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First of all, it would have been easier if you had just used this thread to post your question: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/1219-dc-question-and-answer-thread/


Second of all, it would be helpful if you provided an episode/movie/OVA number as well as approximate scene/time of the soundtrack so we know exactly what we're looking for.  I'm not at all that good at recognizing OSTs, so from what I've heard of "The Facts" I'm not able to pinpoint a particular remix that comes to mind.

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It sounds very similar to The Facts from the Movie 4 soundtrack. It sounds like an 07 remix. Any idea why I can't find it on the Selection Best CD ?

The Facts has an updated remix that hasn't been released on CD yet. There a quite a few songs like this unfortunately.
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