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Conan end

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Do you mean, "When will Conan end?"


Well, everything has an ending to it. You have to end something sometime, cause if you keep dragging it on and on for years, no one will watch or read it anymore, and will just give up. That's why in Detective Conan, they throw in a few Black Organization (Or Shinichi) episodes and such, to get the storyline moving along somewhere.


If you meant when, well, I don't exactly know the answer to that question yet. Let's just hope it continues on for another 2 or 3 years or so.

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To be fairly honest I don't think its going to end anytime soon. I mean its been going on for like 18 years already and has such a large fan base, nevertheless to say that the main is quite a bit away from ending and it would probably end when conan wins the black organisation 

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