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We have a chance to get the Kindaichi Returns series officially released

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So I was just on Crunchyroll to finish up watching the Kindaichi Returns Series and I noticed that they linked to a site called Anime Sols. Apparently, Anime Sols is crowd funding to release the first 13 episodes of Kindaichi returns in a box set if they raise enough money. As a person who is fanatic fan of Kindaichi, I was overjoyed to read this! So I just wanted to make this aware to all my fellow detective loving members and hopefully, We will be seeing a kindaichi box set released. here is the link to the page: http://animesols.com/video_sets/27

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Huh, so kinda like a Kickstarter.  Seems neat, though I won't be able to donate even a dollar because my parents are so stingy.  I guess I'll know how they feel once I get a job.  But in the mean time I'll try to spread the word to people who might be interested in supporting.

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