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Most favourite character in DC

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Soka....Everyone vote for your favourite character in this list....the character who will get 15 votes he will be the winner:

1- conan (shinichi)

2- ran mouri

3- haibara Ai

4- mouri kogoro

5- kazoha

6- sonoko

7- heiji hattori

8- ayomi

9- genta

10- mitsihiko

11- kaito kid

12- Akai shuuichi

13- judi

14- gin

15- borboun

16- vermouth

17- vodka

18- okia subaru (maybe he is akai shuuichi)

19- dr.agasa

20- kir (who ordered to kill Akai shuuichi)

Vote! And sorry if some names written wrong

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this topic shouldn't be in the chatroom but anyway.

I remember my old list and it's changed now it's like this:

1. Kaito KID and Haibara(Can't choose from them both)

2. Conan\Shinichi

3. Heiji

4. Takagi

5. Sato

6. Kogoro

7. Shiratori

8. Megure

9. Ran

10. Mitsuhiko

So it's either Kid or Haibara but I'll choose Haibara since she's a more prominent character.

P.S. There is create a poll option when you create a topic, I think you should use that. (Edit your post)

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Make that 2 points!!! AI HAIBARA ALL THE WAY~ (actually, could you make that 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 points?)


Haibara: 2

Akai shuuichi: 1

Vote now

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I think he wanted it as a game (?)

Im not sure

Anyway I will vote of AKAI!! *raise hand excitedly*

Soka...yes you are right

Haibara: 2

Akai Shuuichi: 2

Ohh man it's draw...haibara and akai this two have very much fans

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