escaped from Alderney State Penitentiary in a shootout orchestrated by The Lost MC in 2008. His two brothers? It was a tragic story. Francis was shot dead in a park at Lancet while his brother, Derrick slowly walks away from the area when that happens. He still in Irish Mob in Liberty City for now…”

Erru kept her icy stare at HBrT as Martin pointed his Jericho 941 at her chest, “One for me and one for you. For a smartass fuck you got class. Yeah, you should tell your parents to not fuck with the Ballas, bitch. Because that your sister lost her life for this!”

Erru turned her icy stare to Martin. She asked him, “What did she ever do to you? Why you’d killed her in a heartless way?”

Martin replied with sarcasm, “Shut the fuck up, bitch. There’s any ‘heartfelt’ killing in this world? Nothing! Everybody killed everybody ‘cause they wore wrong colors in a wrong hood. Including your sister…” Erru was silence as she looked at him in anger.

Ethan snapped his words, “And you have connection with Petrovic Bratva in Liberty City, and Slovene and Polish Mafia in Beika. That’s why you freely roam without a concern being arrested.”

Martin gave Ethan a glare, “How the fuck you know that shit? You bribed someone? Oh no, probably there’s some assholes who turned to Firefly Island Husk-ass, Ho Street motherfuckers and the Fake-ass punk.”

Hidemi gave Martin a hard glare, “Think again, Martin. We got many evidence against you, from testimony, intel from your gang and footage of your activity despite that your cell phone number and your bank account are untraceable. This explains that you are involved on the ‘Kaper’ in Baltic, an arms smuggling ring with Pavel Denikin to wage an ‘eternal’ war against the Families and ruthless killing.”

Martin scowled at Erru, ignoring Hidemi’s statement about his activity, “I’m driving that maroon Lexus and I ain’t shoot your damn sister.”

Erru looked at Martin, her eyes are fixed on him, “Although you drove that Lexus, I saw you also firing an Uzi with your crew. Don’t lie, you may possibly killed my sister in the three-way gang war.”

Paul flatly replied Erru’s statement, “Well what? There’s a lot of possibilities that not only Martin, or my crew who killed your sister. Look at the truth, redhead. We have some problem with the Russian and Ukrainian mobsters in Florida. If Martin killed your sis, then you’ll relentlessly track him down, right…”

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Chapter 2, part 2

Meanwhile, nobody noticed that two Impalas and a Cadillac CTS pulled up near the airport and twelve gangsters in dark wine clad got out. One of them said, “So the Avignon is here? I can’t wait to cap these motherfuckers…” They were the members of the Odavente Rollerz gang. He then went to one of the Impalas’ trunk and he opened it. His friend followed.

The second Odavente, who wore a red sweater and track pants snickered, “Yeah, If we caught these idiots off guard, we’ll be okay…” He took a loaded AK-74 and racked it ready. He held his AK-74 over his shoulder while the first one took a MAC-11.

The third gangster, who wore a white T-shirt and a dark wine bandana scowled, “I don’t think these guys will be fierce.” He took two Beretta 93Rs.

The Odavente with MAC-11 scolded him, “Don’t be a jackass, man. If these guys are fierce, we gotta be ten times as brutal. The Slovene mob are supported them and we don’t know what happen to our shipment of coke.”

The forth gangster shot the gangster with the Beretta 93Rs a funny look. He took an Uzi and he racked it ready. “I don’t ask it. Anyway they just stash our coke in the harbor.” The Odavente with 93Rs said.

The fifth Odavente shot back, “So these guys stored our coke?” The gangster with 93Rs nodded and said, “Yes, and they decided to sell the coke to someone else, thinking that stuff was cursed or something.” He tossed the fifth Odavente gangster a MP5A3 with Beta-C Mag.

The Odavente with AK-74 scoffed, “Bullshit, these fools won’t sold the coke. We’re gonna take the coke back before they sell it.”

The sixth Odavente lit a Prima cigarette. He asked the gangster, “So, how about the n00bside idiots? They just sided with one of the Seven Families.”

The seventh Odavente flatly replied, “Then we do the same, man. But we’ll do that with the Russian mobsters. The Vetrov Bratva…” The sixth Odavente gangster handed him a TAR-21 with MARS while himself took an H&K G36K.

The eighth gangster, who wore blue shirt snickered, “The Vetrov? Are you sure? These guy have problem with the Serbian mob and the Albanians. Not including the Graves from Los Santos and the Diablos from Liberty City.”

The ninth gangster smirked, “I’m sure… That would add gasoline to the fire…” He and the tenth Odavente gangster took two M733s. The eleventh Odavente took two MAC-11s and the last Odavente gangster had an AUG HBAR.

The Odavente with TAR-21 wondered, “So how you know that stuff who owned by the Serbian Mob?”

One of the Odavente with M733s laughed at that, “Of course we have some insider on the Serbian Mobsters, especially on the Vuvić and Pavlović Family… If we know the stuff, then we’ll whack them for sure…”

The Odavente with blue shirt took a Glock 18 and he loaded it with 33-rounds magazine. “Sure… Ya nos llevó la chingada…” They walked into the airport.


The Odavente did not noticed that their archenemies, the Avignon Avenue are on the other side of the airport. They wore burgundy clad and had their guns out. One of them took a photo from his pocket; he held a PP-9 Klin on his left hand. “Yo, you know that girl?” He asked the other gangster.

The second gangster replied. “Veronica, I hate that redhead girl ‘cause she just protected a journalist who writing shit on us and the Slovene Mobs. Her parents are worked for Interpol. They are responsible for arresting some of our crew in France. We are not cowards. We killed plenty Interpol connards. Myself included.” He had an AIMS with two magazines clipped together with duct tape.

The third Avignon gangster snorted, “Hey, fuck that. We got some problem with the Odavente and the 84th Hustlers here. Payback’s a bitch…” He had a DSA SA58 OSW with EoTech MPO III.

The forth Avignon gangster snapped his words, “How about the Aztecas? These fuckers now are dealing drugs. They stole the H from the Dolcetto Mafioso. I think if we involved on this shit, we’ll be the rich-ass motherfuckers and cap the Odavente in a sweep.” He had a Galil MAR.

The fifth Avignon gangster scowled at the gangster with Galil MAR, “The Aztecas still anti-narcotic. But I got some news that some of the Aztecas’ gangsters are started to smuggling narcotics and the former marked them for death. They guys are called The Graves or Los Sepulcros. They ain’t wore aqua anymore. They started to wore dye and gold clad and armed to the teeth. They got AKs, GPMGs, RPGs, M4A1s, HKs and some military-grade vest. The Graves are stole the H from the Dolcetto yesterday.” He had a Walther MPL.

The sixth Avignon gangster calmed them, “We ain’t got time for that. We’re gonna have alliance with one of the gangs if we going to survive this shit.” He held an Uzi with an EoTech 552 mounted on it.

The seventh gangster looked at the gangster who’d spoken, “How about the Auvergne Power then? These guys are backed by the Serbian mobsters.” He had a HK416 with Beta-C mag and ACOG scope.

The eighth Avignon gangster replied, “Serbians? I know, the Vuvić clan? But if we proposed an alliance to the Auvergne Power, then we’ll enter a war against their bitter rival, the Deckers.” He had an H&K G36K with two mags clamped together.

The ninth Avignon, who had a burgundy bandana tied on his neck and wore a red hoodie and track pants laughed at that, “Are you scared, man? Of course, we will blast these Deckers. These guys started to make trouble with us.” He had an AUG with a 14’ barrel.

The Avignon with MPL nodded, “Yeah, we’re going to stole their goods, cap their high-ranking member and blast some fools to hit the Deckers so bad. Now they’ll have a new enemy, from the Serbians, the Auvergne and the Side Guelders Hoodz. The Deckers are dead man walking…”

The tenth gangster, who wore a black jacket, a burgundy shirt and black pants told the gangster with AUG, “No shit, dawg. The Odavente motherfuckers have cost us a lot of crew and we’ll enter another wars? Seriously, we are short on firearms so I think it’s a good idea to propose an alliance to the Auvergne.” He had an AKS-74M with RPK-74 magazine.

The eleventh gangster, who wore a burgundy t-shirt and baggy pants, looked at the Avignon with AIMS. “Don’t be a hypocrite, dawg…” He flatly said. He held a SG550 with a SIG GL 5040 grenade launcher and two magazines clamped together.

The Avignon with AKS-74M didn’t happy about that, “I ain’t hypocrite. We need to think about what we would do.” He looked at the twelfth Avignon gangster. He wore a white sweater and black jeans. He had a burgundy hat and a bandana tied on his neck. He held an M-16 with red-dot sight. “So what we would to do now?” The Avignon with AIMS asked.

The Avignon gangster with M-16 replied, “We got some homies outside in the case there’s some motherfuckers tried to take us out. We’ll meet with the Auvergne near the Terminal A.” They started to head to the Terminal A.


McCrea looked at Martin. “Should we ignore the redhead and get the fuck out? The bystanders are calling the cops!” He asked.

Paul snickered, “Chill up, dawg. Those swag cops ain’t match for Ballas OGs! We’re ready to face them head-on!” He kept pointed his pistol, a Glock 35 at Hidemi.

Erru sighed at the gangster stubbornness, “Okay, you guys wanted revenge? But did you think that revenge are useless?” She asked.

Martin looked at Erru with a glare saying, “Useless? Was your old ass morals worth your live then?”

Erru gritted her teeth, “Look… I've held back from killing your men because I believe that all life has value and-”

The Baller with UCP snapped her words and scoffed, “Do we care on live value? If not, then shut the fuck up…”

Erru hissed after she heard that, “Ragh…” Despite that she has a strong feeling about live value, this time she heard someone who clearly ignored it in front of her. HBrT screeched at Martin in a sudden, “Yo, I know that bitch! She’s just iced Leed while he decided to cap the boss! She’s rolls with the Alleviant!” Hidemi noticed it. The Ballas has perpetrated the hit on Ernest and they decided to frame the Northside Rollerz gangsters on the hit. Even they ended up killing the wrong target.

Martin groaned, his Jericho 941 still pointed at Erru, “Yo, how about that redheaded girl, dawg? Should I shoot her or what?”

HBrT raised his voice, “Man, fuck that! That brunette had killed Leed! Fuck her! SK! SK! Shoot her!” Martin turned his Jericho 941 at Hidemi but Erru kicked the gun from him and she gave him a roundhouse kick to the head. “Aww shit!” Martin screamed in pain. Erru took the Jericho 941 from him and pointed at his face. She smirked, “You know what, it’s a checkmate. You need to watch your words, kid. You may not harm my coworkers and their families.” She turned to the gangsters and shouted, “You better drop your gun or I’ll kill your friend!”

The Baller with UCP snarled, “For what, bitch? I ain’t drop my gun to you back-stabbing motherfuckers.”

Erru insisted, “Do it, or…” She pressed her newly acquired Jericho 941 at Martin’s head, “I’ll fill this Baller’s head with 9mm rounds.”

Hidemi warned Erru, “Careful, Natake. Those guys has something on their sleeves.”

Erru blinked, “It’s okay, I won’t be fooled by those gangsters.”

Martin calmly replied despite he was on a life and death situation, “Easy, money. Even you pinned me like this, you ain’t won this shit, asshole!”

Erru frowned and said, “Don’t be ‘go easy on me’, Martin. Might be outgunned, but I've got a hell of a lot of determination to put you guys away.”

Martin scowled with sarcasm, “Bitch, does determination can destroy my crew? I don’t think so…”

The Avignon are descending the stair while the Odavente gangsters are approaching from the opposite. The Avignon with AIMS noticed it and alerted the other gangster, “Old-Fag! Let’s teach these connards a lesson!”

The gangsters dramatically raised their guns on each other. Erru noticed that, but it’s too late to warn her colleague. Both parties opened fire and one gang member on each side feel. The rounds also cut down several unlucky bystanders. Martin used this as a distraction and he snatched his Jericho 941 from Erru and pistol-whips to knock her out. He then aimed his Jericho 941 at Hidemi and Gin who pointed their pistol on him, using Erru as shield. McCrea screeched at Martin, “Come on guys! Just leave them! Those psychos are killing each other!”

Martin then dropped the unconscious Erru before he turned to Hidemi. He snarled, “Well, I don’t have time to deal with you mark-ass bitch.” He and his crew started to scatter as they heard the shootout.

Hidemi ran into Erru and she checked her pulse. She then looked at Gin, “She’s currently unconscious. We need to wait until she’s fully awakened.”

Ethan looked at his daughter, “Then how about these who killing each other?” He referencing to the warring faction.

Chaos reigned, bullets flied from both direction. The Avignon with Uzi was hit in the neck. He feels to the stair and returned fire while he held his bleeding neck with his left hand. He dropped the Odavente with the TAR-21 but he was killed in the process. The Avignon with MPL fired and he let the Odavente with MAC-11s have a river of rounds from his MPL. Still, he was hit in the stomach by a barrage of rounds before he took two rounds to his head. The gangster feel, his MPL still going off as he died.

The Odavente with G36K fired and he hit the Avignon with AUG in the chest. He feels to the ground but he one-handedly returned fire. He hit the Odavente who shot him in the hip and stomach until his AUG clicked empty. He tried to reload his AUG but ten rounds slammed him in the chest plate, all up his neck. His hoodie turned red with his blood. One of the Odavente with M733s fired at the Avignon gangster. He hit one of them, the gangster with SA58 OSW in the stomach, then in the left arm. The gangster feel, but not dead. The Odavente with M733 who shot the Avignon with SA58 OSW fired at the Avignon with SG550. Five rounds hit him in the stomach and his left leg.

The Avignon with SA58 OSW hissed in pain as he had been hit, “You’re in deep shit now, connard! Better recognize that!” He emptied entire rounds of his SA58 OSW at the Odavente gangster who shot him. Sixteen rounds slammed into the guy’s torso, tearing up his organs and some of the rounds even came out of his back as his dead body staggered backwards. The Avignon with SG550 let off entire rounds at the Odavente before he switched to his GL 5040. He fired the grenade launcher at the Odavente gangsters but the grenade missed his target and lands into the floor, causing the window around it shattered in a deafening noise.

Erru awakened from her unconsciousness and she asked Hidemi, “Kir… Where’s that Baller and the Irish gangster?”

Ethan answered, “They are gone, Natake. Look, whatever happens, keeps your head down. We got a gang war here…”

Erru bitterly smiled, “Goddammit… These morons didn’t learn…”

The Odavente with MP5A3 let off ten rounds at the Avignon with SG550. He was killed instantly as the rounds hit him in the throat. The Odavente with MP5A3 tried to get up only to be shot by the Avignon with PP-9 Klin. The gangster feel backwards, his body filled with hot-loaded PMM rounds. The Odavente with Uzi fired and he nailed the Avignon with SA58 OSW in the lungs. As he feel, the Odavente with 93Rs shot him in the head. Some of the rounds even came out of the back of his head.

The Avignon with PP-9 Klin fired at the Odavente with 93Rs. He hit him in the head, his blood sprayed the wall paneling. “Does these connards ever give up?” He complained as he kept firing at the Odavente.

The Avignon with AKS-74M bitterly replied, “Shit, looks like they are seeking revenge on us after one of our homies beat him on our hood.” He aimed at the Odavente with Glock 18 and let off eight rounds. Five of them hit him in the stomach, the sixth round hit the gangster in the left eye and he was dead before he hit the floor. He then fired at the other Odavente with M733. He hit him in the throat and he was dead before he hit the floor.

The other gangster with AIMS shot the gangster with AKS-74M a surprise, “You sure, dawg? These idiots wanted revenge after we took one of their territories?”

The Avignon with AKS-74M told him, “I’m sure that…” His words abruptly cut off as he was shot in the head. He feels backwards, his heads split up by the rounds, exposing his leaked brains. The Avignon with AIMS looked at the fallen gangster in disgust before he covered his leaked head with a scarf. The Avignon with M-16 fired at the Odavente gangster who killed the Avignon with AKS-74M, the one with AK-74. He nailed him in the stomach but he was feel in the process. His white sweater turned red. The Avignon with AIMS fired and he lit the Odavente with AK-74 in the chest. The guy feel, his AK-74 still going off as his body riddled with M43 rounds.

Corpses were everywhere from the both sides and bystanders. An Avignon gangster was miraculously alive. It was the Avignon with Galil MAR, he had several rounds on his stomach. The last Odavente gangster, the one with Uzi grabs the wounded Avignon in the back and he finished him off with six rounds to the back. The Avignon with PP-9 Klin fired and he took him out with a ten burst round in the head at point blank range, taking the lower part of his head off. He snarled, “Punk-ass motherfucker! Now you’re dead, connard!”

The Avignon with AIMS called him, “Yo, homie. Blast that bitch. She’s finished.” He referring to an auburn-haired girl who had her chest shot. He inserted a quad-stacked mag into his AIMS and glares at the wounded girl.

The Avignon with Klin looked at her, his face concealed by his burgundy bandana. The wounded girl begged at him, “Please don’t…” The Avignon with Klin pays her no attention, “Nah, man. Let the wound finish her…” He told his friend.

The Avignon with AIMS looked at his friend with PP-9 Klin with a frown on his face, saying, “Man, fuck that. The meeting’s finished before the shootout. We gotta go, ignore her.” He started to leave as the Avignon with PP-9 looked at the wounded girl and he noticed a ring on her left trigger finger. He called the Avignon with AIMS, “Yo, homie. Check this fool’s ring. Do we know these connards?”

The Avignon with AIMS walked back, he looked at the couple’s rings and he leered at his friend with PP-9 Klin, “Shit, I know these assholes. I bet the groom had his head pop off.” His answer was true as the Avignon with Klin noticed a dead civilian near the stair with his head filled with rounds. He then turned his back and grinned at the bride, “Any last words? No…?” He then dramatically raised his PP-9 and said with a sneering tone, “Then till death do you part, motherfucker!” He silenced her cries with two shots to the head. Both Hidemi and Gin witnessed this and they couldn’t do anything to save her. Erru watch the execution too.

The Avignon with AIMS ironically said, “Shit, if we didn’t kill that bitch, then we’ll got some of their family’s treasury for sure!”

The Avignon with Klin snickered, “Whatever… Dead people cannot talk. In the matter of time, the Odavente will saw this and they’ll cry for war.” He took a Galil MAR off of his fallen comrades and he reloaded it. “I got some problem with a trash-talking fuck named Willy Valerio. He’s the boss of ND3 who talking shit about the Slovene mobs in Hepburn. He currently lives at LC.”

Erru looked at Ethan, “Look, I’ll catch one of them with surprise while you took out the other. Those soulless gangsters wouldn’t notice this.”

Hidemi warned her, “Careful, Natake…” Erru gave her a smile and she walks toward the corpses. The Avignon with Klin noticed her and he snarled, “Erru! You punk-ass motherfucker! You should stay dead!” He aimed his Klin at Erru. Hidemi barked at her, “Natake!” She noticed the Avignon gangster and took off before he could fire his PP-9 Klin. She yelled at the Avignon with Klin, “Was that better to kill an innocent bystander with headshot? Your aims looks bad, moron!”

The Avignon with Klin replied with a snarl, “Ow, fuck you too!” He emptied the remaining rounds in his Klin before he forced to reload. Erru took a MAC-11 and a SA58 OSW and returned fire with her MAC-11 at the Avignon with AIMS. He screamed at his friend with Klin, “Who the fuck is these guys?”

Hidemi ran into Erru and she took a HK416 off of a dead Avignon and she took the ammo for her newly acquired HK416. She returned fire at the Avignon with Klin as he ran for cover. Hidemi yelled at Ethan and Gin, “Grab a gun! These guys probably tried to hide someone!”

The Avignon with PP-9 fired at Hidemi who aimed her HK416 on him, hollering, “Shit, I know that brunette and her father! They’re work for the CIA! And for that jackass with silver hair, he’s the member of the Black Organization aka the Toulouse Heights Crew! I bet that the Avignon will let them bleed to death…”

The Avignon with AIMS fired at Gin who picked a TAR-21 from the corpses. Ethan took an AUG and fired at the Avignon with AIMS. He ducked for cover and returned blind-fire. “And how about the redheaded tomboy girl then?” He asked, referring to Erru.

The Avignon with Klin snarled, “Shit! She’s Erru Natake! She’s the daughter of Kinzie and Michael who arrested Jean! We would free him if we can take that redhead girl as hostage!” He then switched to his Galil MAR and began firing at Erru and Hidemi.

The Avignon with AIMS shouted with a curse, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He emptied his AIMS at Erru who firing at his friend with Klin. Just then, three Avignon gangsters arrived to help in the gunfight. One of them had an AK-74 with GP-30 while another had an UMP with Aimpoint M68. The last gangster fired an OTs-12 Tiss with PK-AV scope at Hidemi and Ethan.

Hidemi and Ethan were shooting it out with two Avignon gangsters with AK-74 and Tiss. Erru had taken a round to the stomach and another to the right arm. “Avignon 4 Life, connards! Fuck you!” Yelled the one who had shot Erru, the one with OTs-12. Erru could feel that she was bleeding as the SP-6 armor-piercing rounds had pierced her Kevlar. She would be killed if the rounds had hit her organs. Hidemi ran into her. “Are you alright?” She asked.

Erru replied with a slow nod, “I’m okay…” She then aimed her MAC-11 at the Avignon with Tiss who shot her. She fired, despite her aim went shaky by her wound and she hit the gangster with Tiss in the stomach, chest plate then in the throat. He was dead before he hit the floor. Erru bitterly grinned at her enemies, “That’s payback for you, slovoch…” Hidemi helped her to get up.

The Avignon with Galil MAR dropped his carbine after it had ran out of ammo and he took the OTs-12 Tiss from his fallen comrade. He yelled, “Ah, shit. Here comes the heat… the FBI and the Interpol is here!”

The gangster with AIMS scowled, “How the fuck are those guys are know us? Back to the blast…”

The Avignon with AK-74 replied, “I’ll take care of them…” He then fired the GP-30 on his AK-74 at the approaching Interpol agents. He blasted four Interpol agents and wound five more.

Both Hidemi and Gin spotted two more Avignon gangsters and three gangsters in azure clad emerged from a room. One of them fired an Uzi one-handed at Erru while one of the Avignon gangsters fired a HK33A3 at Ethan. The second one had two MP7A1s blazing and he nailed an Interpol agent in the chest as he pressed the trigger. “That must be another gang member. Why they involved with the Avignon?” Hidemi thought.

The other gangster with azure clad fired an MTAR-21 9mm with Aimpoint CompM3. He hit two Interpol agents who tried to enter the airport and wounding two more. The second Avignon who arrived fired a SPAS-12 and he blasted an Interpol agent in the stomach. He then fired again on him, splitting his head like a watermelon.

Ethan looked at one of the Interpol agent. He asked her, “Who the hell are those gangsters in azure clad, Roswitha?”

Roswitha answered, “Shit, They’re Auvergne gangster! They have a meeting with the Avignon before the shootout. We have been tried to arrest some of their key members in France but the Chechen Mafia were backed them.”

Erru asked back, “France? Since when the Auvergne has relation with the Chechen Mafia?”

Roswitha replied, she held a MP5A3, “Yeah, out intel can prove it. Oh, fuck. You’ve been shot, Natake.” She looked at Erru in concern. She replied with a frown, “I’m okay, Spades. Just don’t worry about me. Worry about these fuckers on the front.”

Roswitha sighed with a smile, “Yeah, sure…” She fired her MP5A3 at the Avignon with UMP but he managed to take cover. The Avignon with HK33A3 hollered at him, “Come on, motherfucker! We need to carry him safely! Those connards were tougher than the Odavente assholes!” He let off ten rounds and he killed two Interpol agents with headshots. Gin fired his TAR-21 at the Avignon with HK33A3. Two rounds hit him in the shoulder but he took off after that.

An unarmed Auvergne yelled, “Can I have a gun to waste these motherfuckers? This shit is too tight!”

The other Auvergne looked at him, saying, “Look, dawg. You ain’t need to shoot anybody, Sky. Don’t shoot somebody and everybody will see you as an innocent-” His words were cut as Erru fired her SA58 OSW and she hit the Avignon with UMP in the head. The guy feel, his brains hanging out of the exit wound in his skull. The Auvergne with MTAR-21 9mm barked, “Fuck. Now you have your wish!” He handed the rapper his MTAR-21 9mm while he took an M4A1 from a dead Interpol agent. His gun had an EoTech 554 Holographic sight and a vertical grip. He cried at Sky, “Now shoot everybody who tried to stop us! Don’t stop firing or we’re dead!” Sky nodded at him and he began lay fire at the Interpol agents who firing on him. He wounded two of them and killed another with a headshot.

The Avignon with HK33A3 warned the other, “More Interpol on the right! They tried to flank us!” The Auvergne with M4A1 spotted them and fired. He killed three Interpol agents. Sky fired his MTAR-21 9mm on the remaining Interpol and he caught three of them. Two of them were dropped right away while the other one was lies wounded. The Avignon with AK-74 finished him off with four shots to the head and brains oozed from the skull. He then emptied the remaining rounds in his AK-74 at Erru’s colleagues and got two of them with headshots.

Hidemi fired her HK416 and she took out the Auvergne with MP7s with four shots to the sternum. He feel to the floor, he still holding his MP7s as he died. The Avignon with HK33A3 fired back at Hidemi and she was hit in the arm. Gin fired his TAR-21 but he took off after that. The Auvergne with Uzi screamed at Sky, “Head to the runway! We will hold them off!” Sky nodded and he with his bodyguard made a mad dash to the runway. Now it’s the Auvergne with Uzi, the Avignon with HK33A3 remains.

He then took out a RGD-5 grenade and the Auvergne with Uzi told him, “Cook that grenade on these fools who approaching and we can head into the runway! I’ll cover ya!” The Avignon with RGD-5 then throws the grenade while the Auvergne with Uzi provided him with cover fire. He then yelled, “Now… Go!” They then started to ran.

Roswitha alerted the other, “Fuck, grenade!” Her colleagues managed to take cover as the grenade went off. A FBI agent looked around and asked, “Where are they going? If they heading to the front, it’s a suicide for them.”

Erru flatly told him, “Head to the runway… Hurry!”

Ethan looked at her. “Are you sure, Natake?” He asked.

Erru looked at her, grinning, “If we covered the front, the gangster may try to escape via the runway. Either with car or a boat. But we’ll stop them before they do.”

Meanwhile, a Cadillac limousine entered the runway and pulled up. Three gangsters in azure clad got out. One of them, who wore an azure shirt and baseball cap asked Sky who running into him, “What the fuck is going on, dawg? Why you asking me to meet on the runway?” He held an AK with quadstacked-mag and C-More red-dot sight.

The Avignon with OTs-12 Tiss answered, “Shit’s rough. Some Old-fag are hit us on a gang attack and the Feds with the Interpol tried to slit our throats.”

The second Auvergne, who wore a white sweater and jeans snickered, “Man, fuck those boneheads! They just like the Deckers, I ain’t trust if the truce with them will last longer.” He had an azure bandana and a fedora to cover his face. He held two MP5A3s with Beta-C mag.

Sky slyly replied, “These guys will meet us in the gang war, fast or slow…”

The Auvergne with Uzi and the Avignon with HK33A3 emerged from the airport and they ran to Sky. The Auvergne with Uzi told him, “Look, the Feds are heading to the runway from the east.”

The Avignon with OTs-12 frantically said, “Aw, hell no! We’re gonna get the fuck out from here!” He inserted a fresh magazine of SP-6 rounds to his Tiss.

The limo driver, who wore a gray hooded shirt and azure beanie scowled, “Are you fucking sure, man? That doesn’t seem easy…” He had a modified M4A1 with 16’5 barrel, two mags clamped together and Aimpoint CS sight.

Erru and her colleague are arrived at the runway and the Auvergne with M4A1 alerted his friend, “Ah, shit! They’re coming!” He opened fire at the FBI and Interpol, using the limo as cover and he catch three of them in a sweep. The Avignon with HK33A3 fired and he grazed Roswitha in the arm. She hissed in pain, “Oww, fuck!” She fired back.

Hidemi took cover near the jet engine and she reloaded her HK416. She hit the bolt release button and resumed firing at the Auvergne gangsters. The Auvergne with Uzi sprayed at a group of FBI agents until his Uzi went dry. He took out two FBI agents, “Yo, my Uzi’s out!”

The limo driver frankly replied as he fired his M4A1 at Erru, “Grab some guns on the limo!” The Auvergne with the emptied Uzi did that and he took an AS Val with Mepro-21 sight mounted on a rail. He shouted in a surprise, “Holy shit! Where you got that? You took it from Kapić brothers?”

The limo driver didn’t reply as he was still firing his M4A1 at FBI and Interpol agents. He hit two of them in the back as they tried to take cover. The Avignon with SPAS-12 now held an AK-107 with Kobra sight. The Auvergne with Val unleashed 13 rounds per second at everyone in sight. He hit two FBI agents. One of them was killed instantly as two SP-5 rounds hit his throat. The other one was hit in the left leg, the 9x39 rounds pierced his Kevlar vest and hit him in the stomach. As he feel, the Avignon with AK-107 fired and he hit him in the back. Erru screamed, “Bastard! I’ll kill all of you!” She and Ethan noticed that the FBI agent had been wounded by the Avignon and Auvergne gangsters and helped him up, “Hold on, man… Stay with me… Stay alive!”

Hidemi fired her HK416 and she hit the Auvergne with AK in the chest, causing him to gyrate. Gin fired his TAR-21 on him and he hit the gangster in the back. He shook then feels to the asphalt, his eyes closed as he died. The Auvergne with Val screamed, “You lifeless fuckers! That was my friend, chienne!” He and the Avignon with AK-74 fired on the already wounded FBI agent. Despite Ethan and Erru’s attempt to carry the wounded FBI agent to safety, he was hit in a hail of rounds and he feel dead with face first, blood dripping from his mouth.

Erru screamed in shock after she saw that, “NO! You worthless gangster! You’re fucking dead!” She quickly raised her SA58 OSW and she let off twelve rounds at the Avignon gangster who shot the wounded FBI agent. Four of the rounds hit him in the stomach while two more rounds tore his hip and crotch. He tried to regain his balance but Hidemi killed him with two shots to the throat. The gangster feel, his dead eyes staring at the sky. Erru then fired the remaining rounds of her SA58 OSW at the Auvergne with Val but not one rounds hit him. He then shouted at her with sarcasm, “What is it, eh? You still have your old pathetic morals?”

The Avignon with AK-107 fired at Erru but Roswitha fired on him. She hit him in the stomach and he feel, but not dead. The gangster tried to get up but a FBI agent fired and he dropped him with a headshot. He and Erru then fired their guns on Sky who ducked behind cover. He cried as he reloaded his MTAR-21 9mm, “Oww, fuck! Someone took care of those fuckers!”

The Auvergne with Val fired at the FBI agent who firing on Sky, the one who killed the Avignon with AK-107. He hit him in the area where it didn’t protected by his bullet-proof vest. He feel to the asphalt, wailing in pain. Erru ran to him and she said with a smile, “You’ll be okay, you won’t be ended up killed in a ruthless way by these heartless gangsters…” Her words were cut as several rounds whizzed above her head. She peeked to saw the Avignon with AIMS firing on her. He hollered to the Auvergne with Val, “Let’s finish that fuck who iced our homie in a sweep, Nimble!” He referencing to the Avignon with AK-107 who had been killed by the wounded FBI agent.

Nimble then yelled to his friend with MP5A3s, “Boutet, we’re ice that fool who cap our friend and the redhead! Give us suppressing fire here!” His name was Boutet.

Erru gritted her teeth as she reloaded her SA58 OSW and racked it ready. She aimed at the Avignon with AIMS and Nimble and gave them a death glare, “So do you want to play with agent’s lives, and the innocent civilians? Stand down and let them unharmed or I’ll gift a round to the head for you all.”

Boutet replied with a snarl, “Fuck you too, bitch! I’ll do that first on you!” He fired one of his MP5A3s and he cut down two Roswitha’s colleagues and hit three FBI agents wounding two of them and killing another. It didn’t take a second for Erru to realize Boutet are using 7N21 rounds, a hot-loaded version of the 9x19mm. The MP5A3 are modified to fire 7N21 rounds without destroying the weapon by the pressure of the rounds. She alerted the others, “That guy in azure bandana had two MP5A3s loaded with 7N21 rounds! It can pierce body armor than the usual 9x19mm! Be careful when you are engaging him, as I speak.”

Sky screamed as he spraying his MTAR-21 9mm, “Shit! We gotta go! We’re losing too many men!” He hit a FBI agent with M16A4. The other FBI agent dragged him out of the crossfire.

The limo driver replied with a shout, “Use that ‘stuff’ to shred these connards! We cannot leave if they were pounding us!” He returned blind fire and managed to wound two Interpol agents. The Avignon with AIMS finished one of them off as he tried to stand up. He then fired again and he dropped an Interpol agent with an UMP-45 with twelve shots to the torso. He screamed, “Come on! We need suppressing fire!”

Boutet took the ‘stuff’, which is a FN Minimi machine gun from the limo and he emptied the Minimi even two rounds slammed into his stomach. He shredded eight FBI and Interpol agents. He screamed with sarcasm, “Hurry the fuck up! These connards will be fiercer on us!” Sky ran into the limo and he got in the front seat. The limo driver ran to the limo and he fired his M4A1, using the limo as cover. He nailed two FBI agents with headshots before he went to the driver seat.

The Avignon with AIMS ran into the limo as Boutet covered him, he got in the backseat and fired his AIMS from the firing port of the limo. He nailed two FBI agents and wounding another. His friend with OTs-12 took the AK-107 from his fallen comrade after his carbine was ran out of ammo. He sprayed it at anyone who trying to stop him or the crew. He hit two of them. One in the head and the other in the chest. One of them had his brains blown out. The other FBI agent, who armed with a MP5A2 had his Kevlar vest pierced by several 7N22 rounds. He lies on the runway, bleeding. Nimble put him out of his misery with eleven shots to the back. He said with sarcasm, “Now you’re totally fucked up, chienne!” Boutet went to the Limo.

Hidemi and Gin fired at the limo but the Avignon with HK33A3 and Nimble exchanged gunfire with them. The Avignon with AIMS hollered at them, “Yo, we’re sitting ducks if we didn’t leave!” They did and Sky shouted to the driver, “Hit the gas, motherfucker! We’ll clean these assholes!” He fired his MTAR-21 9mm from the limo. He dropped a FBI agent with a Benelli M4 with a shot to the left eye.

Sky flashed a gang sign to insult Hidemi and Gin. The Auvergne with M4A1 hollered, “Have a nice day, bitches! We left some Odavente gangsters with you, lifeless and riddled with rounds!” Gin glared at him as the limo speed away from the scene. Erru informed them, “He won’t know what will happen to him next…”

Roswitha looked at Erru and said, “Hey, I can stop the bleeding and transfuse blood to you. But after that you need to rest for several days.” Erru nodded with a smile. Hidemi then took her iPhone and she called Anokata, “My father has the file on the Ballas. If you are interested, call me back and ask me about that…”

Anokata replied with a grin, “Sure thing, Kir. Those Ball-sackass-niggas would realized this and they’ll cry for war…”

Two hours later after the shootout…

South Soviet Hill, East Hepburn

Paul drove a tuned ’02 CTS. Martin, HBrT, McCrea and the Baller with purple coat rode with him. Martin spoke up, “What the fuck, man? Why the Ho Street decided to rout us on Glen Park when I’m left? Try to make a truce or something?”

HBrT replied with a scowl, “There’s a truce who purposed by the Families and backed by the Aztecas. In fact, that the people who against the treaty, are rolling with us while the people who for the treaty, they are rolling with the Central Hoods. Those guys wore chartreuse and some of them even wore green. Are they Anti-Narcotic? Of course, not. They even have a deal with the Trebizond Cartel and Marabunta Grande for cocaine. Fucking hypocrites…”

McCrea was talking with one of his henchmen on his phone, “Nah. That ain’t right, man. Listen, whatever happens whoever entered out warehouse should be shot in the head. I’ll call you later…” He hangs up the phone. It had Murder Mitten by I See Stars playing. The song was finished and a news came on.

The perpetrators of the gang attack of Odavente Rollerz are still at large; they are believed to be members of the Avignon Avenue and Auvergne Power gang. Even they are escaped Interpol and FBI ambush, leaving many dead. In the other news, we need to check the involvement of the rapper Sky at the shootout, either he pissed again on the FBI or he just trapped in the shootout. Well, I’ll play Sailor’s Prayer by The Devil Wears Prada. For everyone who loves any kinf of Metal, only on 106.66 The Trash!

Paul spoke up after a silence, “Shit, that asshole just involved on that. Ca$h would be pissed on this. Why don’t we guard some coke from the Feds or the Mafioso?”

HBrT replied with a scowl, “Nah, nigga. That’s the problem for every rappers. Bad relationship to the others and shit. Life of every gang-elaborated rapper, homie…” He then light up a Djarum Black Tea cigarette.

Paul laughed, “For sure, dawg…”

McCrea put his phone on his pocket and he informed Martin, “Hey, take me to Morwick in West Hepburn.”

The Baller with purple coat looked at McCrea, “Morwick? Do you live there, player?”

McCrea smiled, “Yeah, the place was belonging to the Irish Mob. They are friendly to you as you do not made trouble to them. Hey if possible, I can hangout with you guys.”

Martin nodded, “Sure thing, player…” His phone rings and he checks the message.

Dawg, we got a problem. Those smartass from the Essex and Flats think they went invisible after they joined with the Dolcetto fuckers. Well, we think they are not. Lalek have a plan to take these assholes out but we need something to cover it to avoid the Feds investigating this job. Have an idea?

It was from Adohalv. Martin replied the message. Several minutes later his phone rings again.

You mean we need to ‘snatch’ some people to cover our gang war? Well that is a good idea. Meet me with my crew at Aspataria on eight to discuss this shit.

Martin grinned and he put his phone back into his pocket. HBrT asked him, “Yo, nigga. What’s that?”

Martin replied, “Yo homie, we got some idiots to hang. Some douches from Essex and Flats try to be invincible like the Bullshit Organization assholes. Still, the latter wasn’t invincible…”

The Baller with purple coat snickered, “The Flats? Shit, these bitches went allied with one of the Sardinian Mafias, the Dolcetto. Then the 84th Hustlers have a bitter rivalry with them. And the Firefly Island Hustlers in LC just backed those bitches with cars and guns. Probably from Tijuana or Ural Mountains.”

McCrea scowled, “North Holland Hustlers? Well, after X’s death, Dwayne took over the drug empire and started to hate anybody who has affiliated with Playboy X. The remaining Hustlers who still loyal to X are formed Firefly Island Hustlers. Elaborating with the North Morava Hustlers in West Hepburn…”

HBrT scorned, “Fuck these Fake Husk-ass niggas, these coke stealer can go fuck themselves before we’ll iced these fools! Still, do you know this woman?”

Paul looked at him, “Who?” He asked.

HBrT sighed but he continued, “Miyazaki Haruna.”

McCrea added with a scowl, “Miya? I know that bitch. She tried to arrest several Irish and Russian mobsters behind the ‘White Meth’, though the Poles and Latvian mobsters are untouched by this.”

The Baller with purple coat asked him, “How about the Mafioso then?”

McCrea snickered, “Well, some of them are involved. Like Ascoli, Zettici, and Carosi from the Seven Families and DiMarco with Carbo crime family. The Ambulance also involved on this too, especially the Lutsenko and Popova Bratva.”

Paul took out a West Duo cigarette, “Street gangs?”

McCrea chuckled, “Shit its worse. The Benevolent Crew, Postoronnim, Volya, Loyalty Frgt, Varangian Guard gang, the Deadbeats, 47% Hit gang and many more.”

HBrT then looked at McCrea, “Why these people are looking for the white meth? The blue meth is expensive in the black market.”

McCrea told him, “It’s a very high valuable stuff. Roughly, the meth priced at 6 million dollars but the price skyrockets after the raid by Indonesian police. Made in Indonesia but it’s a shitty luck for everybody who owns it… If we own the stuff and we sold it ASAP, then we’ll be rich for sure!”

Martin nodded, “For sure, homie… Balla 4 Life…” His phone rings and he checks the message.

Hola amigo, it’s Allende. We worked on the snow white together. Gabe promised for you and said you were real reliable and trustworthy. If you need some extra cash drop by place in Banarec Island. I'm out in Central Geota. Come see me.

Martin grinned, “Back to the top…”

Later that night.

Central Białogard, Beika

Radek and a Strelets gangster are watching a house from a ’85 Bonneville. The Strelets gangster had an Uzi on his lap. He asked Radek, “What’s our target this time? I don’t like that house, dawg? That looks like the house from Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes.”

Radek scowled, “We got that fuck who talking shit about us, the Kudo Family. These fuckers are helped the swagcops to arrest our crew. Of course we don’t give a fuck on them and we’ll send these assholes to the other side with force…” He took a Dunhill Switch cigarette and he lit it.

The Strelets with Uzi looked at the Kudo’s house, his Uzi on hand. “So what do you got, eh?” He asked.

Radek told him, “We’ll plant explosive on that snitch-ass motherfucker who talking shit about us and set it off to teach them a lesson. He was writing shit about the Lords and the Bulgarian mob in Liberty City.”

The Strelets with Uzi raised an eyebrow, “You mean Kudou? Wait, why the Kudou family members are writing shit about the Spanish Lords and the Balev Bratva?”

Radek crushed the crystal ball on the filter and took a hit, “That’s for a reason. The Balev’s hitman, Valov has a personal problem with Yukiko’s son. Try to uncover his activity with the 87th Street and the arms dealer around Liberty City. As for the Spanish Lord, he decided to crack down their cocaine operation in Beika. Possibly, there are some rats from the Feds or the other gang inside the Lords. Except Hector, Manuel and Guzman.”

The Strelets with Uzi grinned, “Shinichi, eh? I know that punk-ass motherfucker. He’s a famous high school detective from Teitan. But he’s a total sellout to us. Word is there is a redheaded girl from Florida who protects him. Like a guardian-fucking-angel.”

Radek looked at him, “Who?”

The Strelets with Uzi sighed, “Erru, Erru Natake. That redhead who encountered with you yesterday.” He racked his Uzi ready.

Radek scoffed, “Natake? I know that pale-face fuck. That redhead girl is just a fan of Poirot and Sherlock. The worst thing is, she and her parents are FBI agents. I’ve encountered her when the n00bside are attacked us, can’t think what happen if we meet with her parents, Kinzie and Michael. It’ll be messy. Worse than we meet with Westside in a fucked up deal with Trico Boyz.”

The Strelets with Uzi replied with sarcasm, “Poirot and Sherlock ain’t match for Studen. Even Lukin also can beat those sorry-ass bitches out. Chill the fuck up, homie. We got a shit-ton of weapons to hold these pussies out. Those guys cannot touch our armorer, Yadro because he’s always two steps ahead of them despite he was crippled. And the Balev Pakhan, Grozdan decided to pissed the Kudo off by snatch their children, Shinichi. You need to call him first if you want to join this ‘snatch & grab’.”

Radek looked at him, “Well, how about our Vŭtreshna Krŭgŭt then?” He asked.

The Strelets with Uzi took a stick of Dunhill Switch cigarette. “Well, we cut some motherfucker’s throat who decided to snitch on us. The Gorbunov family also started to aid us facing the Feds. If they started to do some shit, we’ll iced them twice.” He replied. Just then, two Strelets gang members jumped the house wall. One of them held a MP5K while the other one held a Glock. They went to the car and Radek asked them, “The stuff planted?”

The Strelets with Glock 23, “Yeah, it’ll go off anytime...” He then hands Radek a clacker and he pulled the clacker, they heard an explosion from the Kudo house, and this brought a grin to his face. The Strelets with MP5K hollered, “One down, more motherfuckers need to be iced! Let’s roll, dawg!” The Bonneville then leaves the scene.

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Chapter 2, Author's note


Chapter 2, people and another main character was introduced, this time he was aligned with the Ballas gang! I’ll pick the Revenge ending in the GTA IV. As for Gerald McReary, he was escaped from the Alderney State Penitentiary in a shootout (A reference to the final mission of the TLAD, Get Lost. Although I’ll made Gerald escaped from the prison.) orchestrated by the Lost MC. For the Blood Brothers mission, I’ll pick Derrick to stay alive. He and Gerald are taking care of the Ms. McReary after Packie are left for Los Santos. In The Holland Play mission, I’ll pick Dwayne Forge to be sparred but unbeknownst to him, Playboy X are cheated death and he operating his gang ‘under a table’ in Firefly Island, Broker.


The ‘cursed’ coke which HBrT stole from the Northside in Chapter 1 are different from the coke that originally owned by the Odavente but stolen by the Avignon Avenue. The ‘White’ meth is a different story, as many factions tried to own the stuff but almost all who come in contact with the white meth are either incarcerated or killed.


The Central Hoods will be the main rival of the Ballas gang beside the Black Organization and the Families gang. As for the Auvergne Power, they decided to have an alliance with the Avignon Avenue. I’ll introduce another main character in Chapter 3, he’ll be an Auvergne gangster. They will engage a gang war with their archenemies, the Deckers.


Erru mentions a gang war that killed her sister, which Martin described it as a ‘cursed’ shootout. I’ll make it more detail in chapter 3, along with Ethan who will show the hardware to his colleagues. For Radek and his crew, the Strelets and the Spanish Lords are wetting on Kudo family as their son, Shinichi are uncovered their drug operation in Beika and leaked some secrets of the arms dealer around Liberty City (based on New York) to the law enforcement. They decided to kidnap Shinichi and asked the Kudo family to not write any shit about them for the ransom. Can Erru, his guardian angel (Which mentioned by a Strelets gangster) foiled the kidnapping?


As for the Volya, they are based on the Monolith faction from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but these guys are particularly fanatic while their armed wing are truly loyal to the Volya without a cause. The Sedem Mafioti is like The Commission in GTA IV, but the former are consisting of Bulgarian Bratva. The Flats gang is based on the beta name of the Ballas gang and I’ll make them hating each other on this fanfic. The Postoronnim was based on Loners from S.T.A.L.K.E.R


The gang war between Odavente Rollerz and the Avignon Avenue in airport are based on a deleted scene from The Raid 2. You can watch it here: youtu.be/fs_Qhmiz40E


Time’s for more terminology:

Cherno Kanya: Bulgarian for Black Kite. An organized gang from Bulgaria who operates in Beika and Florida.

Chienne: French word for ‘bitch’

China White: Slang word for white Heroin that comes from the Golden Triangle, South East Asia.

Connard: French word for ‘motherfucker’

Crooked House: An organized gang from Beika. Currently they’re getting hammered by the Hotel Poznan and some of the members are defected to the 87th (AKA the Krasnaya Metka) This gang belongs to Rukia Kurosaki

Czerwona Strzałka: Polish word for Red Arrow. This is a syndicate who consisting of several Polish mob.

Dickheads: Disrespectful term for Deckers gang

Fake Husk-ass: Disrespectful term for Firefly Island Hustlers

Fake-ass: Disrespectful term to the Flats gang

Kaper: Russian word for Privateer. One of the main character, Martin had involved on this.

Krasnaya Metka: Russian for ‘Red Label’, another name for the 87th Street although that the 87th wore Tyrian purple xD

Old Fag: Disrespectful term for the Odavente Rollerz.

Pakhan: Russian word for Boss. Used in Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian Mafia in my fanfic.   

Postoronnim: Russian word for Trespassers. An organized gang based on Loners from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but they operated as a single gang.

Proklyataya Al'yans: Russian for ‘Cursed Alliance’,an alliance consisting of several Russian Bratva in Beika.

Rap Wars: A rivalry between the rappers who aligned with the gangsters. One usually settles the rivalry with Drive-by, but can be ended to an all-out gang war.

Sedem Mafioti: Bulgarian word for Seven Mobsters.

Slovoch: Russian word for ‘bastard’.

Studen: Bulgarian word for Cold. Can be meant for inhuman. A Strelets gangster beside Yadro and Radek.

The Flats: A gang who hated the Ballas in Florida. This gang name is the beta name of the Ballas in GTA: San Andreas.

Torgovets’: Russian word for Trader. Pavel Denikin another alias beside Valther.

Volya: Slavic word for Will. A fanatical gang from Florida that expanded to Beika and Hepburn. Based on Monolith faction from S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Vorobey: Russian word for Sparrow. Real name is Anatoly Fedotov, an arms smuggler who alligned with the 84th Hustlers.

Vŭtreshna Krŭgŭt: Bulgarian word for Inner Circle. Radek’s personal advisor and armed wing of the Strelets.

White Meth: An ‘expensive’ stuff that comes from Indonesia. The ‘white’ meth are cursed, however as almost all who come in contact with the ‘white’ meth are either incarcerated or killed. The original owner of the meth will revealed someday wink.gif

Yadro: Bulgarian word for Core. Another Strelets gangster beside Studen and Radek. Despite being crippled, he is always two step ahead from anyone.



Detective Conan belongs to Aoyama Gosho

S.T.A.L.K.E.R belongs to GSC

Miyazaki Haruna belongs to my friend

Erru, Kinzie Natake, Roswitha Spades and Crooked House belongs to Rukia Kurosaki (Elli)

Grand Theft Auto belongs to Rockstar Games

Syndicate, Gangster and Angel belongs to Ari (AvtomatchikCrew)

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