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Greetings Cocoa! I agree with you, Aoyama did give too little hints, but I guess him dragging it for so long is what makes the anime more intersesting for me that most 2-season-long animes out there. Hope the long wait for the ending will be worth it!


It's great to hear that the DC manga is up to date in Germany! Is it translated or in Japanese though?

Oh and I will gladly teach you some Swedish!  :lol: ehh as long as you don't bite me! I never eat any meat so I would not taste well anyway, I swear! :lol:

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My German has faded away after years of neglect, and my Swedish (or Finnish) never existed to begin with. Would English be a preferable mode of communication?


Welcome to DCW! I'm Mohorovicic, as you can see on the left – it's a bit of a handful to type so people prefer either Moho or Mark (my actual name). From what I've seen already, you have some good ideas and seem to be pretty sharp. I look forward to (possibly) debating with you in the near future.

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